This guy is not so bright.

Here is what this guy said on the IMDB:
If you enjoy watching films like this, you may have a mental illness.

Perhaps if you had experienced cold-blooded murder on a first person basis in your family, you may not regard films like this as entertainment at all, but just merely evil influence from sick warped minds. My brother took 7 bullets in an armed robbery. He is paralyzed from the waist down, at age 30. He has excruciating phantom pains in both legs, and his hips, even after having the nerves severed. Medicine is completely non-effective.

Remember, in our minds; trash in, trash out!

I hope you have a relationship with God.

Best of luck.
After the first sentence, it got me kind of mad a bit. I think he failed to realize that it's just a movie! The real concept of the movie is to use our imagination. Not copy what we see in the movie. I'm also sorry for what happened to his brother :)
Anthony Felix
06-4-2013 11:17 AM

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Chase The Lost

Chase: The Lost Trollfighter

Tragedies happen to everyone. 4 years ago, my girlfriend was killed by a drunk driver. My grandfather committed suicide. My grandmother died of lung cancer. Shit fucking happens. I don't mean to sound cold, but this dude needs to sack up and realize that it's only a damn movie.

Jun 4 - 11:44 AM

Killer Jay

Jay Catler

My condolences to you and your gf. My ex meant everything to me and if she died I would have been depressed. But yeah, it is just a movie.

Jun 4 - 05:56 PM

Chase The Lost

Chase: The Lost Trollfighter

I appreciate that, man. It just made me realize not to take anything for granted in this world.

Jun 4 - 09:30 PM

Anthony Felix

Anthony Felix

I meant to change the title to "This guy's comment". Sorry for the "not so bright" title!

Jun 4 - 11:20 AM

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