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October 27, 2013
Great family movie. We all loved and were so impressed with the kid actors and crew. Hope you get a chance to check it out and support the Boys and Girls Club of America.
½ October 15, 2013
This movie was so funny, everyone go see it!
October 12, 2013
My entire family will be at the premier in Chicago!!! Cannot wait to see Jacob Williams on the big screen again.
October 20, 2013
I'm not the audience for this film, so some of it left me a bit flat. I liked the story but some of the camera work made my eyes hurt. Fantastic performances from the kids, principally Jacob Williams & Noura Jost. The "name" stars are barely in the film at all, so don't see it for them, see it for the talented young cast.
October 13, 2013
I can't wait to see this movie!!! For a great cause!!
October 19, 2013
Great and loveable young cast. Great direction, especially for someone who has to work with bunches of children at once. Solid performances by the stars. The film is safe and fun for the entire family, and inspiring to the youth involved in this project. Keep inspiring Dreaming Tree.
October 19, 2013
I saw this film and loved it's old school feeling. The kids were authentic as was the message. Well done!
October 18, 2013
Awesome movie. Worth the money to see. Great for the family.
October 17, 2013
October 11, 2013
Great fun! Loved it!!
October 17, 2013
I attended the Premiere in New York. What a fun, funny, and entertaining movie! Loved it! And the best part is, 80% of the ticket sales benefits the Boys & Girls Clubs of America! I want to see it again this Friday when it opens in Regal Cinemas!
October 17, 2013
Loved this movie! A great funny family adventure about friendship during a time when life didn't have digital phones and kids still played with wiffle ball bats in the woods! When Star Wars was the craze of the day, and there was a simple purity that existed. Just a joyful fun film with enough adventure to keep the kids happy and laughing! Really well done movie with a worthy charitable cause as the kids from The Boys and Girls Clubs of America were mentored and helped to make this film. Footage shown about that at the end of the movie. Definitely a must see for families of kids of all ages!!!!
½ October 17, 2013
I loved this movie! So much fun and so many funny lines. Plus the soundtrack is awesome too. So heartwarming and great for families. Loved it!
October 17, 2013
A great film for the has a lot of heart, soul and fun.
October 17, 2013
Great movie! Great cause! Fun for the whole family!
October 17, 2013
Great family comedy that made me laugh and cry! I saw it at a premier but you can see it this weekend Oct. 18-20.
October 16, 2013
great family comedy, really enjoyed it.
October 15, 2013
The movie was brilliant a must see... Great cast and a true
family comedy
October 16, 2013
What an incrediable movie!!! I absoulutely loved it!!!! Can't wait to see it again!!!
October 16, 2013
Fantastic fun!!! A must see for every family!!! Go see it!
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