Bruce Campbell Warns Raimi About Tricksy Hobbits

Direct smart, Campbell says.

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Bruce Campbell knows he's always got a role in a Sam Raimi movie, but if the director indeed takes on The Hobbit for New Line, longtime friend Campbell has some words of warning.

"Well, I hope they pay Sam his overages like they didn't pay Peter Jackson," Campbell said. "Hey, if they ain't paying Peter Jackson overages, I'd be very afraid, but that's me."

Campbell seemed surprised to hear the news that Raimi was in the running. He hadn't heard that even New Line head Bob Shaye is after him. He did have some thoughts on Shaye though. "Bob Shaye-dy? New Lies Cinema? Yeah, these are the guys who distributed the first Evil Dead, don't forget. So, you know, enough said there."

Were all the politics to be worked out, Campbell did consider a Hobbit cameo as "hopefully someone that torments the hobbit. Hopefully someone who's not the hobbit."