The Oscar Nominated Short Films: Animation Reviews

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½ March 11, 2011
Much better than I expected, "The Gruffalo" by far leads the list for me, while winner "The Lost Thing" is second, followed by non-nominee "URS".
February 21, 2011
My favorite was The Lost Thing, but they were all really wonderful.
½ February 21, 2011
Some really great Oscar nominated animation short films this year. Even the Honorable Mentions are worth seeing.
February 20, 2011
On the whole, I was very disappointed with these.

Madagascar included some imaginative animation, but was little more than an overview of a countryside.

Let's Pollute was just plain terrible, in-your-face, message-driven garbage. It was too obvious and dull even for children; the simplicity of the message was surprising, and better suited for the 70s or 80s before the "green" movement really came about. And the animation itself wasn't anything interesting or new. Just a really poor, thoughtless short film.

The Gruffalo was horribly boring because it was a pure reincarnation of the children's book. It was too slow, too predictable, and childish to be enjoyable by any intelligent adult. The animation was, at least, fairly interesting in spots.

The Lost Thing was clearly the best of the pack, and what I predict will win the oscar in this category. Both humorous and poignant, its environment was filled with the small details. This is what animation is about; transporting us to a vivid environment that is not simulating reality, but enriched because it's not reality. And best of all, its message was subtle in comparison to these others.

Day and Night is of course Pixar, so I naturally have to root against it, since Pixar is now "The Man" of animation and this category in particular is supposed to be for upstarts and little ones. So I hope this amusing-but-not-great short doesn't win, but if "The Lost Thing" doesn't, this will. The other three, if the academy has any reason at all, don't stand a chance.

Here are my individual ratings. I promise it's an accident that "4" happens to be the average of these numbers, on the dot.

Madagascar: 3
Let's Pollute: 1
The Gruffalo: 3
The Lost Thing: 7
Day and Night: 6
February 20, 2011
Got to see these short films in Santa Cruz last wednesday. Gruffalo is wonderful!
February 18, 2011
We are heading to the Magnolia to see the Oscar Nominated Shorts tonight!! YAY!!!!
February 15, 2011
At the Hipp.... two more days... Wed and Thurs. Get off the sofa, eat dinner downtown and see some great films.
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