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June 10, 2014
Tom Six manages to create a disturbing atmosphere using a black and white cinematography and wide angle shots, but this awful sequel drags forever with not enough material to fill 90 minutes and most of it is so vile and sickening that it just overwhelms whatever merits it has.
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May 17, 2012
So I saw the first film after all the hype and talk about it being really nasty and shocking, and like many films throughout the years I was scoffing at how rubbish those claims were. Original in terms of the idea yes but hardly shocking, more bizarre, and you didn't even see much.

Now we have the same issues all over again with the sequel, only this time its all completely bloody true I tell ya!!! Let me start by saying I have never felt quite so uncomfortable whilst watching a film since I saw the original 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. after I scrubbed my eyes and took some deep breaths I was able to clear my mind (kinda) and write about this errr film. I use the term 'film' loosely as this really does come across as director Six's own personal horror fetish fantasy. To be honest it is actually quite a unique piece of work and one could almost say its very arty or indie of sorts, apart from the gut wrenching gore of course.

The film is in black n white which does give it a stylish approach, it also makes it more unnerving and leaning towards more realism. Add to that is the clever idea of virtually no dialog but mainly sound effects, the lead character does not speak one word, he merely grunts, squeals, cries and moans in very disturbing ways. There is of course some dialog from various characters but its very short and to the point, no messing around here no sir.

The other thing about this film is the fact its not connected to the original in any way AND it shows the events of the first film as just that...a film. The main character in this sequel watches the first film on his laptop as an inspiration for him to carry out his own agenda, so the first film never happened in this franchises universe. Ashlynn Yennie who played one of the victims in the first film returns in this sequel as herself, so this sequel is basically in the 'real world' where as the first film is a film, fantasy/fiction.
At first I didn't like this idea as it reminded me of 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare' where Englund plays himself but after getting into the plot I think its a pretty ingenious way to go for the follow up, complete U-turn and makes it more interesting for sure.

Another plus point I must say is the casting of unknown Laurence R. Harvey as 'Martin Lomax'. Now this guy looks incredibly scary, spooky and quietly mental, he's short, disgustingly fat (his belly is a sight to behold), odd frog-like eyes and a receding hairline that's been made to look all greasy and demented. The way this guy just stares without blinking, his facial expressions when he gets upset, angry or excited just unnerve you BIG time!. Six did well in finding the crazy German Dieter Laser who looks like an evil Nazi scientist character type straight out of the videogame 'Wolfenstein', but he has outdone himself finding Harvey, how or where beats me but this guy is fudging creepy!. A big fat child like psycho who enjoys pain in rather eye opening ways.

Of course the plot is totally dumb with some plot holes you could drive a Land Rover through. The fact that people are getting shot and bludgeoned all over the show and no one hears or see's anything ever and how on earth this nut job manages to do all this on his own isn't worth going into really. The film cuts to and fro a lot leaving it up to you to imagine how he did this and that or moved someone etc...

Its all about gore and shock value here folks, you do see nudity both male and female, you do see the lead character play with himself (you will see his little fireman), there is plenty of blood and head bashing, teeth smashing with hammers, tendon cutting of the knees, throat cutting, bullets to heads, force feeding, injections of laxatives, people eating excrement and seeing it dripping from mouths as they do, stapling faces to asses, hints of child abuse, crooked abusive doctors, harsh British language, parent killing....need I continue?

This film is actually so graphic the BBFC would not allow it unless it was heavily cut, I saw the uncut version and I can understand why, seeing the death of a new born baby by having its head crushed!? yep its pretty hardcore here folks.

