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Three Days of the Condor Reviews

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Alexander D

Super Reviewer

November 12, 2011
Thrilling but campy spy film based on the 1974 spy novel Six Days of the Condor is full of action and suspense, but it's no James Bond. It stars Robert Redford as Joe Turner, codename "Condor", a CIA researcher who returns from lunch to the building in which he works, only to find that every one of his co-workers has been assassinated. Greatly appalled, Turner goes about on a one-man mission to track down the assassin, before the assassin finds him.

I found the plot from THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR to be quite intriguing. Admittedly, it is one of those classic examples of a "before it's too late" plot, but this film cuts it well.

Besides the opening twenty minutes or so, the film is just a typical spy film. A man is on the run, undercover, trying to catch the man who killed his friends. We've seen it all before, but it's still fun, and probably worth more than just spy fans seeing.

Super Reviewer

September 5, 2010
A great cast, and a pretty good story, but it could have been a lot better with some more excitement added in.

Super Reviewer

March 11, 2010
hate the poster, cheesy jazz and the horrible romantic interlude. everything else is terrific. one of the great conspiracy thrillers of the 70's. almost...
Dan S

Super Reviewer

September 4, 2010
A well-constructed, competently acted thriller concerning a reader for the CIA (Robert Redford) having to come to grips with the danger of his position once his colleagues are murdered coldly one morning - which forces him to find out who is after him. The movie is perfectly timed in the sense that it was released right after the "Watergate Scandal", and it is a very well thought-up story concerning a corrupt sector of the government who view the lives of their employees as disposable if necessary to protect classified secrets. Redford plays his character with conviction and restraint, he's no James Bond, but a fast-thinking, well equipped individual who won't give up without a fight. Max von Sydow is also noticeably creepy as the main assassin after him. While it's no masterpiece like some claim (tends to slow down every once in a while), it's still a must-see for any love of political thrillers.
Pierluigi P

Super Reviewer

May 27, 2010
The romantic subplot has not the impact it should, it's trite, non transcendental, and the score is terribly dated.
On the other hand, the performances are believable, the shifting and twists keep you entertained, and Pollack's direction is top notch.
Aaron N

Super Reviewer

December 7, 2006
Joubert: Condor is an amateur. He's lost, unpredictable, perhaps even sentimental. He could fool a professional. Not deliberately, but precisely because he is lost, doesn't know what to do. Unlike Wicks, who has always been entirely predictable.

A solid conspiracy thriller about an analyst on the run. Well made, with solid performances from the whole cast. A good amount of tension fills a number of scenes, while some action and a small love story also manage to work their way into this film. Good entertainment.

Robert Redford stars as Joe Turner, an analyst for the CIA, who's job is to read everything and write reports. On one particular day, while Turner is out to lunch, an assassination squad murders everyone in his New York office. Turner manages to avoid the same fate and heads on the run. He attempts to contact a higher up, namely Higgins, played by Cliff Robertson, only to be setup for an ambush. Luckily, Turner manages to get out of another sticky situation, but is forced to go rogue.

Kathy: I don't think you'll live much longer.
Joe Turner: I may surprise you.

At this point, Turner kidnaps a stranger, Kathy, played by Faye Dunaway, whom he forces to help him stay hidden as Turner attempts to figure out what has gone wrong. So now, while a bit of Stockholm Syndrome may take place for Kathy, Turner is still being sought after by an icy cool assassin played by Max von Sydow.

Its a 70s conspiracy thriller, directed by Sydney Pollack, so I wasn't exactly worried about if I'd like this movie. Its a lot of fun and replaces the possible action climaxes in many scenes that would be seen if this movie were to be made today (like the Bourne series, even though that series is rock solid) with a more appropriate release that may be some claustrophobic fight scenes or some simple cunning by one of the characters.

Redford is really good here. He's comfortable on screen portraying a scared individual working like an analyst to try and understand what has gone wrong. Dunaway has to do a number of things to make her character to stick, including making one night with a possible fugitive (who happens to look like Robert Redford) turn into a love affair, and she does a good job. Von Sydow was just awesome throughout. And I liked the development of Robertson's character as well.

The film slows down a bit towards the end, but it doesn't push the conspiracy angle into realms that are unnecessarily complicated, which kept the film working for me as a quality thriller.

