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½ March 5, 2007
Having been filmed on location in what was left of Hitler's resort home was what made this movie a good watch.
½ September 27, 2012
‚~The Devil Makes Three‚(TM) came out 50 years ago, and still holds up today. This film which also stars Gene Kelly is part caper, part military, and part thriller. Just like ‚~Black Hand‚(TM), this is a lesser known film of Gene‚(TM)s, but it‚(TM)s still a great one. And, I believe all of it was shot on location in Germany in the early 50‚≤s. I think if you give ‚(TM)The Devil Makes Three‚(TM) a chance, it will be a staple in your collection.

The year is 1947 and Captain Jeff Eliot (Gene Kelly) has returned to Munich for the holidays to visit the Lehrt family, who during the Nazi occupation, hid Eliot from the Nazis and helped him escape. Once he arrives, Eliot unfortunately learns that the Lehrt household was blown up not long after he left, along with the family. However, after Eliot does some research, he learns that not all the family was killed in the explosion. The daughter Wilhelmina or Willie seemingly escaped. Eliot decides to track Willie down to see if she is okay. He eventually finds her living a life of a prostitute to survive. He wants to help her and bring her to safety, but she is hesitant. Eventually, she decides that she is ready to leave the lifestyle or so we think. Willie tells Eliot she wants to spend the holidays with a family that she knew since childhood and that if Eliot could drive her there. Little does Eliot know that Willie is working with the Nazis to plan a huge comeback with her help. There are car chases, gun fights, and tons of thrills. The love interest between Willie and Eliot is a bit strange because of the age difference, but it doesn‚(TM)t detract from the film. Solid 50‚≤s thriller. You‚(TM)ll like it.

-Bryan Kluger
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