Very dark, very bleak, seedy, murky and very sadistic. On one hand its very original and highly imaginative as a horror/gore flick, but it hasn't got the psychological or realistic vibe that the original 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' had. Its still very close to the bone and works well to make you uneasy, the sound effects alone will make you shy away in places believe me. Very nasty as Six delivers with his promise of more gore but you have to give kudos for the way he approaches it.
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June 13, 2011
Tom Six's follow-up to the Human Centipede is fairly average with nothing really great going for it. I thought the first film was terrific, I felt it was a new breed of body horror film that wasn't seen since 1980's David Cronenberg. However with this sequel, Tom Six just delivers a gross out horror flick that doesn't do anything more than disgust its audience, obviously that is the point, but how far can you push the limits of terror. In the past so many horror films have pushed the boundaries in defining terror and deliver the ultimate in shocks. Tom Six delivers a good sequel that is more gross out that actually terrifying. The first one was good because it displayed a tense atmosphere while holding back excessive gore and gross out content, which left a lot of room for the viewer to use his imagination. With this sequel, Tom Six delivers a film that is straight forward and in your face. This is definitely not a film for the faint of heart and it is pretty graphic in its content. This film explores the darkest elements of human nature and Tom Six is able to craft a relentless film that definitely makes you feel helpless. This is a film that relies on shock value. The fact is, the first film was better, and I thought it was something different. But this film just goes for gross out moments, which really ruins the films potential. A worthy sequel, but compared to the first, it doesn't have the same Thrill factor as the first. This one just amps up the stakes even higher and makes everything more disturbing, it works, but it could have been done better. Still if you're a fan of the first film, this is worth checking out.
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October 20, 2011
The first film, although gross and completely sickening, actually had a point and I could see that there was a great story to of the Doctor to be told. Here, however, we have a team trying to cash in on the first film with no real effort. It's utterly horrendous and uncalled for. There was a slight bit of goodness in the aspect of abuse suffered by Martin but it was taken out of context and turned into something awful. If they kept it more subtle and more about the Martin's abuse-filled life rather than a pathetic centipede it could have been something. Also, how on earth could none of them escape? Adrenaline does brilliant things to the human body.
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November 26, 2010
How hard can it be to escape the clutches of an obese asthmatic dwarf?? There's humor here, buried deep beneath layers and layers of sick, disgusting, over-the-top special effects. I laughed, I hurled, I wondered how much you'd have to pay actors to crawl around with their face in someone else's ass.
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½ February 22, 2012
I am apparently one of the few people who really enjoyed The Human Centipede: First Sequence. Before seeing that film, I was already aware that writer/director Tom Six had a sequel in the works that was going to have a 12 person centipede, but I had no idea what to make of that prior to watching the original film. However, after having seen First Sequence, I remember saying to my friend that I don't think a sequel is even warranted for this film. Everything that Six wanted to do with this premise he accomplished with this first film. What would be the point of a sequel? If he just wants to make a movie that's bloodier and more gross, he's negating the artistry he possessed in making the original.
Yes, The Human Centipede: First Sequence was not just torture porn. Read my review and maybe I can convince you to give it a chance. But everything that most people thought that first film was, this sequel is. It's a pointless exercise in trying to depict as many twisted, depraved, and disturbing acts to innocent people as the censors will allow.
The tagline for The Human Centipede: Full Sequence is the exact opposite of the first film - 100% medically inaccurate. That means that there is no surgery. The main character is a mentally challenged but deranged obese security guard named Martin. He's obsessed with Tom Six's original movie (yes, it's a meta-movie) and decides he wants to re-create that film with more people. But Martin doesn't have a surgical background. Thus, this entire movie is Martin abducting characters with no personality - most of the time you don't see these characters actually being captured, and since Martin is a dimwitted fool, it's hard to believe how he actually kidnaps them.
You get to endure Martin creating his human centipede with whatever tool happens to be lying around. It's a full 90 minutes of this. There is no story to care about, this main character goes through no change and is thus completely unidentifiable. The logic of how any of this can plausibly happen is beyond any suspension of disbelief, particularly since all these abductions happen within sight of security cameras. The gory scenes are gross, cringe-worthy, and unrestrained, and if these scenes are the only reason you want to watch a movie like this, you and I have very different opinions about what makes a good horror movie. Tom Six has done a complete 180 and made a despicable, disposable, needless film that offers nothing but contempt for its audience. This film is a disgrace to the horror genre.
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January 16, 2012
The first half is pretty slow but had enough black humor to keep me entertained but when the blood starts flowing I was quickly was turned off by it's nasty mean-spiritedness that quickly desensitized me from the film. It ultimately winds up being an over the top shocking-for-the-sake-of-being-shocking shtick. What these amateur director's never seem to understand is that just because you can doesn't mean you should.
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August 8, 2011
Roger Ebert on The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence): "The film is reprehensible, dismaying, ugly, artless and an affront to any notion, however remote, of human decency." I have a question for you Mr. Ebert: did you honestly expect an artistic masterpiece from a movie called Human Centipede? Chances are, if you are planning on viewing this film, it's either because you loved the first one and want to be grossed out, or you're just a sadistic maniac, much like the main character in this film. I, for one, am a horror maniac, and watch as many indie-horrors as I can. I knew exactly what I was getting into watching this, and I was not disappointed.

