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Evil Dead Reviews

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Julian T.
August 26, 2014
How and why do you remake a one-in-a-million cult classic in which its cheese, amateurish quality and crudeness is 90% of its value? That was the question I found myself asking upon the announcement that Sam Raimi's '81 horror cornerstone was getting the remake treatment. While there have been some notable successes, the majority of horror remakes of recent years have left a lot to be desired. I'm not one to automatically hate on remakes, but this one seemed ill advised. Surprisingly, this was a pretty top notch remake that has a ton going for it.

The biggest difference between the original and this modernization is its tone. Raimi's original is so over the top that it is really quite funny. It maintains some scariness throughout with a few genuinely frightening moments, but I'd be hard pressed to call it anything other than a horror-comedy. This interpretation is totally different. There is no humor, it is straight up horror. It is serious, it is twisted, and it is extremely graphic and brutal. It is edge of your seat, and you will be watching some scenes through your fingers, something I can't say about Raimi's film. Some might say this lack of humor is the downfall of this remake, but I think it was exactly what was needed to separate itself and make something all its own while maintaining the story.

You can tell director Alvarez has mad respect for Raimi's film. The story is much the same. There are tons of similarities in the camera work and shot composition, and tons of nods throughout cleverly echo but don't totally replicate. That is what a good remake does, and I really appreciate how Alvarez went about it. As similar as most of the story is, there are plenty of plot angles that have been changed. The set up and ending are both quite different, and there is a bit more focus throughout the middle of the film. The biggest complement I can pay it is that it is actually frightening. It is able to unnerve with its sheer brutality and disturbing imagery, but it is just as scary in its more intimate and psychological scenes as well.

The acting is very strong, especially from Jane Levy. She is really able to convey her terror. The rest of the cast is quite good also, and Alvarez utilizes them. He builds their characters in a way Raimi never did, making you care about what happens to them instead of just providing faceless fodder for the demons. The script is pretty darn good, at times taking lines directly from the original. It seems believable, and the actors deliver it in a believable way.

The effects are gnarly. I'm a seasoned horror vet and even I had to look away during a few parts. All practical effects and makeup applications. I don't think there was a drop of CGI (except maybe the infamous 'tree rape' scene, but I'm really not sure) and I think hats great. CGI has no place in 90% of places its used, and I love seeing it cut out when possible.

A couple negatives like an overdone finale and a few impractical plot devices take a tad away from it, but those are the only real negatives I can think of. I usually deplore the type of torturous violence this movie features, but it is handled so well here that I really can't complain.

All in all, this is a seriously good remake that pays tribute to the original while becoming something its own. It is extremely difficult to do, but this is a snapshot of how to do it correctly. Creepy, well made, well acted and well written, I was proven wrong in saying that Raimi's classic couldn't be modernized. A sequel has been greenlit, and I am looking forward to seeing where they go.
October 25, 2012
Second viewing and then third viewing with commentary really helped this one for me, still have a few issues as i did the first time but overall points to the practical effects and if your watching in the sense of "there are no rules here" then its a much more enjoyable film. I'm more into the over the top blood and guts then i was the first time mainly for "balls out" reasons of "if your going to do it, fucking do it with a million gallons of fake blood". **

Vapid actors, amazingly stocked cabin, and people who seem stronger alive and still able to function and carry weapons with 2 dozen knife wounds/broken limbs/guttings then the "undead"....until you come back, then all of a sudden those wounds go away....and if your hit in the arm with a crowbar three times which clearly is shown to break it, no worries- in the next 3 seconds that will be fixed too.

