Favorite quotes?

What were your favorite quotes? Mine is: "I just don't want to become the devil's bitch"
Brian Harris
04-10-2013 05:24 PM

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David Lo Pan

EntertainMeOrDie .


Apr 11 - 10:38 AM

Frank Vignola

Frank Vignola

"I will rip your soul out Daddy.....I'LL RIP YOUR SOUL OUT YOU PATHETIC FUCK!!"
"Kiss me you dirty cunt!"
"Why don't you come down here so I can suck your cock, pretty boy!"
"Mia's not in here you fucking idiot! Your little sister's being raped in hell!"
"Of course I'm not sure. It's not a science book."

Apr 10 - 08:34 PM

Brian Harris

Brian Harris

I love the science book one, i forgot to add it.

Apr 10 - 08:46 PM

Hunter Primm

Hunter Primm

You covered all of mine. Nice job.

Apr 11 - 03:29 PM

Frank Vignola

Frank Vignola


Apr 11 - 06:48 PM

John Tyler

John Tyler McClane

The pretty boy line was fuckin' hilarious!

Apr 15 - 07:51 PM

Wes Shad

Wes Shad

'Feast on this, mother fu**er!'
'No Don't cut it!'
'Daddy, I'll rip out your soul.'

Just to name a few.

Apr 10 - 05:49 PM

hollis m.

hollis mills

awesome ! they reinvented the swallow your soul scene!

Apr 11 - 07:00 PM

John Hazard

John Hazard

"Smile, you son of a bitch!"

Apr 10 - 05:33 PM

Brian Harris

Brian Harris

I meant from Evil Dead...

Apr 10 - 05:45 PM

John Hazard

John Hazard

my bad. how 'bout "come down her and let me suck your cock, pretty boy"

Apr 10 - 07:47 PM

Ash Gilmore

Ash J. Gilmore

That was a good one

Apr 10 - 08:05 PM

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