A masterpiece, just go see it.

My review was buried so here's a few seconds of infamy as I just came back from the midnight premiere. Note I'm not a big lotr, hobbit fan nor am I religious about books. I do however like the fantasy genre and therefore am choosy in that route.

So I registered onto this site after the midnight premiere to say that you need to stop reading reviews and watch it. I have no idea what movie the reviewers saw but if they disliked this movie and thought it dragged, I can guarantee you that I will NOT like any movie they like and from what I've seen this is correct. Movies that got 100% or 99% like how to survive a plague and Brooklyn Castle am wondering how on earth it got so much approval. But after taking an alternative cinema I realized they're THOSE type of people. If you're looking for a movie that will force you to analyze and look beyond the obvious so you can write long collegiate essays about the surrealist impact, this is NOT the movie for you. But if you are a NORMAL everyday man who wants to enjoy the movie and a well written but obvious plot that has no real ties to French New Wave, Film Noir, or alternative cinema, THIS is a masterpiece. It boils down to expectations. Are you someone who walks into a buffet expecting french cuisine? This is a Peter Jackson movie and is definitely a visual and pleasing masterpiece that does NOT disappoint if you're looking for his type of work. This comes from someone who isn't even a hardcore Hobbit or LOTR fan. Regardless I feel some people just want the attention, are sitting on their high horse or want to diss and piss off the fans. Truth be told, I see no reason why it has a 69% other than the fact that fluffy, self important critics want attention even if it's negative. Critique the film against the genre and if you do it's best in class. Easily 5 stars and imo at the least 4 even if not compared to others in its class.
M W.
12-14-2012 04:25 AM

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D P.


Ah yes, all the critics who gave 94% to Return Of The King, 92% to The Avengers and 94% to The Dark Knigt suddenly remembered that thy were pretentious and decided to take it out on poor Peter Jackson .

And I guess Finding Nemo (99%) is too highbrow for you.

But really, you're dissing documentaries about AIDS activists and inner city kids playing chess? Seriously?

Dec 14 - 04:53 AM

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