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One of the most notorious productions made by the infamous Herschel Gordon Lewis, this intentionally exaggerated gore-fest concerns a striptease club plagued by a series of murders. Most of the film's energy is placed into fashioning creative murders and uniquely violent make-up effects.

Rating: R
Genre: Drama, Horror, Comedy
Directed By: ,
Written By: Alan J. Dachman
On DVD: May 9, 2000
Lewis Motion Picture Enterprises



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I live in a very infamous country that makes a lot of crazy shit and films loaded with nothing but graphic violence's and gore but that's what makes them so successful but this movie here is very infamous because its one of the only films as of 2010 to still be banned since 1979 and that's Extremely rare less then 10 are still banned to this day.

Then why is it still banned? Well because this movie is just excessive I mean I have seen gore before but OMG there is just so much, not like all over the place but just the killings there that graphic and that scene with the mirror OMG again. He smashes her face into the mirror so Meany times without a cut away. I liked Mr. Herschell Gordon Lewis's Blood Feast and Two Thousand Maniacs that's why I watched this.

So strippers in the Miami area are being targeted by a serial killer for some reason is bent on slaying them in gruesome and violent ways so all this becomes such a problem the police hire a professional private detective. He is hot on the killer's tail throughout the movie and occasionally landing on a suspect with some comical elements.

The thing I didn't like about this movie it tries to be funny at the same time and being disgusting needless to say I laughed only because its dumb humour only I will get. I think it just relied too heavily on violence's and yes I am saying that, some scenes really put me off and I am seeing why it was banned, the scenes that did it the most was the stripper getting her breasts cut off with the blood and milk purring out and the tire iron scene.

Frank Kress as the detective without a name was really well acted despite some of the flaws from other fellow actors he himself rather makes things funny with his quote

"God damn how could they waste a good and hot stripper? If they saved her I wouldn't be toughen that ass"

The killer himself cut it off by driving a hook throw there another scene that put me off. The special effects are next to nothing but a major prise this is the reason the film is banned there's a lot of stuff that happens but I wont mention it to Meany people die. The music is by Lewis himself its bad but okay to listen I might download the soundtrack sometime down the road.

I think I come to a close my DVD came form the UK that's the only country that I have seen that has it uncut my country will hopefully pass it off next year.

Ariuza k.
Ariuza koraw

Super Reviewer

I really liked this movie, Lewis' gory take on the Jack the Ripper type story, but with a twist ending. I really enjoyed it, and if you like horror movies I think you will too.

Aj V

Super Reviewer

A series of murders haunts the local strip club scene. A newspaper decides to hire the legendary Abraham Gentry (Frank Kress) to track down the killer, since the police seem obviously inept at the task. Using his advance payment at local strip clubs and interviewing the dancers (with such names as Candy Cane), Gentry begins to compile a list of suspects, including an ex-Vietnam vet who loves to crush produce. But, who is the killer? "The Gore Gore Girls" is Herschell Gordon Lewis' best film. While not his "masterpiece" and not a film he will go down in history for, this one (his last film until "Blood Feast 2" thirty years later) really pushes the exploitation genre to a peak. Crushed brains, eyeballs pulled out, lots of stripping and the enjoyable Frank Kress. Say what you will about Montag the Magnificent or Mayor Buckman or Fuad Ramses (all great Lewis characters). Abraham Gentry is just so suave and cocky, he could have appeared in sequel after sequel and I'd devour them like flamingos with shrimp. But, shockingly, this was Frank Kress' first and last film. Where did he come from? Where did he go? Was he not interested in working after Lewis retired? We are all losers for his absence.

What has made this film controversial for many people is not, believe it or not, the excessive gore, but a perceived misogyny inherent in the movie. Quite honestly, I didn't see it. Sure, Gentry is not particularly kind to women. And yes, the film flatly exploits women (taking place in a strip club, for the most part). But it also has a women's liberation movement subplot (shown in what I would call a neutral light), and there's really nothing here that can't be seen in any other horror or exploitation film. Nude women in the late 1960s and early 70s? And you're shocked by this? Less controversial, but far more memorable, is the gore. While perhaps not memorable to many people in the mainstream, one scene here will stand out for those familiar with the work of Herschell Gordon Lewis. Lewis had previously offered grisly torture in "The Wizard of Gore" and some great death traps in "Two Thousand Maniacs!" (the barrel roll, anyone?). But in "The Gore Gore Girls" he pushes the splatter to eleven on the blood and guts scale. Which scene am I referencing? The french-fried face? The iron? The scissors on the milk-squirting nipples? No. In one scene, a stripper is actually murdered by having her buttocks tenderized into hamburger with a mallet. No stabbing, no bone-crushing, no poison. Just excessive paddling. And for good measure, be sure to recall that the killer added a little bit of seasoning to the carnal creation.

Add all this to the fact the film co-stars Lewis' most charming and attractive actress yet (Amy Farrell as reporter Nancy Weston) and we have a winner of a film. By far my favorite Lewis film, which is saying a lot as he's quickly become one of my favorite directors. Thank you Something Weird Video for providing us with such great cult films. And a special thank you to Andrew Borntreger, for pointing out to me that the bottle of acid in the film is "made in Poland"... I'm not really sure what to make of that, but it seems all too proper in a flick like this.

Cassandra Maples

Super Reviewer

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