The Dark Knight Preview Debuts!

Plus: Christopher Nolan talks TDK with IGN.

The much-ballyhooed IMAX intro to The Dark Knight has had its premiere screening -- and IGN Movies was there to tell the tale!

The six-minute intro, which will be attached to IMAX screenings of I Am Legend starting December 14th, was unveiled Wednesday night, and IGN Movies has posted the details. We won't share 'em all here, but let's run down a few of the high points:

1. It begins with the first few minutes of the film, which introduce Heath Ledger's Joker to the audience.
2. A bank heist is involved.
3. William Fichtner sighting!
4. Explosions! Gunfire!
5. It ends with a series of clips of Batman in action.

To read a more detailed rundown, click on the first link below -- either before or after you click on the second link, which will lead you to IGN's in-depth interview with Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan. Don't expect a ton of new information -- Nolan's no dummy -- but nestled among the expected quotes (Heath Ledger's performance will amaze us, Nolan isn't concerned with the Justice League of America movie, et cetera), you'll find a few interesting tidbits, such as:

We never wanted to do an origin story for the Joker in this film. The arc of the story is much more Harvey Dent's; the Joker is presented as an absolute. It's a very thrilling element in the film, and a very important element, but we wanted to deal with the rise of the Joker not the origin of the Joker, if that makes sense.

To read more, click below!

Source: IGN Movies (Dark Knight preview)
Source: IGN Movies (Nolan interview)



Ryan Alley

It does sound pretty good, even though the hype is really getting crazy. I'm glad that they don't spend a lot of time on the Joker's origin, I was curious if they were going to do that or not, and who's movie it was actually going to be. I mean as much as we would all want a 3 hour plus Batman movie, this seems more realistic...only a few more months left....

Dec 7 - 06:59 AM

D Man 24

Dan Ellis

It doesn't say it, but the interview has some potential small spoilers.

Dec 7 - 07:00 AM


joe shmo

indeed, like confirming that christian bale will spoil his career by doing the new terminator with McG. he was flirting with overexposure, and no he's taking the plunge.

chris nolan was the best director they could have gotten for batman. he's a boss.

Dec 7 - 07:16 AM


bob askins

ugh thanks for reminding me I'll have nightmares ;P

Dec 7 - 12:22 PM


joe shmo

indeed, like confirming that christian bale will spoil his career by doing the new terminator with McG. he was flirting with overexposure, and no he's taking the plunge.

chris nolan was the best director they could have gotten for batman. he's a boss.

Dec 7 - 07:16 AM


bob askins

ugh thanks for reminding me I'll have nightmares ;P

Dec 7 - 12:22 PM


Jeremiah Rancourt

Glad to see Harvey Dent/Two Face is going to have the spotlight he deserves; that he didn't get in Batman Forever. I think the story will continue into the third film, as a friend becomes an enemy. Very cool, can't wait.

Dec 7 - 07:22 AM


Jasper Oosterveld

Sounds amazing! is this in every imax in the whole world??

Dec 7 - 07:28 AM


First Last

Christian Bale is not spoiling his career. If you haven't noticed, the guy picks strong scripts 90% of the time(there was Harsh Times) and strong characters 100% of the time(Harsh Times main character was pretty intense). He's probably doing the Terminator to gain star power. If he didn't do Batman, some of the small flicks that he made like "Rescue Dawn" would not have had been made due to his lack of career leverage.

Dec 7 - 07:51 AM


bart barker

EmmG389, you have no idea what you're talking about in reference to "Rescue Dawn" being made. Werner Herzog was going to make that film no matter what Bale's "star status" was. You need to research what kind of director Herzog is.

Dec 7 - 08:12 AM


padraig foley

I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie (First one was fantastic), but I really hope that all this hype wont raise expectations too much. That can sometimes kill a good movie. Oh and I agree with dahluzz, its a very risky move staring in a McG movie. But I will give the new Terminator a chance, at least until I see the trailer.