Overall points for the fx and cinematography and a shame as even though this was so not scary, horrid "acting", and torture porn= it could all have been saved going the Rami/Whedon route and just a call that shit out, ala "Hey, why the fuck can we physically pull our own hand off and be perfectly fine with that" or "Hey, whats with this cabin thats been raided still have every grip eye hook in the world" or my favorite "I'm sorry, why is your girlfriend even in this movie as shes only had 5 lines and is fucking pointless?" FIN
April 7, 2013
want to see this hella bad!
August 24, 2014
A well done remake of a classic beloved by almost all horror fans. The question is, did it need to be made, well no... but it is satisfying to see a fun action packed gore fest entry in the series again.
March 17, 2013
Its hard to love a horror remake when the originals are kind of sacred. The movie had blood... Lots of blood. TONS OF BLOOD. But that isn't enough for me in a remake. Too much like other horror movies of the time and it doesn't feel like it separates itself like the original did. But not terrible
August 22, 2014
The triumphant return to real modern horror....

...Technically it may be wrong to consider a "remake" modern horror considering it is generally just retelling an old story but for me "Evil Dead" 2013 is as original a horror story for this generation as the "Evil Dead" 1981 film was for my generation. The characters were new, the story was new-ish, actually the only things that were the same were the cabin, the evil dead and the chainsaw. Aside from that this remake is pretty much it's own little beast. I am not going to compare the 2013 remake with the original because hands down the original will win out! Because it was the original! Hell I have movies from the 80's that the minute I realized it was a remake of a 50's film or a 30's classic I immediately clung to the original as a better pick. I have never seen a remake that was better than the original. So with that said Here is what I thought of "Evil Dead" 2013.

The story focused on the guerilla style intervention of Mia, who is taken to an old, practically forgotten family cabin in the woods to get clean and sober. A cool premise that strikes at the ongoing epidemic that young people face today ( when to say no- I will not go on a weekend getaway, especially off in the wilderness with ghosts from my past! The jig is up and this isn't A&E!). Addiction management is better handled in clinic with professionals. Sorry I tend to ramble nonsensically. The well-do friends all agree to stay at the cabin, and force Mia to go through the DT's with no chance of leaving before she is clean and anew-guess they are re-thinking that little tidbit in their own private Necro-Hell.

For me personally I did enjoy this film as a dark horror far more than I do when watching the original-no! I said I wasn't going to compare- damn-it! The 2013 film was a more serious film with a darker atmosphere and near anesthetic nature. The characters were sullen and practically introverted which made the relationship between one another a bit more tense than the happy-go-lucky weekend getaway style. For me that set a tone that was a bit more edgier and made a statement that this wasn't a surreal or reflective horror story-it was a straight up, raw, gory massacre event in the bowels of hell. The film wasn't as scary as I would like for it have been. I didn't jump or feel creeped out on any of the scenes, but the shear gory nature of the moments that unfolded, and the full throttle battle for the soul through almost the entire film was pretty intense-and thrilling.

