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Where do you think the movie will end? (SPOILERS)

I thought it would end when they reached the mountain, but after seeing Smaug in the trailer I don't know. I think they'll end with Smaug's death, but that will leave very little for the third book. Who knows? Maybe the end of the trailer will be the end of the movie.
Pat Solitano
06-15-2013 07:57 PM

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Robert Lenski

Robert Lenski

Smaug plunges to his death into the lake. The heroes celebrate a bittersweet victory, while the goblin clans just received news of the dragon's death done by the company that slain their King they rally up to hoard the treasure and swear vengence.

Oct 2 - 10:57 PM

Matthew Brady

Matthew Brady

I do not know

Aug 28 - 12:06 PM

Scary M.

Scary Movie 5

Smaug is going to eat Bilbo, that's where it'll end

Aug 26 - 06:40 PM


Entertain Me Or TIE


Aug 29 - 08:42 PM


Robbie Moore

I would have it ending when they kill Smaug and then have the battle of the five armies for the next film.

Aug 25 - 05:29 PM


* Catbus!

It will end with Jesse shooting Gale.

Aug 15 - 11:46 AM

All-Knowing Panda

The Panda

I think ending it with Smaug flying off to Laketown would be decent.

Aug 10 - 02:01 PM

Owen Rogers

Owen Rogers

It may end with them killing Smaug, considering the title. But I think it might end with him flying towards lake town.

Jul 2 - 07:33 PM

Alex Maverick

Alex Maverick

"Desolation" is just in reference to the place where he lives.

Jul 4 - 06:50 PM


Entertain Me Or TIE

It will end after that the defeat of smaug. Part 3 will focus heavily on the battle, Gandalf's final showdown with Sauron, and the journey home.

Jun 15 - 09:55 PM

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