Rather than spoil the film with the most spoilable plot, I'm going to get on with the review. So, if you know me well, you'll know I'm a pretty big horror buff, and a huge fan of the first Human Centipede, so the fact that I loved this too did not come as a surprise. The second addition in the trilogy (yes, a third has been announced), is obviously more crackpot-loony than the first, on almost every level. From the films gruesome opening shot, to the last five minutes prior to the credits (which stands as quite possibly the craziest moment in horror-film history).

The film receives most of it's craziness from the brilliant, sadistic, creepy, graphic, underacted, and fantastic performance from newcomer Laurence R. Harvey, who makes his debut as the demented Martin. I had no words after the film ended. I mean, WOW! If the academy had ANY interest in this film, he should at least be nominated for best actor. I should also mention he has NO dialogue in the film. Not a word. He coughs a whole lot though, and has a brief crying scene, but is quiet for the most part, which actually makes it even creepier!

Mr. Tom Six, you have outdone yourself. Just when you think a film such as The Human Centipede cannot be out-grossed, this sadistic madman manages to do so. This writer/director knows how to touch your "barf" bone. The way he shoots it is absoPOOPly insane, particularly one scene towards the end, that is the most shocking, revolting, disgusting moment I've seen in film. The film goes scene to scene with an unparalleled amount of tension, as we see the world through Martin's eyes, and it ain't pretty.

The effects are much more balanced and realistic than the first, which didn't come as a huge surprise considering the major success of the first one, Six took advantage of his bigger budget, and added a whole lot more poop, blood, guts, and newborns. Again, I'm going to mention that this is a sadistic film, that should NOT be watched. This review is not a recommendation, as most people would be turned off by a film such as this; but for that 2% who are Centipede crazed, this will not disappoint.

I'm proud to state that I loved this film. It may not be a masterpiece, but it is incredibly unique in concept, and the execution is quite good. My grade was lowered to a "B" just for the factor that I can't imagine myself ranking this film up with "A's" such as Attack The Block, Drive, and X-Men: First Class, but it is easily the years best horror film (yes, outranking Fright Night). An all around sadistic time. Highly recommended.
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½ October 5, 2011
"The Human Centipede 2" is a film that is worse than being in a jail cell waiting to be raped. To call this film disturbing is like calling the first instalment the movie that scarred you for life. This time, an obese (mentally insane) man constantly views the events of the first film and get's the idea that it would be fun to multiply the numbers by 4. He needs the actress of the first film to be the leader, so he makes up some plan that involves Quentin Tarantino's new film that is holding auditions? The first half of the film is easy to make fun of, but by the time he has everyone ready to become the masterful centipede (the human millipede). This is easily, the most grotesque, disturbing, sick-minded, gut-wrenching, and evilly directed. It feels too real for the director to have any excuse for why he is not the sickest mind on the planet. Director Tom Six should go through rehab in order to sort out his demented mind. Stapling mouth to ass, taking a plier to remove a tongue, killing a newborn baby with a foot pedal, medically forcing diarea into the mouths of the next person in line, and permanently scarring my mind forever. I would normally be able to forget about a film and think of it as just a film, but to think about how the director can make such a film is more than depressing. I will never recommend this film to anyone, but I will now recommend the original. This film is so disgusting, that it makes the first film feel like a mickey mouse episode. The first time I was at a loss of words, but this time, I have too many words to say. If I stop talking about it, then my mind will go crazy thinking about it. The absolute, most disgusting and disturbing film ever to be placed on screen. By the end of the movie I felt like I had already threw up over 100 times. I think I'm going to cry!

