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Slow pacing and a muted sound production only add to the CGI disaster inflicted on what should have been a believable superhero created with 21st century technology.

June 13, 2008 Full Review Source: | Comments (14)



Troy Ignacio

Maybe the theater was to blame!

Jun 13 - 08:45 PM

John Post

John Post

I fail to see how this film was poorly paced.

Jun 13 - 10:01 PM


Harry Heller

Slow paced? To quote a not so slow paced tennis player from the 80's: You can't be serious! Are you sure that you actually saw the right film?

As far as the muted sound production goes, that is true to some extent. However, I went a second time to Leicester Square Cinema (the best equipment in town here in London) and then everything was fine.

... and the CGI was not perfect but probably as good as it gets when you want to depict a man monster of that size.

This film is a 8.5 out of 10.

Jun 14 - 09:05 AM


Allen Liendo

This movie has everything a movie should have. I don't understand why people complain about the Hulk not looking real....could it be because he's not. He's a 10 foot tall comic book character brought to life through CG, and I must say they did one hell of a job on this one. Awesome movie!

Jun 14 - 10:29 AM


Troy Ignacio

You are 100% correct Aliendo. Its little dorks like this guy that are gonna have a bad influence on would be fans of this movie!

Jun 14 - 02:06 PM


Jaime Pretell

LOL. This guy probably wanted Lou Ferringo back on screen.

Jun 15 - 12:13 PM


Calvin Hicks

Did we see the same film? What in the heck are you talking about? The sound production was incredible and aided the intensity of the film You must have seen the film in an inferior theater. This, without a doubt, was an impressive return to the realm of the comic book hero we grew up engaging with in the turn of each Marvel page.

Jun 15 - 02:38 PM


Zac King

The only sounds problems I had was with the Voices of Hulk and abomination, everythign else was great.
It must have just been the cinema, mine was great, I could feel the every bullet fired at Hulk.

Jun 15 - 05:44 PM


Sam Higdon

Reviews like his remind me why I pretty much stopped listening to folks that write reviews. He missed the point. Also any review that mentions Ang Lee's fiasco automatically qualifies itself as being against the existence of this one.

in short. douche.

Jun 15 - 06:19 PM



Lets just say that there is a reason this guy isn't a Top Critic...

Jun 15 - 07:17 PM


Angel Shadowflare

I saw it today, after reading this review, and I've come back to report that I completely disagree with the points on pacing and poor sound production. If anything, the movie could have been fleshed out more, and I'll enjoy going through the 70 minutes of cut material on the BlueRay. And the sound in our theater was awesome.

Jun 15 - 07:28 PM


Steven Edwards

I usually don't reply to critics... BUT... the sound design in this movie was great. I don't know where you got that sort of perception, but of all things to rag on you pick the sound. Umm, I'm baffled. I can't help but think that you don't know much about the field.

Jun 15 - 11:20 PM


Adam Pocius

LOL. Why do people even listen to critics in the first place? I figure it's because they can't think for themselves. I don't even see where this douche is even coming from. I think he's jealous they didn't ask him to play as the Abomination. Next time you review a movie, watch the right one!

Jun 16 - 02:56 PM


Claude Seguin

Did you bring your white cane to the movie? Or did your seeing eye dog do the review for you?

Jun 25 - 09:50 AM

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