Box Office Guru Wrapup: Kapow! The Bat Slams The Box Office

Box Office Records Smashed

The eagerly awaited new Batman film The Dark Knight broke the all-time opening weekend box office record and drove the overall North American marketplace to the largest frame in history with moviegoers dumping over $250M into theater cash registers over three days. The new musical Mamma Mia! managed to connect with its non-superhero fan base and posted a strong opening of its own in Knight's shadow while the animated comedy Space Chimps debuted to mild numbers. After back-to-back weekends when ticket sales were softer than last year's, the box office soared to heights never before seen.

Records fell this weekend thanks to sky high demand to see the latest Caped Crusader vehicle The Dark Knight which hauled in a jaw-dropping $155.3M over the Friday-to-Sunday period to set a new industry benchmark. Averaging a stunning $35,579 from 4,366 theaters, the PG-13 comic book flick edged past the previous opening weekend record of $151.1M held by another superhero sequel Spider-Man 3 from the first weekend of May last year. The Peter Parker pic even had more total screens with roughly 10,000 which was about 800 more than Knight's tally. Batman's gross included $18.5M from Thursday night shows between midnight and 3am which also set a record beating the $16.9M of 2005's Star Wars Episode III. Critics piled on praise for the $180M-budgeted Dark Knight which scored some of the best reviews of the year.

The new Batman film reunited director Christopher Nolan and actor Christian Bale who successfully rebooted the franchise with 2005's Batman Begins after the series was left for dead after 1997's disastrous Batman & Robin starring George Clooney and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Begins opened on a Wednesday in mid-June with $48.7M over three days and $72.9M over its five-day opening period leading to a solid $205.3M domestic final. The Dark Knight will surpass that mark in under a week's time. Veteran character actors Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman also returned while Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Heath Ledger joined the cast. Ledger's acclaimed performance as The Joker became a magnet attracting millions of comic and action fans and his accidental death in January only heightened the curiosity factor making the must-see film of 2008.

The Dark Knight blew open the bank vault door on Friday and made off with an eye-popping $67.9M (including Thursday night midnight sales) smashing the records for best opening day and best single day gross ever. Both of those marks were held by Spider-Man 3 with $59.8M. Sales fell sharply on Saturday by 29% to $48M, still an amazing haul, and Warner Bros. is estimating that Sunday's gross will slip by only 18% and come in at $39.5M. Knight's Saturday and Sunday tallies were the second best ever. The Spidey threequel can still claim those records with $51.3M and $39.9M, respectively. Rival studios on Sunday projected a three-day tally between $151-153M. Final numbers will be released on Monday.

Also adding excitement to the film's release was the fact that Dark Knight was the first regular movie to use IMAX cameras during filming. Six action sequences were shot with the heavy-duty equipment allowing those who see the film in IMAX theaters a greater entertainment experience. This helped Knight set a new record for biggest IMAX opening with $6.2M from 94 venues this weekend for a scorching $66,000 average. Ticket prices are also higher for the large screen format.

After just three days of release, The Dark Knight is already the sixth biggest blockbuster of the summer and is virtually guaranteed to swipe the 2008 box office crown away from Iron Man in the coming weeks. With all students out of school in July, midweek grosses will be much stronger than in early May when the metal man and the last webslinger pic debuted.

This weekend's achievement was nothing new for the Caped Crusader. In fact, Dark Knight is the fourth Batman film to break the all-time opening weekend record. The first Batman did the deed in 1989 with its $42.7M bow at a time when no film had ever debuted to $30M, much less $40M, over a three-day weekend. That record stayed for three years and was broken in 1992 by Batman Returns which bowed to $47.7M. Jurassic Park would swipe the record the following summer but Batman Forever took the title back with its $52.8M launch in 1995. All three Batman films opened in mid-June.

Warner Bros. did not opt for a global attack with The Dark Knight, but it did release the superhero pic in 20 markets this weekend and grossed an estimated $40M from 4,500 international screens led by Australia's $13.1M over five days. Many European markets open this coming weekend including Italy and the United Kingdom while Asia's top markets Japan and Korea will launch in early August.

Led by the staggering sales for the new Batman-Joker feud, the overall box office soared to more than $255M in ticket sales making it the best weekend in movie history. The previous high was $218.4M over the July 7-9, 2006 frame when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest bowed to a then-record $135.6M. Studios are hoping that the roughly 36 million moviegoers who saw trailers and posters at multiplexes this weekend will keep coming back in the weeks ahead for more summer films.

Opening in second place with a solid showing of its own was the Meryl Streep-led musical Mamma Mia! which bowed to an estimated $27.6M for Universal. The PG-13 film averaged a stellar $9,276 from 2,976 locations performing just like last summer's musical hit Hairspray which debuted to $27.5M this very weekend. Mamma, which also stars Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Christine Baranski, played to an audience of adult women with studio data showing that 75% of the crowd was female while 64% was over the age of 30.