P.S. 1/2 star is as low at the rating system goes. I want to give this film 0!
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October 30, 2011
There is only one aspect of ''The Human Centipede 2'' that I can say is decent and that's Laurence R. Harvey, the lead actor. His performance is solid for the most part, providing weird but interesting facial expressions and proving to be the right man to cast as Martin. Everything else however, is crap! The rest of the the acting, the so called ''plot'', the way the film drags on and on and on. It is incredibly repetitive and is not even disturbing in a grotesque way. It is more disturbing that this is the kind of film that is playing in some theatres right now. There are filmmakers all over the world who have an appreciation for film and want to try and make a truly great piece of art. Yet Tom Six comes along and gives us a self-indulgent, stupid and boring ''film''. Why? Why should people feel the need to see this?
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October 30, 2011
The first "Human Centipede" is the type of movie that you either have to be dared to watch, or your just sick(which I am). To actually go out of your way to seek the second movie, your very sick(which again I am). This was a movie that I had to see out of shear morbid curiosity. I had heard so much sick stuff about it, that if I didn't watch it, I'd feel like I missed out. What I got was a movie much, much sicker than the first, but also not nearly as entertaining(yeh, I thought the first one was entertaining). The first movie has almost a tongue in cheek approach to the whole thing and offers some genuinely funny moments. Part 2 is basically the director's(Tom Six) way of saying "yeh here I'm gonna try to gross you out and make you throw up". The story is weak and honestly doesn't go anywhere. A gross fat guy named "Martin" is obsessed with the first movie, and he then goes on a kidnapping and killing spree to form a full 12 person human centipede. There's a lot of violence, masturbation, sick images, and poop(lots of poop). The whole thing is in black and white(well except the poop is artistically brown), and it adds a neat vibe to the movie, but really it doesn't help. Also the movie has very little dialogue. Martin never speaks just wheezes and giggles(I guess to make him seem crazier?). Other than being curious about seeing something so crazy, this is a pretty forgettable horror flick that has no real substance. Not gonna say don't watch it, because some of the stuff is so crazy it must be seen to believe. But if you have a weak stomach or are just a generally sane human, then watch something else. This is 80 minutes you'll want back. Who am I kidding though, if they make a part 3 "Human Centipede the whole mother f''n sequence", I'll have to check it out too.
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October 14, 2011
As a criticism on the restraint of the first film and the crude obsession of fan fiction, 'Human Centipede 2' is dementedly spellbinding and daring. As a sequel, it contorts and inverts with diametrical opposites. Rather than the lean, athletic Dr. Heiter who spoke with eloquence, we have the slovenly, porcine Martin who wheezes with asthma throughout and never utters a word. It's actually a sterling silent film performance from Harvey. The 2010 predecessor was in color, the second film is in black-and-white like a French new-wave film. What was hinted at originally is now ossified with full graphic exposure to the ghastly teeth hammerings and stapled mouths to anuses. Nevertheless the film is never truly unpleasant because of its meta gallows humor and Six's panache. An eruptive laxative scene is ripped from a Mel Brooks film and the film as a whole is a vehemently acrid black comedy.
Keiko A. --Samurai--
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½ July 18, 2011
Meh its not as bad as the first but still makes you cringe like shit. If anything its one of the biggest step ups in a film.

12 people instead of 3 and even more graphic than the depiction.

