Frederic Civish is a Moron.

He is the exact reason why people like to hate on the work of Stephenie Meyer on the internet. His fanaticism and complete disregard to any kind of criticism is astounding.

She, I mean, HE blames critics for ruining this film's chances at scoring big at the box office, when Twilight was also critically panned, and everyone knows how big those movies became. Just because the critics didn't like the work of a literary hack, claims they only gave it poor reviews just so they don't look bad among their peers. Bullshit, Frederic.

I wish I could just dismiss him as being a troll. But it's obvious he is sincere in his asinine posts. If it weren't for fanatics like him, people wouldn't hate Twilight/The Host as much as they do.

Basically, this thread is Host fanatic general. Maybe it'll attract some new ones. Honestly, I hope it does.

Bazooka Jew
04-2-2013 03:50 PM

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Victor T.

Victor Tudorica

You would know everything about fanaticism I see

Apr 5 - 12:27 PM

Bazooka Jew

Bazooka Jew

Just so you know, I wish I could get this thread deleted.

Apr 5 - 12:51 PM

Diego Tutweiller

The Artist Formerly Known as Tutweiller

Yeah, I've been wanting to delete some threads too...

Apr 5 - 04:08 PM

Chase The Lost

Chase: The Lost Trollfighter

I think he said he's 53 or something. Pretty scary, eh?

Apr 3 - 06:07 AM

Bazooka Jew

Bazooka Jew

He's 53? Jesus...

Apr 3 - 08:09 AM

Brian Harris

Brian Harris

Everything you said is true. That is all

Apr 2 - 04:05 PM

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