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This is truly a movie that nobody needs -- gratuitously savage, implausible and sometimes incoherent.

August 13, 2010 Full Review Source: USA Today | Comments (6)
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Doland D.

Doland Dukc

Sorry, but your review is the one nobody needs.

Because i REALLY NEED the expendables, and me and many more love this violent films.

Sorry, get back to school.

Aug 13 - 08:48 AM


Ole Mattis Opperud

What did you expect?

Aug 13 - 09:50 AM

ed h.

ed hideous

This is a very typical thing to say, and way to point out the obvious. Gratuitous incoherent savagery is the ONLY reason someone would see this movie. I haven't seen this movie yet, and I doubt that it's any good in that traditional sense, but I'm still looking forward to seeing it. Because it looks like it's packed with ridiculous mind numbing action and things are going to blow up. Your review is irrelevant because you are completely missing the point.

Aug 13 - 12:27 PM


Tommy Bazzano

Another mindless review from a biased, uninformed, ignorant feminist who dismisses anything with a shred of masculinity as shallow or meaningless. The Expendables is an extraordinary film with a great story, solid performances all around, an abundance of depth and substance, intense and exciting action sequences and just enough tongue-in-cheek humor. Just because it isn't filled with a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals sitting around moping about some leftist political agenda or going on a self indulgent rant about existentialism, people such as this "critic" discard it. Critics are cancerous and are utterly worthless. I would put as much stock in their opinions--especially those of Claudia Puig--as I would the promises of politicians.

Aug 13 - 12:27 PM

Charles S.

Charles Spencer


Aug 13 - 09:34 PM

Charles S.

Charles Spencer

I would love to know your expectations when going to see this film. Did you watch the trailer before you saw the movie? Apparently not. Im pretty sure Stallone's not trying to compare his directing skills to Clint Eastwood......great comparision you gumba. I dont think Stallone directed this movie to win an Oscar. Gratuitously savage? Wow. Are you that naive and idiotic. Your an overeducated ignorant moron who could never make it a day in the real world.

Please for the sanity of every normal human in the world dont post a review of any action movie ever again.........Your a joke

Aug 13 - 10:41 PM

Lonnie S.

Lonnie Smith

I hate critics like you that refuse to consider a movie in the vein in which it was made, i.e. a tongue-in-cheek and nostalgic. You don't need character development, because each of the main characters brought their stock in trade character background from all of the other movies they've made. Plot, so what? It was just an exercise to put the people we've cared about all of their careers through their paces. Ms. Pig, when I see pan for a movie from critics like you, it makes me want to see the movie all the more. This just confirms my conviction that movie critics are movie maker wanna be's that couldn't so they criticize and whine about everything.

Aug 17 - 11:38 AM

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