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½ April 19, 2011
"The Lion King" has been such an important part of so many childhoods since it came out, but what is so remarkable is that, whereas some childhood entertainment loses a lot of luster once the nostalgia-goggles come off, I find my appreciation for this film to grow the older I get. I personally don't believe Disney has yet created a more beautiful film, since it isn't just a detailed rendition of African wildlife, but its such a deliriously colorful and expressively animated film to boot. The story is honest in its portrayal of the corruption that exists in the world, but more importantly, in the hope that good moral judgement can overcome such corruption. The voice cast is pitch-perfect, the soundtrack remains the absolute greatest in animated film history, and the script (while perhaps not wholly original) deftly balances searing emotional truths with charmingly silly antics.
michael e.
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½ December 13, 2010
(3D review) When hearing they were remaking one of my favorite Disney animated films in 3-D for its 20th anniversary, you can bet I got hyped, and boy did this film not disappoint. I saw this on opening day, now prior to hearing about this I hadn't seen the film in about 3 years so I didn't want it to be ruined if I watched it the week/night/month before seeing the film, and that was a wise decision on my part, because the refreshing of my memory with this film worked and it was almost like a new experience to me. Also the 3-D in this film is incredible, I'm rarely blown away by 3-D but here, my god, the 3-D matched the animation so perfectly, that this film and 3-D were made for each other.
Market Man
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½ August 17, 2012
A well made film with beautiful animation and a great soundtrack. Many of the themes are for a mature audience which isn't necessarily surprising for a Disney feature. It offers a powerful story that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. "The Lion King" is a film that defined my childhood and is one I still enjoy.
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July 27, 2012
Disney's brings a sensational and prideful story to fruition. Lion King is masterfully executed with its brilliance in CGI, story and dialogue. It's a fantastic film for all ages and continues to roam on as one of Disney's greatest. 5/5
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½ July 28, 2012
Memorable and moving, Lion King is a classic film with some glaring missteps.
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September 25, 2011
The Lion King: Really enjoyable, pleasant film with astoundingly beautiful animation. A few of the key musical numbers feel ruthlessly tacked on (looking at you, "I Wish I Could Be King," or whatever) and Matthew Broderick sounds dead inside, but it's solid, breezy entertainment with a huge heart. The Lion King 3D: Awesome. Glad it's really successful and a new generation of children are being introduced to a childhood classic on the big screen. But i seriously do not want a Disney theater re-release every two months for the sake of milking our cartoon loving spirits. Nor do I think this re-release was necessarily..... Needed. Or even requested.
Directors Cat
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August 15, 2011
The best movie ever made. Period. From the technical side of things, when it's in 3D its fine. When it's in 2D its breathtaking.
Willy T
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November 7, 2011
There was a period from 1984-1994 where a team of artists and animators worked together to create what would now be known as some of the best movies the Walt Disney Company had to offer. Such classics like "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Aladdin" were released during this time. The last film to be released during this golden age of Disney was called "The Lion King." It was a huge success, financially and critically. To this day, it's the highest grossing hand-drawn animated film of all time. Many critics and fans alike call it their favorite in animation. 16 years later Disney has re-released it for a second time but this time with a more modern touch. Which is...3D! So, is the movie as wonderful and joyous as it was originally? Let's find out.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the for the past sixteen years you know what this movie's about. Everyone knows the plot of "The Lion King." The story centers around a young lion named Simba who aspires to be king of the animal kingdom some day just like his father, Mufasa. But when Simba's uncle Scar becomes jealous of Mufasa he deliberately throws him off a cliff into a stampede and kills him. Simba is ashamed because he thinks the death of Mufasa os his fault and is told by his Uncle Scar to "run away and never return."

To me, the heart of "The Lion King" is after Simba leaves the gorge and goes into an exotic jungle to meet his pals to be, Timon and Pumbaa. From the time when there's hilarious, introductory voice-over work from Nathan Lane to the point when the three characters are singing "Hakuna Matata," dancing, and having fun is an example of when true Disney magic is put up on screen. It's one of those rare moments you'll find in a movie. It's something that sticks with you for a long, long time. It isn't necessarily the storytelling, animation, or music, but all of those things put together in which make that scene put a look of happiness on every audience member's face.

There's something that's taken away from the film seeing it now. It's not the 3D rendering. I like it a lot. There's even a few surprise moments in here where things really pop out at you. For the first time in a long time, the selling point doesn't look a financial gimmick as the 3D blends in quite nicely to the sixteen year old film reel. The thing that takes away from the theatrical re-release is the fact that it was a theatrical release. It wasn't nearly as special watching it with a group of strangers as it was watching it while sitting on the couch with my family at home. This special element isn't existent because when you go see the movie in the theatre you feel like you're going to see a new movie that probably isn't going to be a classic. But when you watch it at home you feel like you're going back to your childhood. My best suggestion for the people who want to see "The Lion King 3D" is not to go to the theatre, but buy the 3D DVD, curl up on the the couch with your family or whoever and see it at home. It's the best way to do it. If you don't have 3D that's ok. It's always a great movie while watching it in the comfort of your own home, no matter what format.

