Denzel, Tony Scott to Take Pelham One Two Three


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Pelham is about to be taken again -- and Denzel Washington and Tony Scott are doing the taking.

Variety reports that Washington and Scott -- who previously teamed up for Crimson Tide, Man on Fire, and Deja Vu -- will collaborate on a remake of 1974's The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. The Joseph Sargent-directed original, which starred Walter Matthau as a grumpy New York City cop working to foil a subway hijacking led by Robert Shaw, is considered a '70s action classic -- it boasts a 100 percent Tomatometer rating -- but its status as what James Rocchi refers to as a "little-known gem" could make it easier for a new version to make inroads with filmgoers.

Washington -- who can be seen this fall in American Gangster, directed by Tony Scott's brother, Ridley -- will take over for Matthau in the remake, which is expected to begin production early next year; David Koepp wrote the script.

Source: Variety