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The Grey Reviews

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April 17, 2014
Too grey. The Grey doesn't give us a reason to care about the characters, nor does it build a relationship to make us care when they die. There are repetitive, long sequences, that, aside from the action, are misused and unnecessary.
April 16, 2014
A well made drama with Liam Neeson in good form. Its well acted and well directed and the wolves are a good addition.
April 15, 2014
Utter crap, avoid at all costs!
April 9, 2014
The tale of survival is impressive although the ending left me hanging. I prefer to have an ending that seems like closure.
April 7, 2014
A pretty solid action movie ruined by CGI wolves...
February 9, 2012
Just about managed to watch half of this. It's like Alive, The Poseidon Adventure, all those Airport disaster films only with rubber wolves and a million times more swearing. Completely un-gripping and not even interesting enough to root for the wolves as they pick off each disagreeable character. 5/10
April 6, 2014
The Grey is horrifically effective in making you feel uneasy.
April 4, 2014
You have to, HAVE TO, stay until after the credits or you'll miss a very important detail!
April 1, 2014
Like final destination... but with wolves.
March 31, 2014
Was 20 minutes too long but still a very good movie. I was worried that I'm not a huge Neeson fan (in action roles at least) but the movie held itself together nicely and the addition of The Walking Dead's Dallas Roberts excellently playing the main supporting role was a welcome addition. A simple idea done well.
March 30, 2014
too predictable, although the end is super open, which i kinda like
D.A. Zapata
March 29, 2014
Two intense hours of fear and anguish in negative-50 degree weather. Not an easy film to watch, but definitely not one to be missed.

Super Reviewer

January 27, 2012
In this wilderness adventure that pits man versus nature, hunter Liam Neeson becomes the hunted as he leads a handful of plane crash survivors through the most adverse of conditions while being stalked by a pack of wolves. To be honest, I found the premise to this film to be about as promising as such films starring Troy McClure, but Joe Carnahan at the helm and Neeson's towering presence convinced me to give it a try. Thankfully, The Grey is far from the usual macho chest beating that you see in a lot of wilderness adventures, the director instead showing how man stripped of his technology is little more than one of the beasts he finds himself hunted by. Neeson once again revels in the part of a rough and tough pragmatist and it's nice to hear his native accent again, and although the supporting cast are very much playing second fiddle to the charismatic lead, they all acquit themselves well. But it is their hostile environment that is the true star of the show, with some spectacular scenery combined with nature at its most brutal. Some very atmospheric photography and excellent sound design puts you deep in the ravages of the Alaskan wilderness and despite the predictability of the plot it makes for a tense, involving thriller that ends in the perfect way.
March 27, 2014
Atmospheric, and a times suspenseful, this movie ultimately falls short of its potential due in part to the predictable plot and repetitive plot, and the feeling that you've seen it all before - which you have if you're a fan of 'Alive' or 'The Edge', both of which are, in my opinion, better movies. In summary, and enjoyable movie that's worth seeing, but not the definitive example of its genre.
James Adams
October 6, 2012
Released in January, at first glance you think this is going to end up being a bad movie. Because previous experience tells you, that January is the dumping month for movies, the month only bad films are released in. But, that is not always the case. And I should have known better being as 'Liam Nelson' stars, and his films are usually always decent. Except for his very forgettable 'Taken 2'. So, due to the very unusual bad weather, I had nothing more to do, then to Netflix the day away. And one of the films I happened to watch was this, 'The Grey'. A film that keeps you glued to the screen until that very heart-clenching final image. Now, onto my review of 'The Grey'.

'The Grey' follows a group of oil men, who become stranded in the middle of Alaska, after their plane crashes, who are forced to adapt and survive the cruel weather, as well as a pack of viscous, gray wolves who stalk the group, helping to pick them off one by one, in a joint effort with the environment.

Together, 'The Grey' is a simple survival movie; it's just the way it is told that keeps you interested. Instead of lingering at one place for a long period of time, 'The Grey' moves at a swift pace, stopping for a breathe every once and a while. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. The pacing slows when it has to, and runs the whole rest of the way with more and more obstacles popping up to try to block the path. And with that, the viewers become intertwined with the characters. You become more and more involved in the story. You sense the urgency, which is presented with the pacing.