Lol its bad but still worth watching but don't view it with a weak heart... Lol some girl walked out during the 12 person rape scene.
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October 27, 2011
really brutally messed up, not in a good way, loved the first one, this one really brings out a lot of extremly graphic ''SHIT'' and images that make ''Serbian Film'' look like a test run. Gotta say, I had a morbid fascination, I couldn't stop watching the ''shit''. As horribly disgusting as it is, its something you have to watch if you liked the first one, or have a hard on for movies that are banned in more than one country for offensive material that wont go by censorship. the story was ace for a sequel, really wanted to know how they would continue the story and this was a great idea.
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½ May 5, 2012
While the idea of this sequel seems good on paper, it's too overwhelming on screen. The killer is a short, fat, psycho named Martin who watched the first Human Centipede on his laptop. So this one is supposed to be reality while the first didn't happen and it was only a movie. The movie falls when it becomes overly disgusting and unrealistic. One part is so nasty and ridiculous that it's laugh-out-loud funny. And it's significantly more graphic as we actually see the remains of a woman's head after it was bludgeoned repeatedly with a crowbar and a girl's tongue being ripped out. While I gave Tom Six credit for making an original concept in the first, he gets credit again here for making an even crazier and more menacing villain. Martin is a mute loser who lives with his mom, and he's one of the most insane movie characters I've ever seen. The unrealistic aspect comes into play when Martin manages to staple the victims' mouths to "the other end." How can someone who has no experience in the medical field manage to successfully perform a very complex and dangerous operation that involves 12 people? It made sense in the first one because the villain was an actual surgeon. The Human Centipede 2 boasts an interesting concept, but the movie slowly unfolds into something that's unrealistic and way too nasty for even the strong-stomached viewers.
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½ January 17, 2012
The Human Centipede II is a film that I am happy to say was a complete failure and a disgusting waste of time. This makes the first film look as great as The Godfather or The Shawshank Redemption. That is only a short explanation of how crappy this film was, I mean I know it was supposed to be vulgar, but know they are just going for pure idiotic weirdness,
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November 13, 2011
Clearly this film is not for everyone...or anyone (?). I couldn't even find anyone to go see this with me, so I ended up watching it online at SUNDANCENOW. Unlike the first film, which was not very graphic, HC2 throws EVERYTHING at you (and the screen) to make up for its past "transgressions". In a word, it's DISGUSTING. Other words? VILE, NAUSEATING, UGLY, and WRONG. Say what you will about the subject matter, but Tom Six is actually a talented filmmaker. Horror films rarely scare me because the directors often don't have a clue how to build a sense of dread - the key to all of our fears if you ask me. Tom Six knows exactly what he's doing. He takes a hopeless premise, thinks of the most hideous way to present it, and really gets under your skin. In this sequel, the first film is treated as just that, a film. The mad scientist has been replaced with a crazy mute loner who yearns to copy the first film, upping the ante at every turn, but without the medical training or equipment of the first. Scalpels have been replaced with staple guns for example. It's not pretty.

Filmed in inky black and white, this is a film for those who love the descent into hell a good horror film can provide. Yes, this film has no redeeming social value, but do you really want your horror films to teach you a lesson, or do you just want to be scared and disgusted? There is no right or wrong answer to that question. It's all up to you.
Ryan M
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½ August 25, 2012
** out of ****

Let's be real and honest for a second: "The Human Centipede" wasn't nearly as bad as the media made it out to be. Tom Six's contribution to the "torture porn" trend of horror had a pretty twisted idea going for it - a cunning German surgeon who drugged and kidnapped three tourists so that he could tie them together ass to mouth in order to create a single digestive system - but there's no denying that the idea itself was the only thing remotely twisted about the whole affair. As a film, it was pretty inoffensive in that it showed pretty much as little as it possibly could for a film about what it's about. We gave Tom Six a lot of power by reacting as strongly to the thing as we did; the film wasn't even that good.

