RT on DVD: 70 More Minutes of The Incredible Hulk on Blu-Ray??

Plus an exclusive clip from next week's Charlie Bartlett.

This week in DVD news, that long-awaited Kill Bill double-volume set may finally be on its way and Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier promises enough leftover Hulk footage to make another feature film come Blu-Ray time. Plus, we've got an exclusive clip from next week's Charlie Bartlett! Read on for more.

Hulk Blu-Ray to Include 70 Additional Minutes of Footage!

If you're voraciously eating up every morsel of Hulk trivia on the web these days, then you've already heard what director Louis Leterrier is saying about the eventual Blu-Ray release of last weekend's box office smasher The Incredible Hulk. But we'll just summarize it for you here: he promises 70 (s-e-v-e-n-t-y) minutes of footage, including scenes like Bruce Banner's conversation with Betty's shrink boyfriend and his trek through the Arctic (both of which appeared in trailers but not the final cut). He insists there is a Captain America "Easter egg" in the film. And he reminds us that the 70 cut minutes were cut for a reason -- they were bad! Not that it matters to fans. Hulk want extra footage!

Disney Bringing In-Movie Chat and Games to DVD

I believe that children are our future; they've got cell phones, PS3s, and Facebook accounts, after all, and now Disney is targeting the tween set for the next generation in multimedia communication: talking with friends through your DVD player. Such wonders will utilize the interactive BD-Live features on HD-DVD players -- twitter with Timmy while watching Prince Caspian in your respective living rooms! Challenge Stacy to a Zac Efron trivia contest during High School Musical 2! As of now, only Disney titles are set to include the technology.

Finally, Kill Bill Vol. 1. AND 2 Is Coming

There have been false Kill Bill alarms before. Could the long-awaited special DVD re-release of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 finally be on the horizon? So sayeth the folks over at DVDtown, who shared a single release date -- September 9 -- as the official Blu-Ray release of the dual titles. But should we believe it? The timing would seem to make sense, after Uma Thurman let slip in April that QT had already completed one of two promised anime back stories, so break out your yellow Game of Death jumpsuits and katanas and get excited!

Sneak a peek at Charlie Bartlett on DVD!

The good folks at MGM have sent us an exclusive clip from Charlie Bartlett, a comedy about a rich kid at a new school who appoints himself unofficial psychiatrist of the troubled student body. Click here to watch! Charlie Bartlett is out on DVD next Tuesday, June 24.

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jack giroux

I am so glad that the Kill Bill set is finnaly coming out! I remember when it had a November release dat, I hope this isnt a ruomour. Thats cool to hear about the 70 minutes that will be shown on Blu Ray, but I wanna see Edward Norton's cut more! I have never been more happier about having a blu ray player considering the news about Kill Bill and Incredible Hulk.

But does anyone know when they say 70 minutes on Blu Ray, do they mean it will be an extended cut of the movie or just be shown under deleted scenes? I bet Nortons cut was great, and considering the amount of time you can put on a blu ray disc I bet it might be on it. The movie did feel kind of choppy.

Jun 16 - 06:25 PM


jack giroux

Also I bet the anime stories for Kill Bill are about definately Bill, and either Bud or Darryl Hannah's charater (rather it would be Bud, because Michael Madison is awesome)

Jun 16 - 06:30 PM


Richard Millington

70 additional minutes with no action? Sounds like a snooze to me. I'll pass.

Jun 16 - 08:11 PM


Richard Millington

70 additional minutes with no action? Sounds like a snooze to me. I'll pass.

Jun 16 - 08:15 PM


Steve Baltich

Finally saw the film this weekend. I liked it alot. However, it does need a few more minutes here and there to tighten up the whole story.
Letterier said he will NOT recut the film. This is the final version, but he will throw all the deleted scenes, whether good or bad, on the blu-ray for the fans to enjoy.
Personally, i think Marvel would be crazy not to add a new longer cut of the film, it would skyrocket sales of the dvd.
Anyway, if Letterier or Norton don't I am sure some fan will re edit the movie themselves once they get their hands on the deleted material.
A friend of mine who edits television is already planning to do that for our own cirlce of friends.

