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We can understand the need to have a support group for elderly action heroes who want to relive the glory years. But did they have to release it as a film? Unnecessary.

August 26, 2010 Full Review Source: Film4 | Comments (6)


Ron B.

Ron B.

This film was absolutely necessary. And as old as these guys are, I'm sure they're in better shape than you've ever been in. Did you really go into this movie expecting anything other than exactly what it was? I didn't and I loved every second of it.

You critics are so detached from the regular movie-goer it's not even funny. All of you simply try to come up with a witty comment about whatever movie you're reviewing. It's sad. The best review for this movie is "If you like explosions, the usual evil dictator plot with a slight conspiracy thrown in, big dudes with big guns, then you'll love this movie". Done.

Aug 27 - 01:59 PM

Daniel W.

Daniel W.

So what if it wasn't anything different than what I expected? That excuses it from being a poor film? I think not. Yes, it's a brainless action film that fans of brainless action films will love. It's poor because of the wooden acting, boring plot and the smuggy overindulgence of the main stars. It speaks volumes that the best parts of the film are the cameos from Schwarzeneggar and Rourke.

Apr 16 - 06:46 PM

glen h.

glen hart

@ Ron.. Dude, you should know that most, and maybe all but a little few female critics don't like these types of films. They love the shlt out of films like " Eat, pray, love ". To them, thouse are the films worth watching! But they should know that money talks. And since the release of The Expendables, it's been at the top. Critics like Catherine are wanna be filmmakers that couldn't hack it. And this type of job is the only type they could get. And that's a good thing, cause would you want someone as wrong as her to head up your company? Hell no! You'd be out of work!

Aug 28 - 08:06 AM

Road A.

Road Angel

I beg to differ. The younger Generation can't act let alone hold a machine gun of this weight that was in the film. As they say leave the real man to business . time to seperate the boys from the men. I thoroughly enjoyed this adrenline rush of a film and funny comments and a great cast. Bring back the real action hero's any day tired of powder puff boys acting where a real man should be in there spot.

Aug 30 - 06:40 PM


In Your Dreams

Your two idiot's inherent sexism is enough condemnation of this movie alone. Catherine's review is spot on: a stupid action movie for stupid people. Yes, money talks, because Americans are generally stupid. Old news.

And stop quoting "eat pray love" as though that's all the rest of us watch. This movie was extremely left-wing (waterboarding anyone?) so that party line is out the window. Time to go get that vasectomy, Glen and Road.

Nov 29 - 01:59 PM

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