Critic Review - Reverse Shot

Flawed and overrated.

Reverse Shot


ezgi s.

ezgi salmanli

absolutely overrated.

Sep 17 - 10:38 AM

ezgi s.

ezgi salmanli

absolutely overrated.

Sep 17 - 10:38 AM

ezgi s.

ezgi salmanli

absolutely overrated.

Sep 17 - 10:38 AM

ezgi s.

ezgi salmanli

absolutely overrated.

Sep 17 - 10:38 AM

Nick J.

Nick Jenner

you don't know what your talking about

Sep 18 - 12:17 PM

Nick J.

Nick Jenner

you don't know what your talking about

Sep 18 - 12:17 PM

Duncan W.

Duncan Willoughby

this guy is wrong and both counts

Oct 7 - 01:27 PM

Rafael N.

Rafael Neves

People can't handle freedom of expressing opinion. I personally think this movie is very good but have the respect for people who think otherwise.

Oct 28 - 11:18 AM


Dan Gehen

I'd have respect for this "critic" had he simply stated that he thought this movie was not good. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Mr. Nayman's entire argument hinges on the term "overrated." This is more a statement about society than the movie. All he's complaining about is how much people love this movie, rather than the movie itself.

Tell me, Mr. Nayman, was the movie good or not? If you can't answer that, you can't be movie critic.

Oct 31 - 08:03 PM

Tim T.

Tim Tom

i totally agree. why bother filming in hong kong and make it look like an office scene?
i was bored throughout..

Nov 6 - 05:02 PM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber

that's because you're a retard

May 28 - 02:41 PM

Isaac G.

isaac gonzales

Dude you review is to long and uh oh yeah, you suck.

Nov 14 - 03:43 PM

Greg B.

Greg Bakker

Nayman you are a brave soul.

Nov 22 - 01:50 AM


David Abbot

I love how half your review simply complains about how many people like the movie. Very professional review. Your only real complaint is that you didn't think the movie could be taken as serious and comicy at the same time, which is your own fault based on your expectations for fantasy films.

Dec 9 - 07:09 PM

Jeremiah J.

Jeremiah Jaster

Terrorist is the correct term to use for the Joker, and like most people it is clear that not all terrorists are alike. So Two questions i must ask. I must ask if 911 had not happened would you still make your assertion that the joker tries to express their motivations.
The second question is one I must fervently ask, knowing that you have read the killing joke. In viewing the movie, it is clear that joker acts as batman's antithesis. With this in mind it must be noted that for most, it must not be known that batman has a back story, only Bruce Wayne does.
Joker similarly cannot have one either as he fails to operate as a symbol of the actions he represents. He is the schemer he fights against, he is the planner that people mistake for chaos. So my second question is this; hearing this, can you really say that it would not have damaged the character if he was grounded and based in reality in a way that the audience and batman could immediately understand. He is beyond other criminals as he does not follow the same rules of understanding such as background and history. He is a guise of chaos, when he is indeed order, but for no real rational reason. After all, Alfred points out that some people are not looking for anything rational. They just want to see the world burn.
In Arkham Asylum (the comic) a doctor notes that the joker is not insane, but super sane. He is acutely aware of who he is, more than anyone else, and thus his history has been lost even to him. History for the Joker is pointless, if not damaging. (Note "No Country for Old Men".)

Dec 15 - 11:08 PM

Harry W.

Harry Welch

I actually think the film is over-rated. The way people are talking about it you might think it was a great film. A great film it most certainly is not.

Batman Begins is far superior.

Dec 22 - 04:49 PM

amour g.

amour guevara

Nah, this movie was good. Just because you didn't like it makes it a BAD movie. I didn't like titanic but that doesn't make it shit.

Dec 28 - 08:13 AM

jason m.

jason merritt

Heath was great. Other than that this movie was long and very over rated.

Jan 22 - 09:57 PM

Jake M.

Jake Marley

You are a fucking retard

Jan 23 - 07:28 PM

Jay C.

Jay Cee

Wait, wait, wait. I know a majority of the people who bother to post comments on RT aren't exactly the most well-adjusted individuals, yet I'm still surprised at how emotionally invested they are in the movie's rating on this site.

It's just a movie on a website. It's just a number which appears to you as pixels on your screen and has no effect on your life. It's even sadder when people still harp on a 1% drop 3 years after the movie was released.

Come on guys, push away from the desk, brush off that cheeto dust and change into a shirt not covered in skin flakes and mountain dew and go out into the real world. I believe in you!

Feb 5 - 11:00 PM

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