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Five Favorite Films with Nick Offerman

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Nick Offerman's mustachioed visage became a pop culture icon when his character on another NBC sitcom, Parks and Recreation, simply refused to fade quietly into the background as a small, supporting role. The legend of Ron Swanson has grown exponentially since the show's debut in 2009, and he is among the most popular characters -- if not the most popular -- on a hit comedy chock full of popular characters played by grade-A talent. These days, he finds it difficult to dissociate himself from the Ron Swanson mythos, but that doesn't stop him from trying different things, like his latest role in The Kings of Summer. RT spoke with Nick about the film, what it?s like to be pigeonholed as Ron Swanson, and how his love of carpentry helped get him into acting, but first, he gave us his Five Favorite Films.Back to Article