Jun 16 - 09:06 PM


Chris Moore

Three words about Kill Bill: ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!

Also, I'm mixed about all this extra footage on Hulk's Blu-Ray. This could be a good step up for Blu-Ray to offer something regular DVD doesn't have aside from a better picture and a higher price tag. On the other hand though, makes you wonder why it wasn't in the film to begin with. Marketing ploy or a smart editing decision? Who knows? Personally, I thought the film was fine the way it was.

Jun 16 - 09:22 PM


Jeff Kohorst

I heard somewhere that the fight between Hulk and Abomination was supposed to be 26 minutes long...yet in the movie, it was only about 8 minutes. I don't even think Abomination was in the movie for 26 min. Wonder if this is in the added footage?

Jun 16 - 10:15 PM

Rusty Broomhandle

Jaco Gerber

Plaaah... saw TI Hulk on Saturday, it was terrible. That's not storytelling... just a bunch of unmemorable scenes spliced together with a few visceral bits added in the middle. Ang Lee's version may have had the worst end battle with villain ever in a film, but it was still better than this.

TIH was made such that you could easily skip large random parts of the film, and still not feel like you have lost anyting because the film does not give you anything to take with you to begin with.

Empty and soulless. Extra 70 minutes... maybe that is where the movie went.

Jun 17 - 03:46 AM


Gimy Moo

jacog...you speakith the truth! couldn't have said it better myself. glad i'm not the only one who thought that that with a better villian...lee's film would have topped this one.

unless the 70 minutes is action...that sounds like alot of crap. they should have cut out some of the lame attempts at comedy(thats where norton completely sucked) and just made the end fight scene longer. if the end scene was 26 minutes and they cut it that much...then thats a HUGE mistake. i'm not sure what norton could have added in "his cut" as you guys say but...if its better acting, MORE action and that hot foreign chic losing her shirt...i'm all for that. but odds are its MORE crap dialogue and more of a snoozefest.

ah...Kill bill, now THATS an fing movie(s) right there. but what'd i know...i'm one of the few people who saw Grindhouse and thought it was one of the best times i've ever had in a theater.

Jun 17 - 06:09 AM

opTIMus Nerd

Tim Ahlberg

I liked the new Hulk just fine and am interested in seeing what was cut (might shed some light on why Norton has stepped out of promotions and so forth) but is this (and Kill Bill) only going to be on BluRay?! Have we reached the inevitable end of regular DVD?!?!

Jun 17 - 08:23 AM


anonymous anonymous

Honestly, based on how it is doing, I doubt doing ANYTHING would "skyrocket" sales of the DVD. It will sell pretty good on DVD...and a director's cut would add a few extra sales.

Really, with a few exceptions (LOTR?) do extended cuts ever significantly increase DVD sales?

Jun 17 - 09:14 AM


Sean Doherty

Man, between Incredible Hulk and Kill Bill on Blu-ray, and Metal Gear Solid 4 I'm gonna have to get me a PS3 soon...

Jun 17 - 03:45 PM

Young Turk

Joe Massino

Kill Bill 1&2 woot!!

Unless there is just pure badassness waiting in those 70 minutes then it soulds like a waste. The Incredible Hulk's action scenes were no where near as exciting as the Ang Lee version. Ang's Hulk sucked as a movie but I don't think anyone who saw it can say they were bored when Hulk was ****ing **** up (biting the warhead off of a missile and spitting it at helicopter propellers...classic Hulk!). Seriously, I'll take the stupid poodle fight over that lame battle with Abomination any day.

Jun 17 - 05:28 PM


Rob Clark

Three words about Bill: who freakin' cares? Talk about over-rated even for a Tarantino movie. Death Proof nearly killed the fun of Grindhouse and thank god Rodriguez really "got it" and made the experience worthwhile with Planet Terror.

KB: 1 was a fun movie. Nothing more.
KB: 2 was a painful movie full of long stretches of horrendous dialogue that amounted to "I'm gonna kill Bill"... so just freaking do it already and stop talking about it unless you plan on boring him to death.

Roger Ebert once said no one writes dialogue like QT. Thank god for small miracles.

Jun 18 - 08:49 AM

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