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Jackson C March 3, 2014
A subpar story with subpar acting and subpar cinematography and directing but is filled with memorable setting. Going into the movie I thought it was going to be a musical, something I anticipated, but it is not entirely so, only very minor parts of it was a musical, something that I would have liked to see more, as it is something that the Chinese film market is seriously lacking. Although the story is poor, the art style and overall mood of the film is extremely creative and likeable. Jay Chou should no doubt be credited for his eye for visuals, but sometimes he has to move away from using his good friends, as they are seriously ruining the overall quality of the film. Not a bad job himself, acting a typical Jay Chou style character.
Jonathan L January 1, 2014
With a 70's aesthetic, spectacular visuals, and a West Side Story theme, Jay Chou "goes for it" both actor and director. Nothing subtle, here, from over-the-top Art Direction, martial arts dance numbers, to love found, lost, then tragically lost. Appreciate the craftsmanship, dedication, creative expression, and bits of Taiwanese street culture (while looking past the gangster elements...or just fast-forward those parts).
Takeshi Takeshi December 28, 2013
Second time directing and Jay Chou probably needs more practice to get it right.
?? ? July 18, 2013
The movie Soundtrack is Awesome!
?? ? July 4, 2013
the best movie in 2013!
Bernice P ½ July 12, 2013
Impressive work by Director Chou!

Despite the simple story, this movie at times funny, at times heartwarming, is very entertaining to watch. Intense, bright colors and beautiful scenes, coupled with singing, dancing and fighting, this production is truly unique to the Asian film industry.

Interesting and beautiful musical that exceeded expectations. What could have been a corny attempt is fun yet rational. The cast members, producers and director really pulled it off. Their efforts are to be admired.

Watch it to believe it!
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