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½ September 17, 2011
Sweet bit of silliness with an enjoyable cast. Patsy Kelly comes off best.
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January 25, 2011
Great dramatic actors do flunk the comedic role exam. Just as one of my all-time favorite dramatic actors, Robert De Niro, simply cannot do comedy, Fredric March gets an "F" as well. I present Exhibit A. It's fascinating to me how some very great actors -- great in the popular annals of film history -- can't seem to make the move to the other side of the acting world, be it dramatic actors who fail in comedic roles or vice versa. By the way, if you've not noticed over the years, I'm a huge fan of Turner Classic Movies, and I strongly encourage all flixsters of any age who may not have checked out TCM to do so. There are so many, many great movies I've discovered thanks to TCM. Without TCM, I would never have seen so many wonderful movies from past movie history. Like my movie buddy Cheryl, I don't think I've quite hit the jaded age where I'll say that the only good movies are "old" movies, but TCM is really a very accessible treasure trove of films we might never add to our Netflix queues. There Goes My Heart is no It Happened One Night, but it is a valuable piece in the puzzle of the history of screwball comedies that is not to be missed. And I am so thankful that I've now seen Virginia Bruce. Thank you TCM! What a wonderful actress. She's worth the price of admission all by herself : )
February 25, 2013
Sweet bit of silliness with an enjoyable cast. Patsy Kelly comes off best & i just love her 2 bad she isn't more well known or appreciated 2day
½ June 18, 2009
ok stuff rewatch:9/17/11 this is quite a delightful and funny rom-com from hal roach studios thru untied artists was nice to see Bruce play lead instead of her usual supporting roles too bad she wasn't given more opportunities to do so.
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