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I admire The Tree of Life - in the same way I admire the white-haired lady in the Guinness Book of World Records with 28-foot fingernails. By the way, after "The Tree of Life," you'll probably have to cut your nails, just saying.

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Ryan W.

Ryan Wuorenma

You should not be able to review movies you make no sense... Im sure when the boyz in the hood 2 comes out it will be a perfect score

Jun 18 - 11:17 AM


Mathew Forester

ha! thats terribly racist but very lol.

Jul 2 - 11:16 PM

Darryl S.

Darryl Sanchez

Wow, I guess just about any nobody can write a review and get it on the Internet these days...! Absolutely no credentials whatsoever...! I guess we'll be seeing someone's granny reviewing movies side-to-side with "" (WTF is that???) Where are the Vincent Canbys and Pauline Kaels...??? Seems like any nobody can voice their opinions these days. You know what they say about opinions: "They're like a**holes: everyone's got one!"

Jun 18 - 11:54 AM

Professor Chaos

Brian Parker

Exactly, every single person has a right to voice their opinions, not just you. Just because you disagree with his opinion doesn't mean you have to try and discredit him, I'm sure he's not doing it just to spite you. And is referring to the capital of Virginia, not really that hard to understand.

Not everyone enjoyed this movie, get over it.

Jun 24 - 09:53 AM

Darryl S.

Darryl Sanchez

Yes, "Professor Chaos," I have, indeed, gotten "over it." And, too, yes, you are right: Not everyone has enjoyed this film, or given it high marks. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What I detest about Mr. Ward's review is his arrogant sarcasm that he passes off as clever and amusing. These so-called "literati" of present, only pretend to know film and film history, and even film-making, with very little credibility to back up their animosity for anything not resembling a linear storyline. Alas, you appear to be his savior, so good for him, and shame on me.... And, too, "Professor Chaos," I do, indeed, know that Richmond is the capital of Virginia. Have a chaotic day yourself, Prof...! ;)

Jun 24 - 04:08 PM

Joey S.

Joey Sterner

Your problem with his review is his arrogant sarcasm,so you respond to someone who hardly said more than "everyone is entitled to their opinion" with an arrogant sarcastic response.

Makes perfect sense.

Jun 24 - 04:44 PM

Darryl S.

Darryl Sanchez

Touche! You are right, and I am wrong. I appreciate your objective criticism. Using Mr. Ward as a whipping-post was subjective on my part. Have a great weekend...! :)

Jun 25 - 04:26 AM


Brian Priestley

The movie is under 2 and a half hours. It isnt even that long . . . just saying

Jun 18 - 09:10 PM

simon m.

simon modica

Too bad Tyler Perry didn't have a movie coming out this weekend.

Jun 19 - 07:28 AM

Darryl S.

Darryl Sanchez

To Mr. Ward: My apologies for my uncalled-for scathing retort to your opinion. (I broke one of my Agreements by taking your opinion personally, which I should know better.) I suppose my passionately ardent admiration for all of Mr. Malick's works gave way to a knee-jerk reaction. Obviously, I could've done the same for any of the other couple-dozen opposing viewpoints within this forum. And, to "": My apologies. Coming from an age of non-eco-friendly, big city newspapers, I in no way meant to disparage your forum and/or the city of Richmond, VA. "Cyber-papers" (for lack of a better term) are a terrific alternative for the environmentally conscience. (Being in the south myself, although never having been to Richmond or Virginia, I have no doubt that it's a wonderful city and state.) That said, I now feel better.... :)

Jun 25 - 05:24 AM


Andrew Cook

You don't have to apologize, it was a shit review and he won't read what you wrote anyway.

Jul 31 - 09:38 PM

Daniel Carrus

Daniel Carrus

Thank you.

Jul 23 - 07:09 PM

Cole Jaeger

Cole Jaeger

Your comparison to the movie and nails doesn't actually make any sense

Dec 29 - 07:42 AM

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