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Hold on tight. It's a true call of the wild.

January 27, 2012 Full Review Source: Rolling Stone | Comments (19)
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Sean Orcutt

Sean Orcutt

would hardly say it was one of the worst films I have seen, and unless you are a wolf enthusiast, there is not really a way of telling they were fake wolves used. Just a downer of a movie.

Jan 30 - 08:33 AM

Ryan M

Ryan Marshall

I think if you're experienced with the observation of CG effects it can be determined. Just the way in which the wolves moved most of the time gave away the fact that they were almost entirely fake; Joe Carnahan already said that no wolves were harmed in the making of this movie and I trust him on that. The whole controversy surrounding that is just pathetic; much like a lot of the comments on this here thread.

Jan 30 - 01:11 PM


Bill R

True call of the wild, without a single wild creature in the vast forest other than wolves....sure.

Jan 30 - 11:19 AM


wyatt s

What a pessimist.

Jan 31 - 09:39 PM

Nick Brylski

Nick Brylski

I think your forgetting that ALASKA'S FUCKING HUGE.

Feb 6 - 05:46 PM

Ken Tamblyn

Ken Tamblyn

Tell me about the most important scene in the movie . . .

A thousand foot cliff. They jump to safety. The wolves are down there waiting for them.

Two problems

1) If the den was down there, then there is no way the whole pack would be camping out near the plane.


Whew, now I feel better.

Feb 1 - 05:26 PM

Jacob Whitman

Jacob Whitman

First off, near the beginning of the movie it was said that the wolves are very territorial in such a way that, they aren't afraid of you if near there den, with about a 30 mile radius I think. So yea.. if they hear/saw a giant unknown crash and explosion they are going to check it out. Secondly, Most of the film there were only 2-4 Wolves chasing them. When he reached the den. It was obviously the pack.

Jun 3 - 08:14 PM

Todd Chipman

Todd Chipman

A true call of the wild? Really? This movie is so farfetched. The guys leave the plane fuselage to find better luck in the woods. If an airplane or helicopter is searching, they will see the fuselage in the open rather than trying to see guys walking in the woods. The "touching" moment when the guy dies in Liams arms and he helps him die is typical Hollywood reality which touches those who have little spiritual life. How about the wolves that magically disappear when Liam and the other guy fall in the river? The ending is one of the worst I have ever seen in a long time. The credits start rolling and you wonder, what kind of stupid movie did I just pay to see?

I could go on and on, but this movie is farfetched Hollywood "reality" and not a true call of the wild. Oh well, you get paid well and get awards and rewards for your critiques, and that is really what matters most to you.

Feb 4 - 07:46 AM

Jeffrey Ellison

Jeffrey Ellison

Good lord. Did you watch this movie or fall asleep and wake up when the credits were rolling? Terrible movie. Neeson's acting ability was the only thing remotely positive about this movie. The plot had a chance but the execution of it was totally inept and the ending........well someone should hang over the ending.

Feb 10 - 09:48 AM

T K.


You wrote Call of the Wild but perhaps you meant White Fang, where dog sledders traveling through the Yukon wake up each morning to find either a man or a Huskie eaten by wolves.

Feb 11 - 06:41 PM

Bobby Burns

Bobby Burns

I love this film, but I'm not too fond of this critic....

Feb 16 - 06:44 PM

Daniel O'Raw

Daniel O'Raw

you guys are absolutely mental people, this film was good therefore he gave it a good review. Why do people get so worked up about reviews? So pointless.

Mar 6 - 11:22 AM


Michael Nabozny

Are you all morons? This movie is about more than just the wolves. It was a phycological movie that plays on internal struggle. The focus was not on the wolves but it's obvious that you all wanted it to be since you clearly only care about gore and no plot. Jesus

May 3 - 02:18 PM

Connor James

Connor James

but there is not plot, and there is no deeper meaning there is maybe one or 2 scene that last about 10 to 15 seconds that lend it to something spiritual. The highlight and longest shown scene in the trailer basically gave off that this movie was going to basically be liam neeson kicking wolf ass with broken bottles. this movie also lends it self more to a man vs. nature conflict rather then man vs. self. in total u can have almost no feelings for any of the charters besides maybe one or 2 and only for a brief moment making it hard to feel sorry for there asses as they are eaten alive

May 19 - 01:36 AM

Cody H.

Cody Halpert

People are stupid and that's why they don't see that.

Sep 22 - 02:07 PM

Jody Wagner

Jody Wagner

"A true call of the wild" says Travers. Only a city boy would say that. That's EXACTLY why this movie isn't a good movie. Wolves do NOT act like that. The wilderness just wasn't that "true."

May 19 - 02:40 PM

Ed Tredinnick

Ed Tredinnick

There is only 1 documented occurance of a wolf ever attacking an killing a human in the whole history of the USA. This movie was totally misleading and insulting.

May 20 - 06:10 AM

Michael Goldfield

Michael Goldfield

What a waste of time. This film is simply awful!

Jun 16 - 09:07 PM

Michele Oldham

Michele Oldham

Quite a disappointment! There was no hope for these guys that survived a horrible plane crash!
No rescue in site!? Such evil demon hungry wolves!!His god didn't even save him- but instead after all that walking and everybody dead and gone- he came upon their den! Sheesh- what are the chances of that?? Live today-and die today- what a concept!Death is a sure thing...not a good movie to watch- it gave me nightmares!

Jun 18 - 08:37 AM

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