Why Does it Matter What the Critics Say? Why Does it Matter What ANYONE Says?

Let's be honest here, since when does the Tomatometer accurately reflect how YOU feel about a movie? Since when does ANYTHING, anyone's opinion BUT YOUR OWN truly impact how good a movie is? A movie is only as good as YOU think it is.

That's the point of art, isn't it? At the end of the day, a movie's true worth is decided by the audience. Perhaps its cultural worth will be decided by the critics or majority of audiences, but what of it? If you think a movie is a masterpiece, then it is! But just because it is to you doesn't mean that it will be to everyone else, nor should it be. And isn't that the way it's supposed to be? If we all agreed on the same things, wouldn't life get really, really boring? What's the point of artistic expression and criticism of said art if we all had the same opinions? Without the dissenting voice, without the differing opinions, why would we even have this website?

My favorite film of the year was "Cloud Atlas", which has a lower score than this movie you're all vehemently defending. I loved "Cloud Atlas." To me, it's the greatest film I've ever seen. I had a blast. I was never bored, and I was crying for the last twenty minutes of the film. It was nothing short of a beautiful, brilliant masterpiece- to me. And so while I may cringe when I see some truly negative reviews, I also don't get butthurt over it and start whining that "they didn't get it" or "they should've read the book to like it" (that argument from you guys is really pissing me off; they're MOVIE critics, not BOOK critics). Even when their criticisms were BAD (and some criticisms can be called objectively bad) I didn't attack them, call them stupid or threaten their lives.

And finally, can we really say that anyone has an objectively "good" or "bad" taste in film? I should think not. I like to think that I have a good taste in film. I love films like "Casablanca", "12 Angry Men" and "Psycho." I enjoy masterpieces both modern and classic, while abhorring films that we all know are bad, like "Atlas Shrugged" or the Twilight series.

At the same time, one could argue I have bad taste. I don't like "Citizen Kane." I can't stand "Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans." I thought "Tree of Life" was just "ok." And at the same time, I'm the guy who openly loves movies like "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" or "The Spirit." Hell, I'm even a fan of "Green Lantern" and "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night". And I know most people hate those movies. And you know what? I don't care.

At the end of the day, "good" or "bad" taste doesn't depend on what movies you like or dislike. It's WHY you like or dislike them. If you can back it up, you have good taste. If you can't, you don't.

And no offense, but a lot of you guys have trouble backing up why you like this film. The critics don't. Food for thought before you start attacking them.
Noah Abraham G.
12-15-2012 11:15 PM

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Rory Hughes

Rory Hughes

It's a good movie because it's clearly made by fans for fans. It has great characters, scenes, drama, actors, effects and narrative drive. It's has the same energy and vibe as the first Middle Earth trilogy, with a new story to tell. Don't tell me that people have trouble backing up why they like this film...

Dec 16 - 12:13 AM

Jason Basa

Jason Basa

I completely agree with you. This movie is for the die hards, not for the casual movie goer or the critics. I wish the LOTR trilogy was more like the hobbit in that regard.

Dec 16 - 02:20 AM

Luke Handler

Luke Handler

You don't need to write a reason to why you like a movie either. Your whole wall of text depicts that and interprets that if we like it then that's what matters, so why do we need a reason to explain why we like it in the first place? we just do, isn't that enough?

These critics are expecting more from jackson because of LOTR and are the reasons to why people that have never seen the film may not even go see it now. So yes blame some of these critics and their opinions because of their influence on viewers.

Dec 15 - 11:30 PM

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