Dec 7 - 08:17 AM


Gimy Moo

bale is ruining his career? oh god, shutup. you NEVER see the guy in tabloids, he doesn't pick sh3tty movies to do and the only BIG big movie he's really done where he's the star is batman. TO ME, he's still not even a "star" yet. he IS though, a highly underrated actor. he is WAY too dedicated to his craft(watch the machinist) to let his career go downhill sooner than he wants. go ask 100 people who he is(name only) and i bet they MIGHT say the guy from batman...they might not. overexposed? how 'bout thats the exact reason he took Terminator. he knows that can finally vault him into star status if its even remotely good. you check on nerdy movies sites too much(batman this...batman that) and you don't realize the general public really doesn't know who the guy is

Dec 7 - 08:39 AM


John Shannon

Geez, when you think about it, this movie will build up Dent's relationship with Batman, and turn it on it's head with a cliffhanger, so the third one will probly be way more anticipated then this one will ever be. If that's even possible....

Dec 7 - 08:48 AM


Robb Badlam

One of the things I love most about Bale is how readily ... some might even say eagerly ... he jumps into projects where he shares equal (or lesser) billing with another co-star. He doesn't seem to have the kind of out-of-control ego that necessitates that he be the center of the universe. He seems to relish the idea of performing WITH another actor. (It's the first lesson in theater school: "The most important thing in any scene is the other actor.")

That's the difference between an "actor" and a "movie star," I guess.

Dec 7 - 09:11 AM


scot k

As far as Bale goes....the guy is obviously a gifted actor. Gimy is right on the money about The Machinist as about dedication to your character. I can personally see no realistic way that he could ruin his career or become overexposed....even if he does a couple so/so flicks. I can't think of a single big name actor that hasn't had atleast 1 piece of crap movie somewhere in thier past.

Dec 7 - 09:13 AM


Ole Mattis Opperud

I want to see it now! I feel like a little kid on christmas day!
Still, as I live in Norway(And I am Legend doesn't open here next Friday), I'll have to wait until the damn thing hits the internet...

Dec 7 - 09:25 AM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

Trust me Rattus, most of the world will be seeing this on 720p crystal clear on their computers, not on 30 foot IMAX screens.

If Nolan can't wait to show us his Joker, and if he's that excited and blown away by Heath, then this movie will rock in legendary proportions come July.

I feel just like Cartman, i just wanna freeze myself until July.

Dec 7 - 09:29 AM


John Blincoe

30 ft IMAX screens? What kind of tiny theater do you go to?

Dec 7 - 10:40 AM


Cyrus Duff

lol ya. that is one small IMAX

Jun 16 - 09:53 AM


joe shmo

don't get me wrong, i'm a christian bale fan, but in a little over a year, 4 movies in which he's played a major role have been released. bit steep. plus, he's the main character in next year's biggest blockbuster. I just can't think of any actor who is heading two big-time franchises at once... well except for sylvester stallone.

McG is all i'm really worried about, and the fact that, deserved or not, bale will share the heat if the movie tanks.

Dec 7 - 11:03 AM


padraig foley

The commitment to a roll that bale shows is incredible. Loosing all the weight for the machinest and then putting it all back on for batman was insane (in a cool way). If that much commitment goes into the terminator role then he is probibly safe from critics. On the subject of the dark knight, we have already seen how good a batman he is, lets just hope that the new cast members live up to expectations. Can't wait to see William Fichtner go crazy.

Does anyone know when this IMAX clip will hit the net?

Dec 7 - 11:23 AM


Tyler Durden


Reading the preview, I got to 'school bus runs over clown' and I had to stop myself. I may have to cut myself off of Dark Knight news until July.

I need a clean pair of fanboy undies. Psychotic, demented, hilarious, unexpected. That is sooo Joker.

Dec 7 - 11:43 AM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

50 ft IMAX screen, whatever but the point remains, this'll hit the net before Dec. 14, that much i know.

Although, i'll have to restrain myself 'cause i'd rather see it on a 50 ft IMAX screen the way Nolan intended.

Dec 7 - 11:46 AM


Harry Myland

The promo sounds pretty cool...

But I'm surprised RT hasn't posted the even 'bigger' news from IGN: "Christian Bale HAS BEEN CONFIRMED to play JOHN CONNER in T4"!

Which I personally think kinda/sorta sucks. Bale would have made a GREAT machine. But Conner? I dunno...

Dec 7 - 12:03 PM


Alec G

Holy crap! My expectations just got a hell of a lot higher for T4. Bale is such a fantastic actor he could save the movie.

Dec 7 - 01:15 PM

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