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The Lone Ranger Reviews

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July 12, 2014
Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski went for "Pirates of the Caribbean" set in the Wild West, but they unfortunately used the latter films in the series as their template. The result is a directionless mess of a film. A large part of the blame falls on the cast too. Johnny Depp is stuck on Jack Sparrow mode, while Armie Hammer lacks both charm and presence. The script has moments of brilliance, but is buried under the landslide that is Verbinski's editing. Whatever hopes Bruckheimer may have had for a new trilogy, they were certainly put to rest after the film's (well-deserved) poor reviews and earnings.
July 12, 2014
Great Special Effects, Great Cinematography but Way Too Long, too Predictable, not very Energetic and just very boring. The Chemistry between Depp and Hammer is not very quick and humorous because the structure of the film is way too long and the movie doesn't know what it is
July 11, 2014
Huvudrollsinnehavaren (Armie Hammer) lyfter verkligen filmen med sin prestation! Många kända namn i filmen men dock en besvikelse i hur dom presterar - jag pratar om dig med, Johnny! De flesta gör väl ett bra jobb men är förutsägbara. Killen som spelar storebror till Armie Hammer gör ett excellent jobb! Han ÄR den bättre brodern! Oh yeah! ^_^
Dock är manuset inte det bästa men filmen bjuder på trevlig undehållning och är trots allt grymt bättre än kritikerna ger den ros för!
July 10, 2014
Not quite a full five stars, because it is no perfect movie, but it was actually far more enjoyable than the media led me to believe. I thought the innovative framework and unreliable narrator made for great storytelling. Perhaps audiences have just gotten too used to having everything spelled out for them, laid out from A-Z, and being told how to think and feel. The narrative was not nearly as jumbled as early reviews I read said it would be, and it was still perfectly followable chronologically speaking. It had some excellent laughs, spoofed the original source material at moments, and made for an enjoyable watching experience.
June 23, 2013
Given the reviews, it took me a while to get around to seeing this. Yes it is slow in places and could be pacier, but you know what - it wasn't that bad a film. It has some intriguing scenarios, good action and amusing 'chases' such as the fights on top of the moving train. Difficult to decide what its target audience was as there are some disturbing elements as well.
July 7, 2014
Gore Verbinski is an accomplished director whose expertise in effects and pacing leads to polished products, and The Lone Ranger is indeed a polished-looking movie. But the movie suffers from a number of flaws, one of which isn't necessarily the fault of the movie. The first is the weak characterization of the Lone Ranger himself. Armie Hammer delivers an underwhelming performance to an underwhelming character, leaving most of the protagonist job to the sidekick role of Tonto. Depp immerses himself in his characters as always, but all of his most memorable characters are one-dimensional.

And then there's the movie itself. Westerns just don't work in the 21st Century. The United States is too self-aware of its brutality of manifest destiny, and it's expected that white characters in this movie would be villainous against the Comanches. As a result, the predictability looks like the easy one-trick pony of white guilt playing out on screen.

