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Don't let the attractive cast, the slick look or the 'inspired by true events' nonsense mislead you. The Strangers is a despicable and mean-spirited practical joke.

June 2, 2008 | Comments (13)
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adam gonzalez

Thank you Ebert & Roeper. I can go to sleep tonight knowing I wasn't the only one expecting to watch a horror and seeing a comedy.

Jun 3 - 06:46 AM


Charles Black

translation: thank you ebert and roeper for telling me exactly what to think about this movie.. i am so grateful that i now have an opinion since i'm a hollow brained idiot..

Jun 3 - 02:04 PM


Dee Dou

enjoy, maybe this person actually saw the movie and (shock) agreed with Ebert's assessment. By trying to say asesinodef is a mindless zombie for not liking the movie, it is you who is trying to tell people how to like a movie, thus trying to influence others into being hollow brained idiots.

Jun 3 - 02:23 PM


Darrell Jones

I loved this movie. The fact that you didn't like it is not what is making me mad, but the fact that you are truly wrong about this movie lying about being true. You know what Roeper, if you did some research you would find out that this did really did happen. How dare you say this isn't true without even trying to find out if it is true. Michael Philips had a very accurate review of this movie, so next time you say that a movie is not true and it says it is, do some research.

Jun 5 - 04:31 PM


Stephen Pablo

To thebigpicture101:

This movie isn't really "true". Now don't get me wrong I loved this movie, it's one of my favorites, but the true events, were made in the mind of Bryan Bertino. It is based on a childhood event in which someone had come to the door and asked for someone who wasn't home, only to break into the homes which no one answered the door.

Though I loved the movie, I can't say Roeper is wrong for having an opinion.

Jul 14 - 07:23 AM


Tom Prokopenko

How this movie has more than 10% on RottenTomatoes is beyond me. I'm surprised all reviews weren't like this. VERY boring movie, unless you like attempts to scare you by having things pop up on the screen accompanied with loud music, and very very bad dialogue. Skip this movie, or just remake it yourself in your basement, it'd probably be better than this trash. I don't understand how crap like this gets made.

Jun 6 - 01:36 PM


Michael Halfmoon

It gets made because people are stupid enough to fall for the "it really happened" tagline."

Jun 7 - 01:53 PM


Kyle Boston

I don't really understand why people are giving it such crappy reviews. Everyone has their own opinion and I have to say critics don't have the best. I've met a couple, and for people who are supposed to be open for anything so that they may make the reviews, they sure are one sided and close minded. I honestly watched this movie 4 times and enjoyed it every time. I think to show the terror that Tyler conveyed takes skills, which she has. I must admit some of the lines weren't necessary, but not enough to rudely laugh at in the theater. People don't have respect for anyone anymore. They just talk and laugh like they are the only ones there while everyone else is annoyed and it's a waste of $10 ultimately. I digress, I think all of you who opposed this movie should watch it again, in your home, on DVD, the lights out, and the volume up. This is an atmosphere film that needs to be seen in a theater like the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd. That truly made the experience better.

I hope that some might give it another shot either late at night while it's still in the movies or on DVD when it comes out in October (Hopefully). People need to chill out and be less ignorant.

Jun 7 - 10:03 PM


alex santiago

you know what, havok, i have to agree with you. am a tad perplexed why people practically wrote this film off. granted, yes, it is another cliched notch in the line of masked psychopaths oeuvre of the horror genre but, what made this film stand out was how it built upon the tension and suspense which was, quite a few times, unnerving, frightening, and made me jump in my seat several times. in short, this was just a good old fashioned fright fest of a filim that didnt resort to the tactic of spilling blood, guts and gore for shock value, which i find to be far too prevalent in many horror films. the one thing that made me so uneasy in watching this film was that many times, growing up, i have been in a house all by myself and, when you are alone and the neighbors next door are out, your mind begins to wander, and you think you hear noises and are not alone in the house. yes, this movie definitely creeped me out and brought back many memories of my over active imagination as teen.

Jun 9 - 06:44 AM


mike k

he says that the beginning and ending were good, and only insults the "inspired by true events" label. ... It's like when critics panned The Village because it was advertise as a horror movie, but really wasn't. DO A REVIEW OF THE MOVIE! NOT THE TAGLINE OR THE ADVERTISEMENT! He also says that it uses all horror movie cliches. The Strangers is actually THE most original horror movie I've seen since 28 weeks later and the descent. I agree with Phillips, who roeper does the review with. It really by passes all the new horror movie themes of blood everywhere, guts spewing, and the audience gagging from it. There was a minimal amount of blood, and the scares were real and genuine. The mood is extremely creepy. The best horror movie i've seen in a while.

Jun 21 - 10:19 PM

mark marrone

mark marrone


Jul 4 - 06:07 PM

Hector A.

Hector Losen

ENJOYSKATEBOARDING..You actually mean Roeper...becouse I Remember watching that episode and Phillips said SEE was roeper that Said SKIP IT...

Roeper,Please come back to the show!!i dont like the new critic!!beggin you!

Jan 7 - 08:00 PM

will s.

will stamp

why did people laugh at it? i thought it was a pretty tense and effective movie..

Oct 31 - 10:20 PM

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