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The Fox & the Child Reviews

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Mark W

Super Reviewer

December 27, 2010
His previous film "March of The Penguins" was an impressive nature programme, on a par with David Attenborough. This time director Luc Jacquet attempts more of the same but combines the nature side with a fictional fairy-tale narrative.
It tells the very basic story of a little girl living ruraly who befriends a fox. At first, the relationship between them is obviously strained but they grow to trust one another and strike up a real heartfelt affinity.
Jacquet's follow-up to his very successful first outing definitely has similair visual splendor and some very impressive interactive footage of the little girl and the fox. However, the story is whimsical and the little girl becomes quite frustrating in her stupidity in attempting to domesticate the wild animal. Kate Winslet's VoiceOver is a tad on the twee side also and becomes too sugary sweet. The visuals are excellent though, with some stunning cinematography and beautiful landscapes and even if its not an entirely successful amalgamation, it's still a fine attempt at one. Childish but charming.

Super Reviewer

January 2, 2010
Christ I dont know where to begin? This very beautiful tale of a girl becoming friend with a Fox and tries to make it a Home Pet is very adventurous. Not only Kids will adore this Movie but it will even steal Adults hearts.
It is Magical without any animations or any special stuff.
The Narration made it even more beautifull. For one and a half hour you ll completely forget the world around you, if you love the Nature and the Adventure Movies!

A young girl of about 10 years lives in a farm house in the jurassic mountains in eastern France. One day in autumn, when she walks to school through the forest, she observes a hunting fox. Of course, the fox escapes, but the girl yearns for meeting the animal again.

She spends most of her free time in the forests trying to find the fox during the following months. But she never meets the fox again before winter comes. During the winter, she follows fox's traces far across the fields. Suddenly she is alarmed by the howling of wolves near of her, she runs away panically, falls and hurts her ankle.

The ankle heals very slowly, so that she has to stay at home during the winter reading book about animals of the forrest and foxes.

When spring arrives, the girl is looking for fox kennels and waits for a fox. The fox has got young ones and moves kennel because of her observations; therefore the girl decides to observe the fox from a longer distance.

She finds the fox again and tries to get the animal accustomed to her. She feeds it with meat. Later she can even touch the fox and is led to the new kennel. Finally she wants to keep the fox the animal as a tame pet in her house, but the fox refuses to do so and escapes by jumping through the closed window breaking the glass. The fox is hurt badly, but survives and the girl learn that she cannot keep wild animals as pets at home.

Super Reviewer

August 12, 2009
i didnt like march of the penguins which was directed or produced by the same person although interesting it just wasnt as good as i thought it might be and this is te same altough i love the relatioship and the scenery and the fantastic photography it just isnt my type of movie with nly winslet narrating and all scenes are a child a fox and a wood messing about although cute sweet and aww factor it just wasnt my type of movie and just bored me! If you like those type of movies then you'l love this !
Roy G

Super Reviewer

May 26, 2009
Children will undoubtedly adore the film
Dannielle A

Super Reviewer

January 26, 2010
The little girl in this movie was an adorable red-haired pixie who I fell in love with at once. She was almost as fun to watch as the foxes and beautiful European landscapes. It was an adventure to follow the vixen and her pups wherever they went. I was enjoying the movie until the last portion.

It was so real that I set out to find out if any animals were harmed during the making of the film. It was disturbingly convincing even though the credits assure me the foxes are safe. After I find out the fox isn't really dead in the end, I'm still left with a nasty aftertaste in my mouth. The moral at the end is bleak and abrupt.
January 2, 2009
Free, heart-warming, and magical.
I cannot get over how absolutely stunning all of the locations are for this movie. It's so mesmerizing and calming. But the story was adorable and I just loved it. Kids would adore this movie, I'm sure. Some said it was a cross between a nature documentary and a fairy tale and I would say that's exactly how it is. It gave me such a nice feeling after watching it and you can't go wrong with that. :) And it being narrated by Kate Winslet was pretty cool too.

Lovely movie.
April 26, 2013
The worst movie ever created
Robyn M.
August 23, 2012
I cannot get over how absolutely stunning all of the locations are for this movie. It's so mesmerizing and calming.

I resignated with the main character, for 1 she looks alot like myself at that age and her kindered spirit to connect on many levels with animals was a map to my own youth. Jacquet's follow-up to his very successful first outing definitely has similair visual splendor and some very impressive interactive footage of the little girl and the fox. However, the story is whimsical and the little girl becomes quite frustrating in her stupidity in attempting to domesticate the wild animal.
August 18, 2012
Haven't heard the Winslet Overdub, but with the original french dialogue and subtitles, its gorgeous, relaxed with beautiful cinematography and sound. Consider it a french nature program with a little girl's perspective thrown in
Cam C.
March 6, 2012
Beautifully shot yes, but i didnt care much for the movie becuase im not a little girl at a sleepover. Badly dubbed, annoying voiceover. Did make we want to visit the Plateau de Retord though
March 4, 2012
Slow, but amazing cinematography and animal photography is some of the best I have every seen. Very beautiful and the little girl is very appealing.
September 29, 2010
A ne pas manquer pour tous ceux qui aiment la nature. Un film magique!
Aaron E.
August 4, 2010
I swear this movie bored me to death!
D D.
February 17, 2010
This is the worst movie I have ever seen. The girl does something that any ten year old would know not to do-- I learned not to do this when I was seven! It was a bad thing for the the fox and made me very sad. It made me sadder than when my plant didn't grow and every one else's did in first grade.

No one who loves animals should watch this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was the worst hour and a half of my life! I wish I did something outdoors instead and I don't even like going outside in the wintertime.

NDM, age 9
Mike L.
January 20, 2010
Face It Not Luc Jacquet's Best But Was Still A Beautiful Story The Film It Self Doesn't Decided If Its A Doco Or A Child/Family Film But Is Worth A Watch
r h.
December 28, 2009
this is possibly the most dangours film your child should ever see and is the best example of how not to interact with nature that i have ever seen. the "girl" in question wanders the woods aimlessly, goes toe to toe with a brown bear and attempts to fight of a pack of wolf armed with nothing more than a paper bag... this is even before attempting to tame a wild fox..if this was the real world there would of been a pair of greaving parents looking down at the half eaten reamains of the child after the first 15 minutes of the film.
such bad film making could encourge the young or susepable to atempt the feats portreaed in the the way this is not sour grapes or an attempt to be a kill joy i have been out there in the wilds with these animales and this film is an object leason in how not to behave in the face of mother nature.
it makes me wonder what the point of the film was???
August 12, 2009
I found this movie rather delightful but maybe that is because foxes are my favourite animal.
Jennifer M.
July 5, 2009
This one worked for me and the 10yo I took along - the run time and gentle pace wouldn't suit the youngsters though. The scenery and wildlife footage are beautiful. The aforementioned gentle pace suited the story that was being built, so it didn't irk me at all and I liked the minimal dialogue, although the dubbing might have been synced better. Definitely a film with a message that is relevant to those kids who think loving animals means taming them as pets - so food for thought as well as a feast for the eyes. Take your mature children to this film that doesn't insult their intelligence.
June 11, 2009
A sweet story, but certainly is not the fastest paced film. Excellent cinematography. Simple and well meaning.
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