New Line Cinema: A Retrospective


Rotten Tomatoes celebrates four decades of New Line Cinema by proffering our 25 favorite NLC classics, sifting through a legacy spanning from Pink Flamingos to The Golden Compass, and all the Freddy Kruegers, Austin Powerses, and cute Hobbit children you can stuff in-between. Back to Article



Endri Caraj

Blade is sick.

May 8 - 11:44 AM

Alex Vo

Alex Vo

Also, I'm surprised by the Wedding Crashers love. I thought it was decent, if realllly long and with a few superfluous characters (come on, Jane Seymour's character was only there to show off her contribution to the plot).

Placing Magnolia on the list that high was a tough call, but the movie is great and the finale is just so ballsy (fitting for a retrospective about a studio that lived off ballsy moves). There's nothing worse than a crappy ending, but the fact that we still want to re-watch Magnolia after all these years makes us think that ending's got something real going for it.

May 8 - 11:59 AM


Christian Estabrook

I am very pleased with the love for P.T.A.
Magnolia is my all time favorite movie

May 8 - 01:16 PM


Richard Bartlett

I can't believe some people are arguing that Blade II was superior to Blade. The first movie was entertaining and fun, the second was a complete mess and a severe dissapointment. The story in Blade was terrible and the movie completely fell apart towards the end.

The bashing of Magnolia is pretty dissapointing also, personally I believe that Punch-Drunk Love deserved a place on the list to.

May 8 - 02:13 PM


Ax 5

Alex Vo, you can make a retrospective of me anytime

May 8 - 02:38 PM


First Last

It's nice to see 3 of the films that have been listed in RT's NLC best are the Nightmare films... I wonder where Dream Master would have fit into that list if it was longer..

I do agree with the listings of Dream Warriors, New Nightmare and the original classic A Nightmare on Elm Street, even though I'm a Friday the 13th fan I still love Freddy and all his splender truly a reinvention of the genre...

May 8 - 04:10 PM


jonathan ramirez

im shocked nobody's talking about it, but im so glad they added "American Splendor" to this list. Among the most unique and entertaining pieces of character study i will ever see. I loved the LOTR trilogy, own all 3 extended editions, and they will forever be in movie lore as one of the best trilogies ever.

May 8 - 06:57 PM


jonathan ramirez

austin powers definately deserved a nod here as well. Shagadelic, baby!!!

May 8 - 07:01 PM


jonathan ramirez

Evil Dead was also a revolutionary film for its time. such unadulterated blood, guts, and in-your face horror for a small budget. defenately worthy.

May 8 - 07:03 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

Jen Yamato is a totally radical ;) great to see such

love for one of my, along with many others, fave movie, Tenage mutant Ninja

Turtles. this list definitely deserves a high fiving cowabunga!!!

May 8 - 07:27 PM


Jason Quiggle

The order of the films in your list are highly debatable. Plus all the glaring omissions..but i suppose that was inescapable.

May 9 - 03:11 PM

spitting into the wind

ciaran kelly

Good list. I absolutely adore Magnolia, Se7en, and all the LotR movies.
I am quite surprised however that 3 Elm street movies made the list. The original yes, for its impact on the Horror genre but ALL of the sequels sucked giant elephant Balls!!
Also Dark City was a cracker. The Player, like most of Robert Altmans' movies,I found overrated. Never even heard of Gummo I have to admit. The still does make it look somewhat creepy.

May 9 - 04:32 PM

Scott Weinberg

Scott Weinberg

Damn good list.

May 9 - 04:48 PM


jeremy burnside

evil dead or blade should be number 1

May 10 - 11:59 AM


Babs Smith

Great list! Yes, it really is a shame that the New Line honchos somehow got themselves in big enough trouble to be ousted, and their company downsized & absorbed into parent company WB. Hollywood needs more independent thinkers like that, but I guess they must have crossed the line, somehow.
But in its lifetime New LIne took a lot of risks that paid off in great films. My faves are Hairspray! TMNT, and the LOTR trilogy. Definitely FOTR at #1 is a great choice, I agree with that positioning.
I'm printing the list and will make a point of renting the ones I haven't seen yet!

May 11 - 05:34 PM


William Rauchett

Se7en is, by far, one of my favorite movies! That movie opened so many doors for me. I began watching more of Freeman's and Pitt's other movies. I also read Paradise Lost. Which is an amazing book. Go figure I began to get interested in such great works as Paradise Lost, Catcher in the Rye and Dante's Inferno several months after I graduated high school. :)

May 13 - 09:56 AM


Colin Hay

All in all I really like this list. They really have put some good movies out. A few comments:
- Love that Fellowship of the Ring is the highest ranked LOTR film and the highest film overall, it truly is brilliant in a way the second two never could repeat. It still kills me that it didn't win Best Picture, and it kills me even more that Return of the King did, since in my mind it's a big step down in quality from the first.
- Really happy to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles included. The sequels were about what you would expect from a TMNT movie (childish and forgettable), but the first was so much more, I truly think it is an excellent movie.
- Also love seeing Dark City acknowledged. It's not quite perfect but it's so very very good, I think it's a real shame it isn't more highly regarded.
- I like Blade and Blade 2 pretty much equally. Very different in some ways, but both are really well done. The third was awful.
- I understand why it wasn't included, but I really would have liked to see Mortal Kombat on here, just as one or two others said. It really is a solid film, and couldn't have been done much better. It's worlds beyond other video game adaptions and is a lot better than one would expect, given the relative shallowness of the source material.

But yeah, real good article.

Jan 1 - 04:36 PM

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