RT Review Revue: The Incredible Happening Hulk Tomato Showdown!

Hulk like movies, but do critics like this week?s Happening?

RT Review Revue


After the Panda-filled, silky-coiffed fun of last weekend's releases, the summer movie season rolls on with everyone's favorite anger management case study, The Incredible Hulk, and M. Night Shyamalan's suicide-filled first rated-R movie, The Happening. In the first ever indoor/outdoor RT Review Revue, check out early buzz on these movies and satisfy your tomato fetishes via an epic and mildly violent RT Editor showdown -- thirty feet above the ground.

And of course, after hours of debate and $30 worth of Werther's Originals, we'll announce the winners of our official T-shirts. Last week's friendly Review Revue competition yielded political mudslinging, freestyle raps, and flattering stories about your RT fandom by our beloved viewers. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated!

So how do a simple article and adjective (big ups to School House Rock), five years, and a different cast and crew separate this weekend's The Incredible Hulk from 2003's Ang Lee-directed Hulk? Does Shyamalan's spontaneous suicide thriller sit well with critics when stacked up against his previous films? And to kick off your weekend, find out what happens when our "Most Athletic" editor Jen Yamato takes on former nose tackle Matt Atchity in a limited mobility showdown after their transformations into Tomato Hulks.

Tune in next week as we explore Mike Myers' sensual side in The Love Guru and take in Steve Carell's secret agent man in Get Smart!



jack giroux

I thought the Hulk was good, a bit dissapointing. It wasnt very character driven, there was a little too much action, not that there is anything wrong with that but really they just didnt have much character development. I didnt like The Happening and I really wanted to love it. It just wasnt fun, it wasnt exciting, it wasnt scary, there is some bad acting, and sometimes bad dailogue. Im sure the Edward Norton cut of The Hulk must have been better, I hope they put that cut on Blu Ray along with that extra 70 minute cut.

Jun 13 - 04:31 PM


jack giroux

Also I think how there advertising The Happening by saying his first rated R movie was stupid. The movie isnt like a hard R bloody movie, thats a problem with it because it shows those deaths real quick and that didnt make them very effective or scary. I think its problem Shamylons worst movie, and I even liked the village and lady in the water. I hope he starts making movies again like the sixth sens, signs, or especially Unbreakable some day soon.

Jun 13 - 04:34 PM

Critic 101

Brian Smith

After reading critic reviews on The Happening, I feel like the only person in the country who actually enjoyed the movie. not his best creation, but not his worst either.

Jun 13 - 04:51 PM


efrain gomez

i stand in solidarity with you, comrade! haha. i really enjoyed The Happening and i suspect there is just a trend/fad/conspiracy to hate Shyamalan. jealous much? i dunno. what i do know is that The Happening has a few layers of messages within the story that people just don't see (or want to see). with Lady in the Water and this new film he is telling a story the way he wants. why must Shyamalan follow all the rules of preconceived restraints created by bitter critics? anyway, the movie's grand. save the people, save the environment; love each other and love the planet.

Jun 14 - 11:26 PM


Big Brother

He shouldn't, but on that same note he shouldn't expect people to rush out and see it or critics to blindly praise him when the movie is only good in his and the heads of a select fanbase. By your logic I could make a movie for $500 which to my mind is the greatest thing since Casablanca and people should give me a billion dollars and I should be lavished with praise just cause me and my Mom thought it was good.

Jun 15 - 01:48 AM

Jen Yamato

Jen Yamato

I'm Jen Yamato, and I do not endorse the use of my stinkface screencap in this video.


Well, I hope you all enjoy the battle!

Jun 13 - 04:54 PM


David Chung

Bitter beer face :)

T-shirt winners, check your PMs for a message from me!

Jun 13 - 04:58 PM


Greg Guro

YES! I'm so happy I won the T-Shirt Contest along with 2 other deserving people. It's great you awarded the three of us.

I'd like to thank vaodsi and any others that gave me their support in the campaign.

The three Rotten Tomato critics have exceptional taste.

And, I was awarded a trip down memory rain with Jen's "Marky Mark" allusion.

Ahh, I think he and The Funky Bunch sang that tune in 1992. . .

Jun 13 - 04:59 PM


jack giroux

Yeah way to go Matt and Jen Tomato fight. Have you guys possibly thought about chanlenging the hulk and abomination to a tag team wwe fight? Possibly Paye Per view you could air it? You duys wouldnt totally win.

Jun 13 - 05:07 PM


Raymond Ogilvie

And yet not one reference to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?

The problem with Ang Lee's Hulk, besides a complete reinvention of the storyline that is immediately a slap in the face to fans of the comic, was... actually, it had quite a few problems. One, the tone felt oppressive. Two, it was wrong-headed in its story direction, putting in all these story elements that really didn't work. Three, Nick Nolte chewed up the scenery. Four, the storyline got formulaic in places. (Example: Jennifer Connely immediately recognizes The Hulk as Bruce.) Five, that stupid bathroom scene where The Hulk reaches through the mirror and attacks Bruce, saying that the Bruce and The Hulk are at war with one another when, really, they aren't. (Consider when Hulk saves that airplane pilot.) Six, they forgot that Hulk is a superhero and turned him into a misunderstood movie monster.