Additionally, the joy of westerns comes from a simpler time from simpler people, when kids who listened to the adventures of the Lone Ranger and Tonto didn't have to worry about the nuances of the plight of the American Indians. All they had to do was concentrate on the romanticism of the Old West. Children today don't care about the Old West; in fact, when it's taught in schools, it's never romanticized. The demographic that this movie would have appealed to 50 years ago as aged out of wanting to go to the movies and seeing bridges blow up and watching the Lone Ranger yelling "Hi ho, Silver, away!" to the William Tell Overture. Westerns had their time, and another time may come again, but not today, and not anytime soon, I think.
July 14, 2013
Johnny Depp es unico
August 27, 2013
Great movie. Best I've seen this summer. I loved it and can't wait to see it again. The script by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio is very impressive. I found the story brilliant and extremely well-written. It's a rare script that keeps getting better and better and this one sure does all the way until the amazing finale. The final 1/2 hour is absolutely magnificent! What a thrill ride! Here's what to expect: The tone of the first half is kind of light. The tone of the second half is almost Dark Knight serious. The template is actual history and this production deserves to be admired. The critics are paid liars. The question is who paid them? A rival studio? Watch this great movie and see for yourself. The soundtrack is brilliant as well. Best movie soundtrack I've heard in ages. Glad they used the classic Lone Ranger theme.
July 6, 2014
I started this thinking, "Can it really be that bad?" It can. And it is. Rambling and incoherent, it seems to attempt to straddle a social line between being pro- and anti-gun and just winds up looking ridiculous.
July 5, 2014
A spoof. Depp was solid and the story line was good.
July 5, 2014
Je fais parti des rares personnes à avoir aimé ce film ! J'adore Gore Verbinsky depuis le 3ème volet de pirate des caraïbles, le plus barré avec le bad trip dans le désert. J'ai adoré Lone Ranger, j'ai trouvé que le film détournait des tonnes de références mais en leur témoignant un respect immense, avec toujours une certaine folie visuelle qui fait que quand on accroche on ne s'ennuie pas. La trame du scénario est simple mais il est finalement bien construit, plus dense qu'il n'y paraît grâce à la structure du récit qui s'interrompt, repart en flash back, avance à nouveau. Et il y a la pépite "Kemosabe", le mauvais frère, sentance annonicatrice de Tonto, qui opère en miroir entre les deux frères vertueux et le deux frères diaboliques.
J.D. Karlowich
July 21, 2013
Going in to The Lone Ranger you already expect a great amount of ridiculousness, due to the trailers and the look of the film, but after leaving the film its kind of hard to understand the kind of film that was being made. The film has so many problems, twists and turns, as well as failures, that it really does fail at whatever it was trying to accomplish. The film features Johnny Depp as Tonto, a Native American, and Armie Hammer as John Reid, who becomes The Lone Ranger. Tonto and the Lone Ranger must track down Butch Cavendish, a dangerous outlaw who killed Reid's brother and who Tonto is also bent on revenge of some kind. The main problem with the film is that it always goes more in Depp's direction, with Depp generally getting more to do than Hammer. Hammer really doesn't connect as the Lone Ranger throughout much of film, thus primarily doing stupid things or else at times complaining, while Depp seems to act as the wiser character. Only toward the end of the film does Hammer really connect as the Lone Ranger, finally becoming the character. The film is also long, running at 2 hours and 30 minutes, which starts to become really excessive and overdone. One interesting thing about the film is how it is told, with Depp's Tonto as an old man telling the story of the Lone Ranger to a young kid in 1930s San Francisco. Toward the end, the film becomes overdone and overcomplicated, that it doesn't really work. Maybe the Lone Ranger should have just been left alone to begin with.
May 12, 2014
Loved it. Watch it every time it's on and I did buy the Blue Ray.
July 3, 2014
Johnny Depp's range is amazing as usual.
July 3, 2014
As a student of American Indian shamanism for over 40 years I thought it was outstanding because it revealed much of the heart of my culture. The medicine frequently plays the buffoon, The action wasn't nearly as boring as teenage car chases, that's really boring. It was subtle and humorous, maybe too much so for the ignorant critics. Sorry critics, you really are.
February 8, 2013
When I began watching this I had no idea of the "Lone Ranger" before. So I can not comment if this movie represented the previous story in any way. All that being said, I personally didn't like it. I am really not a fan of Western movies. Of course I liked Johnny Depp in the movie, he provided the much needed comic relief. That was all I really liked of it. Helena Bonham Carter's appearance was notiable as well.
June 28, 2014
A good editing and dumping ideas like vampire bunnies and the entire 1930s era scenes would have gone a long way to salvaging a decent movie out of this Gore Verbinski bloated beast.
Kieran F.
December 31, 2013
Even Johnny Deep and Jerry Bruckheimer can't save this dismal film. I have to admit I was some what excited for it this year but after watching it I really regret it. It's not so bad you can't watch it persay. But the lentgh and the bland script and etc make it a hard film to sell for watching. I honestly have to admit that even Johnny Depp isn't the best in this film(he's still good but...) I also noticed that this year really was "The year of the Raspberries" meaning there was ALOT of film's that where going to be released this year that had good potential(IE This,Kick Ass 2, Man of Steel etc) that when they finally came out they either flat out SUCKED(Kick ass 2,This to some extent) or where mediocre at best (Man of Steel) Really sad to see considering all the potential these films had.
June 25, 2014
Johnny Depp may have been absolutely brilliant as Tonto, but my interest was seriously flagging by the halfway mark of this film. Why in the world director Verbinski decided to drag the already thin plotline out into a fatally fatiguing epic length is utterly beyond me. I ceased to laugh at even Depp's antics after awhile. I was too busy yawning and checking the time. Verbinski may have tried to keep his audience riveted with comedic moments, but for me, they mostly fell flat.

It was once again the familiar problem I face when watching a film such as this. Is it meant to be taken seriously? Are we supposed to be horrified, as I was, by the mounting deaths and injuries? Or was it all a farce, intended to make me laugh uproarishly at the wacky explosions and misfired guns?

It was Disney, and it was PG-13. A little too high for a good-time family film (not that the youngsters would last the two and a half hours anyhow!), and a little too low for a serious nature. Films like these are too confused about their own identities to succeed.

If it were me, I'd clean up the violence a bit to make it more kiddie-friendly; but I'd loosen up on some of the gags so that it was less hokie. I hope to the heavens there isn't a sequel!
July 9, 2013
Honestly I really liked this the second time around, There is a huge problem that the film could use without
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