Why did they use the eagles to get to Mordor? Here is the answer.

I hear this question thrown out so much.
Based on Tolkien further elaboration of Middle-earth in his other books, the Eagles were very independent race and preferred not get into the affairs of the other races, just like the Ents. They fly high in the sky, in high mountains and trees. Sauron's affairs and conquests mean nothing to them and will never affect their daily lives. However, Gandalf was a good friend of them, and whenever his life was in great danger (on top of Saruman's tower, or the battle in front of the Black Gate) they came to his aid, ONLY to save his life.
Another possible reason: Would you, as an eagle, want to fly a 150-200 pound person on your back all the way from Rivendell to Mordor? The distance covered is about 40-day walk.
Tom S.
01-5-2013 05:36 AM

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Lee Augustus

Lee Augustus

Isaac Baranoff is a retarded pig's fuckhole. He is so blinded by his love for that hack Bashki that he can't see the brilliance of the movies. I hope that flee infested monkey has changed by now.

Jul 16 - 09:20 PM


rileigh williston

Well if I was an eagle in middle earth I would take the 5 seconds to transport a 150-200 pound person to Mordor sure, seriously they are giant eagles that can fly at very fast speeds, I don't think a couple hundred pounds over a short period would bother me.

Jan 29 - 01:41 PM

David Kraus

David Kraus

Until the Eye of Sauron spotted you and sent the Nazgul on their fellbeasts after you until they eventually killed you.

Feb 4 - 10:29 PM

Dave Hoge

Dave Hoge

yeah I can just imagine sauron being like, "oh hey eagles, oh you're about to destroy the ring? oh thats just dandy we'll all sit here, grab our popcorn and do nothign.."

Mar 30 - 03:27 PM

Tom S.

Tom Smith

Why DIDN'T they use the eagles to get to Mordor.

Jan 5 - 05:36 AM

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