As for the "unrealistic" aspects of Ang Lee's Hulk, remember when The Hulk was jumping from one stone to another in the desert? That just looked wrong.

Gee, don't we all wish M. Night Shyamalan would make another Sixth Sense? And yet he fails us again and again. I really wish someone would take him aside and straighten him out.

Jun 13 - 06:15 PM


chris armit

I honestly loved the sixth sense until the jacobs ladder rip off.
Whom I am sure ripped it off from someone else(but didn't see it, so no preconceptions).
Why is everyone wanting to see another sixth sense?
It definetly had moments, but "the twist" was a let down(for reasons, see above).
The only problem with Ang Lee's version(from my eyes) was the ending and the poodles.
It had depth and character. Not much action, but still a good psycho-analysis on what one would do given the circumstances.

Jun 13 - 09:59 PM


Justin Montello

the jumpin from stone to stone thing was the only thing i liked how do you think the hulk gets around in the comics the guy can and has lifted a mountain over his head you don't think that someone that strong couldn't jump hella far with those huge legs, in the comic he jumps miles at a time

Jun 15 - 03:50 PM


Matt Dunn

Congrats to the deserving winners! I should have known that mudslinging brings forth great results. It's how America does it. It's how are forefathers have done it. Aaand it's worked out pretty well so far.


So that tomato fight was pretty dang epic. Are you guys gonna pay people to stand on street corners with signs in those outfits? Or better yet, can someone pay YOU to do that? :P As far as the movies go, I'm a fan of most Shyamalan's films, and I won't be seeing this one.

And am I the only person who thinks the new Hulk looks like he's from a game cutscene!? My gosh! So fake! Sorry Dave.

Jun 13 - 07:46 PM


jack giroux

You know I didnt think Ang Lees hulk was bad just not good (C ). I didnt like how he did those screen things, I felt like I was watching 24. I felt it could have been cut down 20 minutes or so, and I did think the dogs were stupid. I just felt the hulk was never really threatend where in the incredible hulk he is which was one reason why I liked it. Still think it could have been better though.

Jun 13 - 07:47 PM


jack giroux

Also is the hulk Tv show worth checiking out at all?

Jun 13 - 07:49 PM


Big Brother

Hulk TV Show is great to watch if you grew up with it, just to look back on it and see how poorly it's aged. Also might be worth checking out since there are so many little in-jokes that reference the old TV series in the new movie. Sorry CGI team, but Lou Ferrigno will always be the Hulk in my eyes and from the looks of him has kept himself in pretty good shape since then. Lou Ferrigno vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the next California Gubanatorial race...words cannot express the awesome.

Jun 14 - 05:43 AM


Patrick Garcia

Another awesome installment! Thanks a lot for the 3rd place nod guys!!

much props to "Tomwaitsjr" for beating everyone at thir own game instead of trying to stick out like a sore thumb like I did.

So who do I gotta serve to win that tomato costume! jus kidding.

Dave, did you want us to check our profiles? jus a lil confused by the PM thing.

Jun 13 - 07:51 PM


Ron Hooks

What? It's pronounced tomato-meter? How uncultured! I've always pronounced it TOE-mah-TOM-eter. I'm crushed.

Jun 13 - 08:14 PM


J. P.

thanks for the shirt! I promise to stop sending you all hate mail now!

Well, maybe not.

Jun 13 - 09:16 PM


michelle walters

this was a b-movie...a modern-day invasion of the body snatchers, and I thought it was fantastic. It is what it is. B-movies have intentional sub-par acting, cliff hangers, and zombie-like plots. How many times can we see an Incredible Hulk? He can't make the sixth sense over and over, and he's criticized for the twist, and then criticized when it's missing...give him a break. If you laugh and jump in the same movie, you had an experience. period.

It was fine. go see it...you'll chuckle.

Jun 13 - 09:48 PM


jack giroux

Yeah but the happening didnt have a cliff hanger, and it wasnt sub par acting it was bad acting, the invasion of the body snatchers which is a classic had great acting and was never boaring.

Jun 13 - 10:02 PM


chris armit

I honestly loved the sixth sense until the jacobs ladder rip off.
Whom I am sure ripped it off from someone else(but didn't see it, so no preconceptions).
Why is everyone wanting to see another sixth sense?
It definetly had moments, but "the twist" was a let down(for reasons, see above).
The only problem with Ang Lee's version(from my eyes) was the ending and the poodles.
It had depth and character. Not much action, but still a good psycho-analysis on what one would do given the circumstances.

