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Witless, suit-and-tie porn posing as Great Art.

November 29, 2010 Full Review Source: Projection Booth | Comments (8)
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Errol T.

Errol Talley

If porn was all you took from this movie and you find The Anchorman a classic, sadly your opinion is worthless, regardless of who you write reviews for (dont want your ego bent).

Dec 24 - 03:29 PM


Rob Humanick

If porn was all there was too take from it, it wouldn't be so awful, because the honesty of straight-up porn is instantly preferable to subpar TV-style trash posing as cinema. As for *your* opinion: anyone who makes ad hominem gestures based on opinions of something as relatively petty as movies is very, very sad indeed.

Jan 5 - 07:48 AM


Scott S

If this is "TV-style trash" then why are you saying it's bad porn trying to be art? Pick a view, any view... and stick to it.

And DANG, that full paragraph is witless rubbish posing as a review. What was it? Not enough multi-million dollar effects to make this qualify as a film? Like TV because it actually had dialog and characters? (as if that were true)

Oct 1 - 01:23 AM

-- Jigsaw --

Roger Smith Hove

Gratuitously tossing around the word "porn" instantly lends credibility to any critical review.

Jun 12 - 06:04 AM

Sarfaraz Abbasi

Sarfaraz Abbasi

You've still got a long way to go through learning films

Sep 11 - 11:10 AM

Sarfaraz Abbasi

Sarfaraz Abbasi

Just couple of sex-scenes and this f**khead calls it Porn, is he sick?

Oct 24 - 07:07 PM

Dave Barker

Dave Barker

If this is suit and tie porn then you need another literary wardrobe. I'm most upset that I've just wasted two minutes of my life on your vapid words.

Dec 1 - 04:28 PM

Jonathan Luce

Jonathan Luce

This critic is tv-style trash trying to pose as a good critic

Dec 21 - 10:04 PM

supeerior  g.

supeerior geinus

wow? transformers was amazing ,,, and this was better than twightlight saga to. so HOW can YOU say THAT this is PORN???!?@%$?

this is a mockerie...
theirs a troll in the buildegn

Jan 26 - 03:17 PM

Phil Sole

Phil Sole

everyone's entitled to their own opinion, even if it's wrong.

Oct 7 - 05:48 PM

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