So he's went and made a sequel, because the true gorehounds were disappointed by the first one and the critics were so easily offended. "The Human Centipede II" is obviously a fuck you to those who thought the first "Human Centipede" was too much. This is pretty much what we thought Six's first go-round with his nasty little premise was going to be; sick, repulsive, inhuman, and not afraid to shy away from all the gruesome details. It's going to piss off a lot of people (the BBC had threatened to ban it at one point and there are several cuts due to the content being tough to, ehem, digest); and in just a few scenes, you could say I'm one of those people. But I remain unmoved.

A play on the movie-going gimmick "It's just a movie", the film presents a world - just like ours - in which the first "Human Centipede" is literally just a movie. But it ends up in the wrong hands; those of the short, pudgy, and possibly mentally retarded Martin (Lawrence R. Harvey, in a demented performance), a shy little man who watches the film over and over again while he's working by day at a parking garage tollbooth. Through the film he finds sexual and intellectual enlightenment; and we learn that he wants to make Dr. Heiter's sick fantasies his reality. So he starts killing unfortunate innocents in the garage and bringing them to a warehouse that he basically stole from a guy after he murdered him.

The film is surprisingly engaging for about the first half, but nonetheless morally repugnant throughout. We get a glimpse of Martin's grim home life; as it is (he lives with a sadistic mother who conspires to murder him and then herself) and as it was (Martin was molested by his father, repeatedly, as an infant). One of the most distressing scenes comes when Martin's mom knocks on the ceiling for the musicians above to stop playing their loud music, provoking one of the band mates to come down and beat the shit out of Martin when mother blames him for her action. Then, Martin is able to set every part of his plan in motion. He murders his mother, kidnaps Ashlynn Yennie (star of the first film), and proceeds to staple mouths to assholes.

The unfortunate truth of this film is that it keeps piling on fucked up scenario after fucked up scenario. Martin masturbates with sandpaper, rapes a woman with barbwire around his penis, a woman gives birth to a baby in her car and then crushes its skull when aiming for the accelerator, and you don't want to know what one of the escaped victims does with Martin's pet centipede. The film is trying too hard to be gross. It's shot in color but converted to black-and-white with some truly interesting cinematography (that catches footage of weird and gross things) that retains a sort of beauty throughout; but who am I kidding, this isn't art. It's just Tom Six trying to get reactions and for the most part succeeding. He shows talent in some areas and none in others. There's no suspense here, no character development; it's just kill after kill, with the more offensive scenes being the only ones that aren't boring. Sorry Six, but I'll be sleeping nights regularly regardless of whether I've seen your film or not. No way is something this mediocre and desperate going to work itself into my sub-conscious. You and the self-proclaimed "hardcore horror fans" deserve each-other.
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November 1, 2011
Don't consider me stupid for having seen this movie because I think anyone who saw the first one was curious on how in the hell they were going to make a sequel.

Martin, a man in his 40's who still lives with his mom, obsesses over "The Human Centipede: First Sequence" and repeatedly watches it, getting sexually aroused by the fact that the girls have their mouthes attached to each others anus'. Already, you notice something is wrong with this guy, but when he starts masturbating with sand paper, that's when you realize how messed up this movie is going to be. After having taken down notes about how to do this procedure himself, relying on the movie he starts kidnapping people by knocking them out with crowbars. After having kidnapped 13, one of which is pregnant so he decides not to use her yet, he strips them, takes out their kneecaps and staples their mouths to other people ass.

"The Human Centipede: Full Sequence" is placed in the horror genre because their isn't a "fucked up" category. Laurence R. Harvey ( Martin) does a good job making us notice how messed up this guy is, but come on.... This movie is nasty: people farting shit in each others mouths, staples ripping off peoples mouths, this is just a small quantity of the gruesome and disgusting movie Tom SIx has made for us.

I watched this movie online free to make sure that Tom Six doesn't take my money because i wasted mine for the first one and he used that money to make a sequel so, don't watch it. This movie just shows how the bar for good movies is dropping, and don't give him the money to make this crap a sequel.
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