Jun 13 - 09:59 PM


jack giroux

Yeah but the happening didnt have a cliff hanger, and it wasnt sub par acting it was bad acting, the invasion of the body snatchers which is a classic had great acting and was never boaring.

Jun 13 - 10:02 PM


David Chung


In the top right of the header, click on "Messages," between "Blog" and "Settings" and look for a message from RottenDC and reply!

Jun 14 - 12:24 AM


thad sexson

HOnestly can people not think for themselves now adays. If the critics saya movie is bad so do you, you don't want to sound stupid by saying a movie was good when the critics say it was bad. THis is about The Happening. The Happening was beautiful, Wahlberg was excellent in it, Shyamalan did great at directing and writing this film. Don't you dare for one second put him down and say he's dissapointment to the film industry becasue he isn't, not one bit at all. He writes all his films what other director can say they ahve written every film they ahve written, i'll bet you the numbers under 2. The Happening was great, stop whining about it having no twist ending, Shyamalan never promissed a twist ending. It's rated R becasue kids get shot and people are dying all over the Gosh Darn place. BUt seriously don't call shyamalan a bad directir at all, all of his films have entertained me and my friends and i'll bet even most of you, but you say you dont like it becasue the CRITICS say it was bad. I used to go by that but now i can make the decision for myself. For instance Ebert of the best crtic in the world, my favorite critic, gave THe BUcket List 1 1/2 stars, and i out of sour stars give it a 3. When I'm entertained i like ot tell people that os maybe they will go see the movie and even enjoy it also, I dont say it sucked becasue the critics said it but becasue i thoght it sucked.
-Sixth Sense-3 1/2 stars
-The village-1 1/2 stars stars
-Lady in the Water-2 1/2 stars
-Signs-3 stars
-THe Happening-3 1/2 stars

Jun 14 - 12:36 AM


lance berry

I am going to dare to say that Shyamalan is indeed a disappointment to the film industry. Like a person stuck in an abusive relationship, I go to see each of his movies because the trailers are usually cool and I think "maybe this time he'll get it right". He DOESN'T.

Unbreakable(which my friends and I call "Unbearable") was one of the most boring, go-nowhere films I've ever seen. Samuel L. Jackson's whole revelation at the end "I should have known! The kids used to call me 'Mr. Glass'!" had my friends and myself laughing out loud. Shyamalan may love comics, but he obviously doesn't truly UNDERSTAND them.

I'm one of the few who thought the "twist" in The Sixth Sense was as hokey as they come. With all the myriad little things humans go through routinely in their daily lives, YOU CANNOT BE DEAD AND NOT REALIZE IT!!!

The Village had promise, and if it had been an actual movie about people trapped in a village where they have to negotiate with the creatures around them, it would have worked. The whole idea of a small group of people(who come from STANDARD walks of life--none of them were mega-rich) BUYING private land and PAYING the airlines around them to CHANGE THEIR FLIGHT PATTERNS so as to keep their own folks in the dark about living in modern times is LUDICROUS.

Lady in the Water: the less said about that one(aside from the fact that Shyamalan's onscreen appearance and his character's effect on the story was nothing more than mental self-masturbation for him), the better.

Signs...horrible in virtually every aspect, especially in the scene between Shyamalan's ABOMINABLE acting and poor Mel Gibson. You can see on Gibson's face that he's thinking "My God...M. Night can't act! But he's the director! How do I tell him he can't act?! Oh, well...I'll just hope for the best...maybe the audience won't notice." WE DID.

Oh, and "swing away"...I will now laugh like Guy Gardner: BWAH-HA-HA-HA!!!

Yes, I will go see The Happening, in spite of what I've heard, and hopefully the curiosity will not take away my ninth life.

Bleh, M. Night. Bleh, I say.

Jun 14 - 06:58 AM


Jared Martin

You my friend are my hero. Haha. I've felt so alone in my crusade to rove that M. Night's movies are all hype for poeple that are amused by little tricks. I like to compare The Sixth Sense to Fight Club in terms of how believable the twist is when watching the movie again. Sixth Sense has so many areas where it makes zero sense that Bruce Willis doesnt realize something is up. For example, I forgot the scene, but Haley Joel walks into the house where Bruce is with that woman, just sitting there. So, what exactly was going on before haley arrived? Was Bruce just sitting there staring at the woman thinking it's normal that she doesnt talk to him or wonder why he's in her house? Retarded. In Fight Club, however, you can see where they made the second viewing worth it when people address ed norton as "Tyler Durden." Very hard to catch, but it makes it awesome to see that detail.
I have never enjoyed a Shyamalan movie. I have started to enjoy them, but he tries to pull out the rug from under me, and it just upsets me because he cannot do it without making himself out to be a fool. He needs to hire a writer who can express his ideas much more fluently and more 'cool.' That's my rant.

Jun 16 - 10:39 AM


Paul Parker

Why do the three reviewers not review the movies themselves? All I heard was other critics said this, other critics said that!!!

Jun 14 - 01:45 AM

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