It was aimed as an alternative to Dark Knight and the strategy worked like a charm. Streep's The Devil Wears Prada received the same treatment bowing to a similar $27.5M against Superman Returns two summers ago on its way to a sensational $124.7M domestic and $325M worldwide.

Mamma Mia! has already been playing to sell-out crowds overseas over the last two weeks. This weekend, the $65M production bowed at number one in seven new territories including Germany and displayed great holds in existing markets like Australia, Sweden, and the United Kingdom to total an estimated $26.8M weekend take. That propelled the international cume to $72.6M and the global gross to $100M with much more to come.

Falling one spot was Will Smith's own take on being a superhero, Hancock, which tumbled 56% to an estimated $14M in its third outing. The Sony blockbuster has grossed a sturdy $191.5M in 19.5 days and is still following the same path as 2005's Independence Day weekend offering War of the Worlds which had taken in $192.4M by the same point. That Tom Cruise pic finished its run with $234M and Hancock looks likely to end up with just under that amount. Globally, Smith's latest zoomed to $444M and will crash through the half-billion barrier in a week.

The 3D adventure tale Journey to the Center of the Earth enjoyed a great hold despite the arrival of Batman and slipped only 43% in its second weekend to an estimated $11.9M. New Line's final film has now taken in a solid $43.1M for distributor Warner Bros. and could be headed for a $75-80M final tally. The PG-rated Brendan Fraser film cost $60M to produce.

Last weekend's superhero champ Hellboy II: The Golden Army got hit hardest by the folks of Gotham City. The Universal comic book actioner tumbled 71% to an estimated $10M dropping from first to fifth place. After ten days, the $85M production has collected $56.4M putting it just shy of the $59M that 2004's Hellboy grossed during its entire run. Hellboy II should find its way to about $75M and become the summer's only number one opener to not reach the $100M mark.

The animated wonder WALL?E declined by 48% and ranked sixth with an estimated $9.8M. Disney and Pixar have pushed the tally up to $182.5M and are hoping to keep going towards the $215M mark which should eventually put it slightly ahead of Kung Fu Panda to become the year's top-grossing toon.

Fox saw an uneventful seventh-place bow for its animated offering Space Chimps which debuted to an estimated $7.4M. Playing in 2,511 theaters, the G-rated pic about, well... chimps in space, averaged a mild $2,927 per location. Fox has struggled this summer and remains the only one of the six major studios without a $100M hit this season. The studio's hopes are pinned to this Friday's launch of The X-Files: I Want to Believe which will try to persuade the bat-crowds to come its way.

Angelina Jolie's Wanted dropped 58% to an estimated $5.1M giving Universal $123.3M to date. Warner Bros. followed with Get Smart which took in an estimated $4.1M, off 43%, for a $119.6M sum for Warner Bros. Paramount's Kung Fu Panda rounded out the top ten with an estimated $1.8M in its seventh frame dropping 60% pushing the total to $206.5M.

The top ten films grossed a record estimate of $247M which was up a stellar 72% from last year when I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry opened in the top spot with $34.2M; and up an astounding 80% from 2006 when Dead Man's Chest spent a third weekend at number one with $35.2M.

Compared to projections, The Dark Knight flew higher than my $132M forecast while Mamma Mia! bowed on target with my $28M prediction. Space Chimps opened above my $5M projection.

Author: Gitesh Pandya,



Craig Smith

I'm just glad it beat Spiderman 3 and Pirates 3, those movies were awful.

Jul 20 - 08:17 PM


Andrew Rabon

Agreed, TDK actually deserves this.

Jul 20 - 08:42 PM


Alex Mackenzie

So well deserved.
Ace film.

Jul 20 - 08:28 PM


Michael Herde

Agreed.....Amazing film

Jul 21 - 12:57 AM


Timothy Salisbury

Altho movies shouldnt be about the figures..this is impressive indeed..


Jul 20 - 08:29 PM


Roger Russell

as sad as it is, well never see a performance of the JOker like this again....IM glad it broke the record as it will be a reminder of the star whos light burned out too soon.....

Jul 20 - 08:38 PM


Andrew Rabon

Agreed, TDK actually deserves this.

Jul 20 - 08:42 PM


Chris Scharlau

Shame hellboy took such a tumble. Im the only one who hasnt see TDK yet but hopefully today I will.

Jul 20 - 08:42 PM


Phillip Kang


I mean, 71%?


Jul 21 - 10:24 AM


Keith Adams

This has actually been a decent summer for movies. I've seen a lot of films in the recent past, & they've actually been good. Nice to see Hollywood put out more than fluff & trite sequels.

But then again, we also had The Love Guru come out this summer... you can't win 'em all...

Jul 20 - 08:43 PM


Punyaruk Baingern

It's great that such a good movie gets the attention it deserves. However, it's a pity that Hellboy II (which is also a pretty good film) got blown away by that.