The effects in this film are tops-they should be for the budget this pic had- the soundtrack that rippled through the film was chilling. The death and ultimate possession scenes were gruesome enough to the point of making me giddy about seeing them. I was a little disappointed by the woodsy rape scene with Mia-for some reason I was expecting it to be more graphic and offensive, I found it a bit tame. The overall story was well written, the film's cinematography was great and I thought Fede Alvarez done a great job re-visioning the Evil Dead concept. "Evil Dead" 2013 is actually one of the few "remakes" that I haven't been disappointed in. Yeah at times the story seems to rush the build-up, atmospheric spookiness and go straight for the kill switch but the fact that it started out dark and moody and just hit overdrive into Hellish horrors and all out nightmare wonderland right up until the end created a great viewing experience in my opinion. I really enjoyed this film and will definitely adding it to the list of films to watch over and over- especially during the Holiday seasons!
August 19, 2014
Too bloody, Too disgusting, and not frightening enough. but yet still enjoyable to see.
August 18, 2014
Not as humorous as the original trilogy, still a better attempt then most horror remakes
March 28, 2013
I hope it's better then the original.
April 16, 2013
One of the best horror films to come out in a very long time and one of the best remade films ever. Its premises is the same, but uses a new idea: terror! It drops the dark humor and goes with terror that is scary as hell. It pays homage to the original without butchering it (pun intended).
March 10, 2013
It has more to do with the new generic possession trend than with Raimi's franchise. This remake was obviously done by people that did not get the source material.
August 11, 2014
Modern horror films are usually rubbish, but I enjoyed the excessive violence in this film, although it could have been a bit less serious.
May 28, 2014
I hated every minute of this film. Cliched, predictable, and boring. Wouldn't watch it again.
January 2, 2013
A truly grueling, gory thrill ride, Fede Alvarez's "Evil Dead" is not a remake so much as it is a reboot/spin-off of the 1981 cult classic, "The Evil Dead". In truth, I've never been a huge fan of this franchise mostly do to the over-the-top, campy, more-funny-than-frightening style that most of the original films are infamous for, but when I heard that there was going to be a 'remake', I was quite excited to see how they would try to re-imagine the story, and I was not to be disappointed...
The story goes (similar to the original) that a group of young people all gather in an old run-down cabin in the middle of a dark, creepy forest to spend the night helping their friend Mia overcome her drug addiction. That is until they find an old mysterious book down in the basement and find that it has the power to summon a demon that will inevitably devour them all.
There are deliberate references and allusions to the original films throughout this movie, but the most notable is a scene which pays a seemingly obligatory homage to the notorious 'tree rape scene' from the first film (and yes, it was as ridiculous and depraved as it sounds) -- the new version isn't so much a rape scene anymore, as it is a demonic possession scene where an evil entity chooses a very unorthodox and exotic way in which to enter the body of the film's lead heroin -- it is, in fact, the most decent way they could have possibly pulled off an homage to that scene, and I'm honestly glad they went that route.
Although this version still has it's goofy moments, it also paces them in between scenes of astonishingly dark emotional depth, cringe-inducing fight scenes, and the traditional blood-n-guts horror movie rampage; and acting is not a sour note here either (unlike most horror movies of this caliber), but any and all good performances in this film are outshined bar-none by actress, Jane Levy, whose portrayal of the already-damaged and self-pitying, Mia holds up the entire cast like the ground the cabin was built on.
For those who enjoyed the original for the fact that it was basically a comedy, you probably will disapprove of this less-funny/more-creepy revamp, but those of you who are like me and mostly only respect the original for it's legacy rather than it's merit, will probably find this variant much more palpable (not to mention a little less dehumanizing to it's protagonists). As for people who have never seen the original, but are interested in seeing "Evil Dead" for the first time, I highly recommend it. You might just love it -- or it might just traumatize you for life -- it happens.
April 29, 2014
What can i say it has everything you could want in a Evil dead re imagining blood fountains , gore a very groovy cameo and more references to the original than you could shake a boom stick at
July 17, 2014
It is so focused on being gory and over-the-top it fails to ever really engage.
July 17, 2014
Don't bother. This is less of a movie than it is a string if terrible movie tropes that's been drowned in an ocean of gratuitous and pointless gore. To call it a "remake" is an insult to an original that wasn't that great to begin with.
Angelo Dean
July 10, 2014
3.5 for Evil Dead. Gory indeed. Good Scares as well.
1 Star for the Scares/Terror, 1 Star for the Gore, 1 star for the Violence
and tip of .5 Stars!

3.5 Stars!
April 24, 2013
I am not entirely a big fan of the old Evil Dead movie. I respect it because they made a cult phenomenon out of a low budget. So what if Evil Dead had a budget? This is the best example of a reimagined movie, especially in the horror genre. I think my friend said it best, it is vicious and delicious. Vicious because this movie is a gore fest and beats pretty much any movie on my blood meter. This movie is not for the faint of heart and I would never suggest it unless you are a huge fan of the genre. Now have you ever eaten something that was soooo good, but very bad for you. This is why delicious is the word to describe this movie. You want to hide and look away, but dammit you can't, because you hunger for more. Two days after seeing this movie, I am still thinking about it and kind of have this urge to re-watch it. The best part about this film is that even if they had a budget, they didn't take advantage of having the money. The effects were awesome and horrifying. I actually could not ignore the beauty behind putting the gore together. It is exactly what I expect from a film that gets the Evil Dead title. There are very few horror films in my collection either because they lost the shock factor or just suck all together. I bought this movie and will watch it again.
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