• R, 1 hr. 52 min.
  • Drama, Comedy
  • Directed By:    Paolo Sorrentino
  • In Theaters:    Nov 2, 2012 Wide
  • On DVD:    Mar 12, 2013
  • The Weinstein Company

This Must Be The Place Reviews

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sarahsaurusann sarahsaurusann ½ January 19, 2014
I liked this, liked the main character. Such an odd character, it was really neat to see Sean Penn play him. Many humorous moments. Not crystal clear story-telling, but that's okay and gives the viewer more to contemplate.
Liz W September 24, 2012
David Byrne soundtrack, too!
Lasse C January 4, 2014
Another beautiful and unique movie from Paolo Sorrentino.
Aude S December 9, 2013
I had (probably overly) high expectations of the movie given that Sean Penn was the lead. My partner and I found his deliquescent voice supremely irritating (if not impossible to understand) 5 minutes into the movie. His portrayal of a retired ex-goth star utterly fails to convince as it falls immediately into a non-researched caricature that has very little to do with actual goths (admittedly with the exception of the Robert Smith's wig). We gave up after about 50 minutes. All in all, not worth bothering with.
Luke E November 13, 2012
Sean Penn in drag is good.
Elio M ½ April 20, 2012
After seeing it for the second time, I put it between my cult film
Allan C ½ November 23, 2012
A very unique film that's not quite a drama and not quite a comedy and tells the story about an aging goth rocker, played by Sean Penn, who looks very much like Robert Smith. Penn's character, Cheyenne, was an 80s goth rocker who still looks and dresses the same despite having not performed or made any music since the 80s following the suicide of a fan, and upon hearing about the death of the his estranged father, he embarks on a road trip to finish his father's unfinished business of hunting down a Nazi in hiding. It's an oddball story to say the least, and Cheyenne is a character I can say I've never seen before, but Penn is commanding in a very quite and subdued performance that really held my interest. Frances McDormand is also great in a supporting role as Penn's very perky and very un-goth wife. Judd Hirsch is his usual great self as a friend of Cheyenne's father and David Byrne even makes an appearance as himself, serving as a counterpoint to Cheyenne's reclusiveness and showing how he's managed to remain a relevant artist 30 years later. This film is not for all tastes and if probably more for the art house type of crowd, but I found it quite sweet, despite a rather leisurely pace. And I loved the ending!
Les E October 23, 2013
The character that Penn plays is interesting but I honestly have no idea what the story was about.
Alberto G ½ October 9, 2013
It's so nice to watch a weird little movie (like Breakfast on Pluto or Big Fish) where in the first 10 minutes you wonder "where is this going?" and then enjoy a different, moving, brilliantly acted little film. The music, the dialogue and the spontaneity of it all made this work. At least for me.

Was this a labor of love? Definitely. Will everybody like it? Doubtfully. But those who do enjoy it will see deeper into it. And that's where the enjoyment lays.
Andy P July 8, 2013
It's frustrating and puzzling, but put the pieces of this subtle and quirky drama together and you find an emotionally pleasing movie with a devoted performance from Sean Penn.
Carole T February 2, 2012
I love Sean Penn in this! The plot is a bit bonkers and it does lose it's way from time to time but Penn gives such an outstanding performance that you quickly forget about the bad bits and just appreciate this fine, quirky, endearing character!
Will S ½ September 10, 2013
LOL Sean Penn... very interesting role.
Shane D ½ July 28, 2013
Slow going and detached. I liked it don't get me wrong, Penn's performance was neat and it's quirk and pacing was unusual but it struggled to engage any kind of connection and the further towards the ending it traveled, the less enjoyable it became. I love the premise and its not that it was poorly executed, quite the contrary, it was just kind of empty of enjoyment and/or interest.
Thomas W August 18, 2013
I may perhaps be in the minority with This Must Be the Place, but I did not get it. I don't know what I was supposed to really take away from the film as I watched the nearly 2 hour film and felt little from it which is odd as it is the story of a son (Sean Penn - Milk) returning to his "home" to discover what his father had been all about during the years of their estrangement. I tend to like psychological character studies; but I found this to be more of a mess than anything. Penn goes over the top with his soft-spoken, uncomfortable 50-year-old Goth-child and I couldn't relate to him ... which is unusual for the very gifted actor. The film rambles and meanders and I oftentimes wondered where it was headed. The film has gotten some pretty solid reviews and raves and so I am assuming I must be the one missing something but I was so put-off by the blandness of the film that I am not even sure I would want to give it another chance. It may be me who is missing out this time around ... I often stress how patient people need to be to appreciate a great work of film. Perhaps one of these days I will revisit this ... it took me a decade to go back and rewatch The Sweet Hereafter a film I loathed upon first viewing. After giving it a second shot a decade later, I caught so much in it that I had previously missed and now believe it to be a great piece of film. So I guess there is some hope for This Must Be the Place and me ... ten years down the road.
Lyola S ½ August 10, 2013
I kept thinking I'll at least get out some artsy value from it but no. Sean Penn is kind of fun to look at it and his character says some entertaining things but that's about all that's interesting about this movie.
Kashfia F ½ August 10, 2013
Too offbeat for my liking. Didn't even finish it in spite of being a Sean Penn fan :-S
Gareth J August 5, 2013
Sean Penn as a Robert Smith caricature is perhaps the best way to describe this film in one sentence. Whilst the Holocaust story line has some merit, the film would have worked better as a straight-forward character piece about the alienation of Goths rather than the somewhat directionless road movie it turned out to be. Disappointing...particular if you are a Goth yourself. :(
thomas m July 28, 2013
Odd in an unnecessary sort of way that stands between the audience and the film - with some interesting bits scattered along the way - some of the occasional little stories that come along on route rather seem suggstive of other peoples story's who might well be more interested than that of the main protagonist. Some decent quotes, conversational pieces and contemplative offering along the way prop it up a bit
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