Tonal inconsistency?

Yes, but what about in the Lord of the Rings? Battle of Helm's deep: young boys are ripped from their families, women and children trapped in caves, crying, helpless--all the while, Legolas and Gimli are having a contest over who can kill more orcs. Legolas surfs down a staircase on an Uruk shield, Aragorn unrealistically tosses Gimli over a ledge.
Battle of Pelennor fields: Homes are being destroyed, men being killed off by orcs and Nazgul, Legolas and Gimli are still having an orc-killing competition, Legolas SURFS DOWN THE TRUNK OF A FUCKING ELEPHANT UNHARMED.
Bob Fantiasco
02-10-2013 07:33 AM

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lunnah l.

lunnah lonh

well if you think about it better you will see that the film its exactly what is sould be..the lord of the rings is moving on the line of human age that means things going more and more turning in reality with no fairy tales with no fun world becomes more flat with no magic no myths etc.rather from it,hobbit movie moves in a world old full of tales and magic (talking animals etc)with wizards ghosts all that people dont believe hobbits wanna tell us that once upon a time world was a tale and the lord of the rings tell us that as the ages turning to human beings all magic that once was reall now fades away....THATS the beauty!!!that our reality is more cruel and there is no space for tales.

Feb 11 - 03:51 AM

Tim de Wit

Tim de Wit

Well, if you think about it better you will see that I have thought about this for quite a bit. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed this film so much, but personally, I expected a far better portrayal of this story. Middle-Earth slowly losing its magic could have been portrayed far more subtly and with much more atmosphere. Let me refer to a comment in which I already pointed this out, to make it a bit more clear for you:

'In order to get across what I mean by a more atmospherical approach, let me give you an example of a scene that this movie didn't get right, and how this should have been done: the stone giants scene.

This scene could have been very memorable and atmospherical if the stone giants had been fighting in the background, only lightened by lightening. At the same time you could have had Oin (whom I interpreted as the lore-master of the company) tell Bilbo of the legends surrounding these giants (the LOTR appendices provide these) with some ominous (NEW!) music playing in the background. This would have given Oin additional character development, while at the same time providing us with whimsical, and yet spectacular imagery of a magical world (making it far more poignant to realise that this world is slowly disappearing in LOTR).

However, what we get in this movie is an over-the-top, implausible, dumbed down action scene which reminded me of Transformers. And I do NOT want to be reminded of Transformers while watching a Middle-Earth film.'

Feb 11 - 06:23 AM

Tim de Wit

Tim de Wit

That's called comic relief, even though I'll admit that Legolas taking down the Mumak was a bit much.

The problem with this movie is that the contrast is too great. Merry, Pippin and Gimli sometimes served as comic relief, but they were believable characters, who had serious moments too. Also, they fit within the general, overarching story, which is decidedly dark and melancholy. They weren't Disneyfied, like Radagast was.

An Unexpected Journey has two almost completely unrelated storylines with completely different tones: this is wildly different from LOTR, in which we were always sure of the tone of the single overarching story.

Feb 10 - 08:58 AM

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