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The Dark Knight is a masterpiece of the first order, and the first great post-Sept. 11 film.

August 30, 2009 Full Review Source: Washington Times | Comments (15)
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Kyle T.

Kyle Taylor

Lol, post-Sept.11 film? Why would you say that again? Also there has been plenty of great movies to come out since then.

Aug 31 - 03:06 PM

John Church

john church

Thank you thank you thank you got the average back to a 8.5 Thank you so much you rock for that

Aug 31 - 05:32 PM

Shane B.

Shane Brennan

Your saying this is the first great film since 9/11? What about City Of God, No Country For Old Men, The Wrestler and, well, a load of other films?

Sep 4 - 08:31 AM


Dilbert Blake

I'm sick of these ****ing newfag critics that come on here just to boost the rating of box office success movies. First of all, let's get this straight:

A) TDK was definitely a good movie.
B) TDK was, however, not anywhere as good as everyone says. I went into the theater expecting the next Godfather. I did indeed see one of the best movies of 08, but that's it.
C) First great post 9/11 film? Bull****. Obviously this critic has no real experience as a critic (which is what I'm getting at here: inexperience). No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood were both better than this film.

To get back to my point about unexperienced critics who come here just to boost ratings, look at the box office hits over the last few years. Transformers and Passion of the Christ hold 50-60% tomatometer ratings, and those movies were ****. Usually popular movies that were at least "slightly better than crap" ALWAYS get at least 50-60%, when in reality they deserve maybe a 30-40%. I know, I know, it's a trivial detail, but I'm a ****ing perfectionist. NOW **** OFF AND DIE, INEXPERIENCED CRITICS. WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE.

Sep 5 - 08:00 AM

Andrew M.

Andrew Michel

Mister X, No Country for Old Men was probably near or around as good as the The Dark Knight, but There Will Be Blood was not as good as either.

Sep 7 - 08:36 PM

Damian Batista

Damian Batista

Yo shut the fuck up you're not a good critic you're the worst critic The Dark Knight should have 100% because its the best movie of all time in 2008 and Transformers was not crap it was awesome so Get the fuck off so go play with your barbie toys and crappy twilight.

Apr 9 - 01:00 AM

Chris B.

Chris Brandon

You idiots clearly did not read the last paragrraph of his review, which includes the sentence posted on here. Do yourself a favor and read below of what he meant by the 'first great post 9/11 movie':

"The Dark Knight" is a masterpiece of the first order, and the first great post-Sept. 11 film. I mean that not chronologically, but generically. It is the first film to realistically confront the impact of terror on society writ large %u2014 and grapple with how that society must respond in the face of nihilistic aggression against a foe dedicated to ending its way of life.

Sep 19 - 02:08 PM


Cory B

Thanks for clarifying that. A lot of people obviously didn't know what he meant.

Sep 23 - 12:16 PM


Jamie Flow

Well that is what happen when people post based on just the excerpt rather than than reading the whole review. RT commenter's should not complain that they do not know what the review meant unless they have read the whole review. That should be common sense, but much of the RT community seems to lack that.

Oct 21 - 06:25 PM

David Klein

David Klein

thank u 4 educating the idiots that post comments here.

Jun 4 - 06:17 AM


Stephen Murphy

Chris B. I figured that was what he meant alright, which was why I came in here, anticipating that somewhere amongs the 8 comments would be a great misconception.

Andrew M. Those three films are superb and three of the best American films released in recent years. Subjectively maybe people don't like one or more of them, but the fact of the matter is, and I speak as the objective god of criticism (heehee), they are all top-notch. FAVOURTISM!!! Now THAT is subjective

Mar 11 - 12:30 PM

Rash Hunt

Rash Hunt

And now there's South Park, Episode 200 and 201. Take that extremists.

May 3 - 02:35 PM

Alex L.

Alex Lavoie

Hahaha, this review show how stupid the fanboys can be.

Jun 7 - 09:54 AM

Kamal Gilkes

Kamal Gilkes

read the clarification of what he meant, above, or inthe review itself (ending)

Aug 29 - 04:28 PM

David Clark

David Clark

Best... post 9/11 film? LoTR Trilogy? No Country for Old Men? Nothing else? TDK was phenomenal but it wasn't the only great film since late 2001.

May 5 - 02:07 PM

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