Terrible film

Very sad to say that this was a terrible film. High def was a complete washout, it looked like a bad episode of Dr Who. Mawkish sentimentality started and ended the story with poor set scenes and limited imagination in visualising middle earth. The only good elements were the trolls and gollum but both these characterisations were hampered by poor story telling.
The introduction of non hobbit characters, a super Orc and radagast, were an unwelcome departure and my conclusion is that Peter Jackson simply doesn't understand British comic pathos.
Roger Woodward
12-23-2012 04:56 PM

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D P.


I didnt think it was a terrible movie, but it seemed more product than anything. Certainly not the worst of its kind, but ultimately forgettable.

Dec 23 - 08:11 PM

Matt Hastings

Matt Hastings

you must have seen a different 48fps than me because I saw no real flaws to it other than having to adjust a little. However, you are entitled to your opinion on the matter so I do respect that. But to call a movie terrible would mean it has no redeeming qualities which you said there were at least 2. I am willing to say that this is an average film at the least but to say worse than that just doesn't seem acurate.

Dec 23 - 05:04 PM


Starbaby Miniverse

Sounds pretty terrible to me if there are only two redeeming qualities in a nearly three hour film and both are hampered by bad storytelling. Not much redemption there.

Dec 23 - 09:27 PM

Retardo M.

Retardo Montalban

Trust me, 24fps is the superior format. I saw it in 48fps and it was like watching a totally different film. I know what you mean by Dr. Who, I thought the same thing.

Dec 23 - 05:01 PM

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