Jul 20 - 08:56 PM

mariner fan

Lucas Rydell

glad tdk broke the record but it's sad that hellboy isn't making money it desrives to make 100 million

Jul 20 - 09:14 PM


Mark Lopez

i love how there are three pics for The Dark Knight but none of them actually picture the Dark Knight. Should have renamed the movie 'The Killing Joke.'

Jul 20 - 09:30 PM


Ron Soltis

I'm very happy. I saw both Dark Knight & Mamma Mia! & enjoyed them both for totally different reasons. DK had so much depth & MM was just mindless fun. Moviegoers were the real winners this weekend.

Jul 20 - 09:33 PM


Robert Reign

Never under-estimate the power of The Dark Knight. The fact that this film rapes the Spider-Man films square in the *** shows just how much more people like Batman than stupid superheroes.

Jul 20 - 09:34 PM


Daniel Klein

I heard that Nolan was so happy with the outcome that he shat himself some Tiffany Cufflinks. YOU. RULE. NOLAN for PRESIDENT. anyone else intrigued that the majority of people involved in bringing this American mythology to the screen are originally from other countries?
Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale
Michael Caine
Gary Oldman
Heath Ledger

..that's it, no conspiracy or anything. It just kind of dawned on me and I think it's pretty cool that Batman transcends American Sensibilities.

I'm off this week, so I'm thinkin' big, fat Imax Matinee on TDK...

Jul 20 - 09:36 PM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

Whoever made the decision to open Hellboy just a week before TDK should be fired.

But i'm ecstatic over how well TDK did. So many people doubted that it would mae it to $100 m let alone beat Spidey 3's record. This is a great day for cenima and my faith in movie-goers has been restored. Everybody who watched it this weekend should pat themselves on the back.

Now let's just sit back and watch as TDK soars past Iron Man (a great film) and Indiana Jones (a horrible film) and aim for the $400 million mark and become THE top movie of 2008.

Looks like history repeats itself. Indiana Jones lost to Batman and the Joker 19 years ago and again this year, Indy came up short and saw itself beaten by the Bat. :D

Jul 20 - 09:42 PM


Daniel Klein

Re: Hellboy2

I actually liked the first one better. I kind of feel like, as creative as Del Toro is, he missed something in the sequel. Some of the edge was missing.

Decent flick, though. Layered.

Jul 20 - 09:43 PM


Roger Garcia


all i can say is, i'm proud to be an australian.

but seriously - batman is more of a real superhero. more realistic. and even the villains are more realistic than any villains in say spiderman 3 or iron man.

tdk rox. and heath ledger is just friggin awesome!!!

Jul 20 - 09:44 PM


jack giroux

TDK WAS AMAZING! Heath Ledger's joker was incredible. Aarone Ekhart was also incredible as 2 Face, they did him perfectly where your suppose to feel bad for him..

Now with the 2 Face probablly dead, I wonder who is going to be the villian in the third movie. I saw The Riddle have him be smart and a mobster like he is suppose to be instead of stupid and crazy like Jim Carey.
My picks for The Riddler
1- Paul Bettany
2- Guy Pearce
3- Maybe Casey Afleck, he will look a bit older in 2 years I am sure.

The movie really was a masterpiece, everyone was fantastic in it. Also for once a movie with 2 villians is great. Also would possibly anyone be mad if there wasnt another batman with this crew or at all I mean its going to be hard to top this, it was just so incredible.

Jul 20 - 09:56 PM


jack giroux

I meant I think The Riddler. Catwoman would be a horrible idea, and I wouldnt wanna see The Penguin or Mr. Freeze there just not realistic and great characters like The Joker, 2 Face, or Scarecrow. These 3 villians are some of the best villians ever in history.

Jul 20 - 09:58 PM


jack giroux

I meant I think The Riddler. Catwoman would be a horrible idea, and I wouldnt wanna see The Penguin or Mr. Freeze there just not realistic and great characters like The Joker, 2 Face, or Scarecrow. These 3 villians are some of the best villians ever in history.

Jul 20 - 09:58 PM


jack giroux

Also I wonder if they will still be HB III considering how bad it tanked this weekend, :(

Jul 20 - 09:58 PM


Chris Moore

I may have been off on Wall-E making $300 million, but I think it's a shoo-in for TDK to reach the milestone. TDK is an "event film," a distinction usually saved for films like LOTR, Star Wars, Jaws, ET, and Titanic. We could be watching history in the making.

One interesting thing I noticed while looking on TDK is the 400th film in history to break the $100 million domestic mark. Not that big an achievement these days, but it's impressive that TDK shot its way more than halfway up that list in just 3 days of its release.

Jul 20 - 10:14 PM


jack giroux

I say it makes 350 mil.

Jul 20 - 11:09 PM

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