This movie is such a classic. Everything from its beautiful animation, memorable music, to its bold method of storytelling that flows perfectly so that children and adults can, not just sit through the film, but also be fully submersed in its narrative. It's lovable characters make the movie a Disney classic, not to mention a classic in all of film history. It's in a class all by itself. "The Godfather" of hand-drawn animation has gotten massive recognition over the years and deservedly so. To this day, it shines with the perfect blend mature thematic elements, laugh out loud humor, and Disney magic.
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October 18, 2011
You know, I really don't know how to review's basically the same movie in almost every way, except for the 3D, which I must say is actually GOOD IN THIS MOVIE?! You must be thinking; "Whaaaaaaaat? A 3D effect in a theater that's actually good and not just an excuse for you to spend ten dollars more?" But yes, it's true, the 3D is good, and that's all there is to it.
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March 18, 2007
an ok film i guess. liked it more when i was younger
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½ May 14, 2010
06/10/2011 (CINEMAS, 3D)
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January 12, 2007
The Lion King is considered by many to be the greatest animated film of all time, and I would have to disagree with that. Mainly because this particular family entertainment is self-aware of the audience that it's aiming for: children. That being said, the animation, shading and pace are all fantastic. The music is very good too... much better than one would expect. The film is grandly epic in scale and features some great voice work from a variety of different actors. The only problem is the comic relief which is dumbed down and aimed straight at anyone under 10. It sticks out to me and actually ruins the tone of certain scenes and is also a signal of the coming decline of 2-D animated films. I'm not saying The Lion King isn't good at all. It is, but it isn't perfect like people make it out to be. It could have been a little bit better.
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½ October 5, 2011
I remember seeing The Lion King when I was a kid, and I very much enjoyed it. This is a definite childhood favorite that is lots of fun for people of all ages. The film is lavishly drawn, and brilliantly performed by the talented cast. Jeremy Irons is absolutely intense as the voice of Scar, his voice is incredible, and it's hard to see any other actor in the part. The film is wonderful, and it has a great amount of comedy mixed in with the dramatic elements. The story is engaging, and well crafted. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and it's a must see film for every one of all ages. The thing that makes The Lion King so good is that I felt that it was very different than any other previous Disney films, and it had a much more fun vibe than previous Disney releases. Not saying that Disney's animated films are crap, but The Lion King, I felt is a much accessible film because everything about it is excellent. Like some Disney films are pretty dark, and melancholic, this one certainly has those elements, but it strays in a different direction, one that is refreshing. The Lion King is one of the best animated films in Disney's history. This is an animated classic, and remains a film that everyone can enjoy. A wonderful film. The Lion King blends comedy and drama into one great film, and it's one of the few animated Disney films that I still enjoy. A must see for the entire family!
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October 2, 2011
A richly drawn, beautifully animated story that features breathtaking scenes and songs, a great script with a great ensemble of characters (of which Rafiki is my favourite) that will make The Lion King a fun and emotional journey for kids and adults alike. (The 3D was unnecessary though).
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September 27, 2011
I saw this movie when it first came to the theaters and it was my favorite for a really long time. I still love the movie, pure Disney gold, but with the 3D it kinda took away from some of the animation. It made the scenery look amazing though. I'm really glad I was able to see it in the theaters again, even if I only had 2 weeks to do it in.
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½ January 22, 2011
The 3D conversion was wonderful, as well as the film. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a classic, but it is undeniably well-made, and this was a childhood favorite of mine.
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½ November 12, 2009
The Lion King has never been one of my favorite Disney movies. I was always more partial to Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid. I mostly went to the re-release in theaters because a friend really wanted to go. I still wouldn't say that I'm in love with these lions, but no one can deny that the film is a major accomplishment. It's just so grand and epic in scope. Mostly notably the animation and music, but even thematically, the film is just so epic. Idk, just really understood why people with the film so much and why Disney would bother to convert and re-release it so many years later. .
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March 13, 2011
The Lion King is not only one of the greatest animated films of all time, this movie has so many themes and so much magic in it, and this is one of the movies that defined my childhood. The story is about Simba, a young lion who will some day take over his fathers place as king, but when Simbas father is killed by his evil uncle Scar, Simba runs away from home believing it was his fault his father died and he becomes friends with a meerkat named Timone and a warthog named Pumbaa, and when Simba becomes an adult, he realizes he must face his past and become the rightful king. The Lion Kings story resembles the story of Hamlet, and although kids will not get it, as a adult I found myself extremely enjoying the Disney version of a Shakespeare classic, andit was greatly told. The voice cast was great, Mathew Broderick is great and the rest of the rest of the cast was greatly picked. the music in this movie deserved every Oscar nomination, I mean it was like every song was just so beautiful and great that its hard to believe that it could be that perfect, and the opening song is one of the most magical openings in film history. The Lion King is a film that lives within your heart until the day you die, and I will never forget the incredible story that will be with me forever, what a incredible film.
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September 4, 2007
Lion King is my favourite disney movie of all time!!
i love all the characters , the music and the humour!
its really well written and is just the best movie, story and lovely movie that i love and have always loved, and i have to admit i always cry at this movie!
its such a classic and has to be watch to fully appreciate how amazing this animated old family classic is!!
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