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I'm not sure I've seen a more superfluous film that Fincher's pointless second take on a story that was served supremely well onscreen so recently...

December 19, 2011 Full Review Source: Flick Filosopher | Comments (24)
Flick Filosopher


James Taylor

James Taylor

get the f off here you useless piece of trash. you reviews deserve nothing and are so biased.

Dec 19 - 10:16 AM

Liam B.

Liam Bohdi

If one was to critique your review of this film one would find that you failed miserably. Your preoccupation with the fact that the movie was remade and your obvious disdain for this fact kept you from articulating what was good or bad about the film. Think about the audience you're writing to. Or are you one of those critics that writes to themselves.

Dec 19 - 10:33 AM


dude meister

Honestly the Swedish version was NOT that good an adaptation.

Dec 19 - 11:04 AM

Marek Pilarski

Marek Pilarski

Clever people avoid pointless films.

Dec 19 - 11:16 AM

Scott D.

Scott DePue

Why do people like her put the Swedish film on such a pedestal? It's really only a step or two above a made for TV film.

Dec 19 - 11:19 AM

Tyler S.

Tyler Schwab

Sweet jesus I have never read such a biased review. I would take a negative review of this movie seriously if it limited the amount of references to the Swedish version. Yes, it exists... but how the heck does that tell me about the merits of this film (which she says isn't a bad film).

Dec 19 - 11:31 AM

Samuel Wolfe

Samuel Wolfe

Actually... it wasn't. I agree with dudemeister

Dec 19 - 11:36 AM

Gus C.

Gus Callado

minor reviewers....i dont care.

Dec 19 - 11:50 AM

Vadim Voroshilov

Vadim Voroshilov

How naive.

Jun 14 - 06:08 PM


Thomas Medford

Pointless review is pointless. It's obvious that she knew going in exactly what she was going to write regardless of the film's quality.

Dec 19 - 12:08 PM

Tim Martens

Tim Martens

So, the film was remade. Does this mean there is no hope for Spike Lee's "Oldboy" next year? Why did you give "The Ring" a positive rating? Why did you give "The Departed" a positive rating?

I knew as soon as Fincher signed on for this the reviews would be a matter of comparison rather than a critique of the material presented...

Dec 19 - 01:18 PM

Damian Garcia

Damian Garcia

I'm not saying that there aren't foreign films that aren't great or that I don't enjoy seeing a few here and there, but sometimes I really don't want to sit through a two hour film and have to stare at the bottom of the screen reading the words, thus missing out on the actual film. I've never seen the Swedish version so I can't be for or against it (although I plan to watch it at some point), but this is just my opinion. I'm seeing an early screening of this tonight so I'll let you know how it goes.

Dec 19 - 03:38 PM

Chad Oko

Chad Oko

You'll miss out on many of the best films ever then, too bad for you.

Overall, most of the best movies have subtitles, people who come to a movie website who can't stand subtitles are like people who go to to the ocean but hate water and sand.

Dec 19 - 06:23 PM

Zach Ruble

Zach Ruble

haha perfect

Dec 19 - 06:38 PM

Enoch C.

Enoch Ching

classic psychological mistake. A lot of my chinese friends believe American movies are really the best of the industry, while the majority of my

American friends find asian films to be superior. This seems to be true in all cases with international films.

Dec 20 - 01:25 AM



I'm not American--let me state this first of all. However, I find American film in general is much stronger than any other country's out there. Many Americans seem to ignore that other countries produce a lot of staid, hammy junk, too--in fact, much more, and much worse. They only compare the best foreign films to mediocre to downright terrible American films, which is flat-out unfair. Another thing we forget is, plenty of foreign films actually still copy plot-lines of American ones, and execute them badly on top of that.

Dec 20 - 11:43 AM

Vadim Voroshilov

Vadim Voroshilov

Tonight, nationalistic trash.

Jun 14 - 06:07 PM

Andreas Sheikh

Andreas Sheikh

classic. you're not a top reviewer who is trying to make a name for yourself by negatively critiquing a movie that most like. Flick Filospher, more like Flick HatersoIcanbeconsidered smart. Get out of here.

Dec 19 - 05:28 PM

Chad Oko

Chad Oko

Glad I could focus on the torture scenes much better without having to read those horrible subtitles.

This character is so cool, so edgy, so goth and film noir all rolled up into one.. How can anyone not think this is the best story EVER???

Sarcasm aside, why do people care if some movie they like gets some bad reviews.

Dec 19 - 06:19 PM

Adam H.

Adam Herman

I think they wonder how some of these critics become "experts."

Dec 19 - 08:35 PM

Vadim Voroshilov

Vadim Voroshilov

Why do you dislike subtitles? Can't you read?

Jun 14 - 05:57 PM

Top Hat

John Miller

MaryAnn is a generally good reviewer, however the criticism of Larsson's prose seems misguided (unless she read it in Swedish, which, given her name, is quite possible).

Dec 19 - 07:07 PM

Boss Loss

Merle Stanford

I think she makes a perfectly good point. Why remake something that's already been done well the first time? Only because people don't want to read subtitles? Plus the original had the bonus of being in the native language of its material and setting. Avoiding things like Daniel Craig not bothering use an accent. Shame the only thing holding people back from enjoying it the first time is their admitted lack of literacy.

Dec 20 - 04:45 AM

Steven Couras

Steven Couras

Who is this lady? She is not even on the top critics list and i can see why...did you even read the book??? This version is soooo much better.

Dec 20 - 06:44 AM

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