Can't even express how much I don't care for One Direction.

Even when I was growing up everyone would think of me as a Justin fan girl and now these guys. To be honest they are not bad guys it is more the fan base that makes the internet go crazy, but instead of leaving the hate towards the crazy fans everyone starts hating the main thing. One direction was just a music group that made a hit and the poor guys got mixed up with so much fan girl love so fast that it was crazy. However, taking away the crazy fans making them the new overrated group I could really careless about them as a whole. When Justin first started out all the producers could see was money signs and things they could put his face on. Over time Justin became an asshole and I now have a reason to dislike him and not just because of some of his crazy fans. At the same time, this group has not proven to be assholes in any way so I have no hate towards them and I am not going to redirect my hate towards the crazy fans towards them. However, if you are a fan and you find entertainment in them and they make your day better in any way well you enjoy them and this movie. Since these guys may be the latest over loved thing, but are also the latest over hated thing. So don't let the hate stop you from having a good time :).
Bella #.
08-26-2013 10:41 AM

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Jack Moumdjian

Jack Moumdjian

Holy shit....LOGIC? On RT??? Must be Opposite Day or something....

Aug 27 - 11:29 PM

Bella #.

Bella #2

Nope even if it was opposite day the people on this site would still be drama hungry. I made an account here so I can talk movies, but I am so rarely here any more because of them. It is scary the things their minds come up with.

Sep 10 - 02:46 PM

kumar h.

kumar huy

Are you trying to talk logically on this site... really?

Aug 26 - 05:13 PM

Bella #.

Bella #2

Well I am not going to argue with people who are going around acting like kids by hating on things that they do not personally like. So just decided to put my opinion out here.

Aug 26 - 06:05 PM

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