New director

Too bad Branagh didn't return for this. Oh well let's see what this Alan Taylor guy can do!
01-15-2013 03:40 PM

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Judge Nikhil

nikhil bhardwaj

he has made a couple of gud movies

May 6 - 02:22 PM

Branden M.

Branden Mata

I'm actually extremly happy they got rid of Branagh. He didn't seem th right fit imo, esspicially for the action. And Im really happy they got Taylor, Got is the best show/series of all time fo m and he has directed some of the best episodes on the show. Can't wait to se what h does with it, I like the tone and score the trailer set out with so far.

Apr 24 - 07:21 PM

Jacob S.

Jacob Stevenson

The first one was just meh. Entertaining, but I think they played it way too safely. Now that the Avengers is out of the way, I think this will be the Thor film that everyone wanted.

Apr 3 - 07:58 PM

Director Guest

Sam Tenma

i agree. the first film did pretty good with character development and seting up the universe of Thor but when i think about it if Loki hadn't been portrayed as well as he was the whole movie would've fell. hopefully this new one wipp be darker

Apr 23 - 09:28 PM

Dan Park

Dan Park

I agree, the first film was just okay. I think the trend is (ever since around Nolan's Batman Begins/Dark Knight), there is a more dark/cinematic tone to these movie genre that were otherwise "kid stuff" before. I think Nolan helped start the notion that a big box office doesn't necessarily equate to making these superhero movies geared towards young children...

Though I enjoyed the film, I'm not too big of a fan of Thor (or The Avengers) because it just becomes too "fantasy world" for my taste.

Apr 26 - 11:27 AM

Tony Stark

sam varma

the poster for this movie is out now

Apr 3 - 02:11 AM

Tony Stark

sam varma

thor was good... but im not really that anticipated to see this one

Mar 18 - 05:59 AM

Josh Mullin

Josh Mullin

the first thor was terrible and i love these movies. thank god there is a new director.

Jan 31 - 03:08 PM

Lisa Kocsis

Lisa Kocsis

Those episodes include both season finales, which I think is a really good sign. However, there's always a chance that he'll opt for more dark and gritty battle scenes, and the film will lose some of the color and humor that made the first one so great. Between that and being released two weeks before Catching Fire, I hope it does well enough to merit a third installment, as the subject matter certainly deserves it.

Jan 29 - 04:26 PM

Nelson Summerfield

Nelson Summerfield

he directed a few episodes of game of thrones so i think were in good hands

Jan 27 - 09:50 AM

Tony Eddard Stark

Tony Eddard Stark

The trailer reminded me of GoT and LoTR.

May 7 - 10:05 PM

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