Along the way during those times when the film feels it needs to take a breath, you learn more about the characters who are thrusted onto the game board. While it fleshes out the characters, in the end, you really have lackluster feelings about them. While you do become emotionally connected to a few of them, the others, you could care less about, they're just there to build up the body bags, and add up the sense of necessarity for the important, more emotionally connect characters to survive. In the end, as the characters start being pulled out of the game, you feel little to nothing for them, as they end up just being pieces in a puzzle.

However, while the characters are lackluster, the actors try their best to better themselves. 'Liam Nelson' leads the film with veteran ease, quickly becoming necessary for survival, as well as, emotionally connected to him. He played out as the kind of guy you want to lead you, the kind of hard guy with a sad past. The rock. Nelson again proves he has a great ability to lead a film, as well as to make chemistry with his co-stars out of thin air. Of his co-stars 'Frank Grillo' comes to mind, as the scared, aggressive, mean, and sarcastic survivor of the plane crash, who questions Nelson's leadership qualities several times. He has a way of coming off as unlikable, and then turning slowly into a more insecure, sad guy. He plays off well enough and holds his own up until his end. And as for the rest of the cast, well they did decent performances, just not ones I'm willing to take the time to note in particular.

The direction from, 'Joe Caranhan' works well. Coming off of 'The A-Team' he tackles his follow-up, 'The Grey'. And succeeds in creating a fairly good film. He knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it, and the film ended up coming out completely how it might as it would in reality. He knew what angles he wanted to take, and where he wanted his cast and crew to be.

A problem the film has is the editing. Some of it comes out as glitchy, and when you watch the men fight the wolves in a few of the scenes, the shots kind of go too quickly or to slowly, and don't roll out perfectly smooth. Some of the shots come off rough, and not smooth and flowing.

The film does feature of the note music, composed by 'Marc Streitenfeld'. The music fits the scenes, and raises the thrill level. It adds emotional depth when necessary but doesn't go overboard, or get too deep and loud, as most survival movie music tends to go. It underplays the film, coming in slowly, and never getting very loud, but just high enough to help make your heart jump.

Some may agree but others may disagree about the subject of the film's abrupt ending. Our lead ends up face to face with the leader of the pack of wolves, he takes out his knife and they stare down each other, and when he's just about to charge the beast, the film cuts to black. I have to say I was left bewildered by the ending, as I expected the usual, of which he gets saved and bla-bla-bla unoriginal ending. But instead we get this, and the viewer is left to guess the fate of its lead. It's a bit disappointing for someone interested in seeing the lead finally reach some sort of peaceful resolution after so much hardship and suffering, but no. We never know what became of him. If he survived or if he died. Now I have to say it works and doesn't. It seems to conclude the film, but not. The film ducks out of the fight at the last moment, when it could have had a more drawn out conclusion. It is original, and keeps you in, but seems disappointing and lazy as well.

All and all, 'The Grey' works as a solidly built survival movie lead by an impressive performance from 'Liam Nelson, and good pacing and character development, but we all wish the characters were alittle less unlikable and the editing more smooth and clean. B- 3/3/14
December 29, 2011
What a way to kick off 2012. The Grey is an intelligent, funny, emotional, heart-pounding ride that keeps the thrills coming. This confirms that no matter how old Liam Neeson gets, he will always be a total bad-ass. The score is amazing as it transitions from being adrenaline pumping and intense to being sadly tragic and heartfelt. Joe Carnahan expertly directs this film and really puts you in the same environment as the characters. The movie does slow down a little bit and the movie loses its realism towards the end, but that's that's just a minor gripe. This is the manliest movie I've seen since the Warrior and is definitely worth everyone's time. It's the annual Liam Neeson bad-ass movie of the year.
October 8, 2013
First, there's ten, then nine, then eight... reailly, not one surprise here.
March 14, 2014
Brutal, miserable, and Liam-Fucking-Neeson.
December 13, 2011
This is where Liam Neeson tells wolves that he has a very particular set of skills!
January 3, 2014
It's not a bad movie, it's just that I simply didn't enjoy it that much. I find it to be an average film, lacking interesting twists.
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