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Some story strands are crudely abbreviated; others fail to develop elements that were already well-established.

February 9, 2006 Full Review Source: Time Out | Comments (38)
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Roxy Gurl-x

What!!!! u have NOT got a clue what u r talkin about!!! TLOTR is a masterpiece!!!

Jun 1 - 05:05 AM


Hasan Riyaz

you are completely crazy!!

Jul 22 - 11:18 AM


Joe Morris

every character of the huge ensemble is appropriately developed throughout the 3 films and everyone gets their due.

Dec 3 - 06:48 PM


Jeff Weideman

Long after you and I are dead and buried the LoTR trilogy will stand as a pure masterpiece in the annuls of film history, your review will no doubt be lost to the void. In other words your pathetic review is worth squat.

Jul 19 - 07:28 PM

alex t.

alex threlfall

its not a masterpiece. its epic, il give it that. ive yet to see that orlando bloom has a soul, hes so poor.

Nov 23 - 11:00 AM

Daniel S.

Daniel Serotsky

I agree with alex t, it certainly is epic, a masterpiece it isn't. It was well executed for the most part, but really it was kind of film by numbers, Tolkien laid the blue-prints pretty well.
I think I'm more annoyed by the militant LoTR geeks than the actual film, all you ball suckers that feel so strongly should refrain from commenting if you don't care to go in to detail on why Andrew is wrong, it would seem that he has read the books and was left unfulfilled by the film in some aspects. Prove him wrong, don't just say he's wrong, don't be ignorant folks.

Nov 23 - 11:11 AM

Mark P.

Mark Propst

thats what extended editions are for. they explain it alot more

Dec 3 - 11:34 AM

Patrick S.

Patrick Spiker

Legolas is an elf they don't tend to show much emotion.

Nov 4 - 02:19 PM


rory morrison


Dec 10 - 12:48 PM

G R.

G Romero

you're an idiot

Jan 5 - 02:44 PM


Luisa Vazquez

You are blind and im so angry that i could really ....aghhhh...please do not say something like that about something so real and beautiful like LOTR series.

Feb 18 - 05:00 PM


Chris Corrigan

Beautiful, yeah.....but not real, it's a fantasy series, a somewhat interesting one.

Apr 1 - 09:17 PM

Bupos K.

Bupos Keriol

Why not? This saga is about mother****ers WALKING! :P

Jul 6 - 08:26 AM


Porkenstein the Great

Read the books, watch the trilogy again with subtitles, and know that Tolkien didn't intend this as an allegory, THEN write another review.

May 13 - 08:58 PM

Bupos K.

Bupos Keriol

If Geoff had said something on how unbearably long it is, I'd tend to agree.
But the critique that the story is the same, therefore it's "bad" makes little to no sense. His critique, although pretty well-written, is stale and doesn't say anything new.

In closing, I'd just like to say that 4 hours IS too long for a movie about pot-smoking kenders. Pete: don't ever do that again!

Jul 6 - 08:25 AM

Matt S.

matt stewart

Obviously you need to watch the movie again.

Jul 11 - 05:00 PM

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Michael Hirakida

Michael Hirakida

No one cares about your stupid spam

Jan 8 - 04:42 PM

Casey Schoch

Casey Schoch

Nahh, sorry you're just an idiot with a stick in your butt. And I might add, you ARE NOT A REAL FILM CRITIC

Nov 15 - 08:50 PM

Soumik Mukherjee

soumik mukherjee

fuck u , i think u like scary movies,, u not understand the extra ordinary imagination of a directer ie lotr trilogy

May 2 - 09:59 AM

Katie Carberry

Katie Carberry

No other film director could compress all of the events in the third novel into three hours of perfection like Peter Jackson did.

Jul 20 - 02:58 PM

Michael M.

Michael Martin

You shouldnt even be a critic.. pathetic taste. You make me gag.

Jul 24 - 04:24 PM

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