Joe Turner: Boy, what is it with you people? You think not getting caught in a lie is the same thing as telling the truth?
Michael G

Super Reviewer

November 23, 2006
I liked it but I didn't love it. Great supporting cast.
Lanning :

Super Reviewer

November 20, 2006
This and The Parallax View are two of the best of the '70s' conspiracy-paranoia films. One of my favorite Redford performances. Cliff Robertson and Max von Sydow are excellent. All English majors should see this so they can be made aware of jobs they can pursue with their degrees : )
ashley h

Super Reviewer

May 24, 2009
Good, but too slow.
Stephen E

Super Reviewer

January 13, 2013
"Three Days of the Condor" isn't completely successful, but it has a lot of great moments. Its problems include: an off-putting and cheesy score that sounds like Steely Dan doing Miles Davis; an irrelevant romantic interlude that doesn't work; and a confusing and semi-predictable final half hour, but it is well-shot and intense, and Sydney Pollack's close-knitted direction really elevates the paranoia to a remarkably tense level. Also, the acting is superb, especially from Redford, who gives his character some real emotional depth and is responsible for our getting so involved in the film's action. "Three Days of the Condor" is confused at times and does contain scenes that could have been scrapped altogether, but it's a good political thriller and a rewarding watch.
Jonny C

Super Reviewer

October 4, 2011
Good conspiracy thriller starring Robert Redford. When a CIA researcher Joe Turner (Redford) returns from lunch to find the entire staff of his small New York office assassinated, he finds himself in the a battle of wits against the people who are hunting him and the people he works for. The performances were all great, and the plot was always spontaneous and edgy. Recommended.

Super Reviewer

February 9, 2010
Started off really strong, but toward the end it got kind of messy and over-complicated. Robert Redford's a cutie, but I didn't really care too much about the romance between Faye Dunaway. They have sex kind of randomly, without much buildup, so what was supposed to be a touching scene ended up kind of laughable. I know it's regarded as a great thriller, and I can honestly see why, but for some reason it just didn't thrill me too much.
Jason R

Super Reviewer

May 28, 2008
Very good suspense/thriller, Robert Redford and Sydney Pollack worked very well together, and made some great movies. Max Von Sydow is great in this movie as well, and Faye Dunaway is not only very beautiful but a very good actress. Sydney Pollack was a one of the best and he'll be missed.
Grifty G

Super Reviewer

February 29, 2008
not a classic of the 70's, but still good, and somewhat unjustly forgotten. Let's face it, it's better than most thrillers today. I'd give this 4 stars if they'd left out the unnecessary love scene that brings the movie to a screeching halt. Otherwise it's solid. Check it out if you haven't seen it.
October 23, 2013
Hooked me in at first with the murder of the CIA field station crew, but then just gets pretty boring towards the end of the first hour. Gets really confusing too...I couldn't follow the confusing plot. The ending's pretty dumb too. Check this out if you like espionage or suspense films.
March 30, 2009
A neat little espionage thriller with just a dash of blaxploitation feel. Not surprising, as Sydney Pollack is always solid. Max von Sydow should've been up for a Best Supporting Actor award. As relevant today as ever.
December 8, 2010
Good thriller with a few terrific action sequences. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to look past the TERRIBLE 70s score that runs for most of the film.
November 15, 2011
This is a great spy thriller close to hitting the Hitchcock vein. I guess the best thing about this movie is the fact that it doesn't give away all its information at once. At first Redford appears to be an ordinary guy who arrives late for work. Nothing special there. But because he gradually builds up tension by slightly releasing more information, the writer knows how to keep you focused and interested. I guess the best way to describe this movie is calling it a classic spy thriller without James Bond-like locations or outragous bad guys bent on world domination and no super hero who can beat all the bad guys with neat gadgets. No, this is a normal man who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and who now has to face an unusual and life threatening situation. I guess that's where this movie gets its strength: you can easily identify with him, even though he is employeed by the CIA. And you get the complete package. The paranoia towards the government, some good but quick fight scenes, the insecurity of not knowing who your enemies or your friends are... all give it that typical feeling. But even 35 years later this movie hasn't lost any of its power or relevance. All in all this is a very good and stylish thriller that offers plenty of tension and some very nice acting. But this is still without flaws. You get bad music, the romance feels forced and more to the idea of lets get two of our hottest stars in the sack together instead of it feeling relevent to the story. Thanks to the combination of the acting, a good story and some nice camera-work, Pollack has created a movie Hitchcock might have been proud of if he had done it.
June 8, 2011
This is to date the best intelligence community intrigue movie I have ever seen. What a credible, exciting, telling story.
February 15, 2011
Jan 2011 - This was fantastic. Robert Redford is at his best and the movie remains on the border of a spy movie and a romantic drama. The spy story does not get too much on the way of the other things and one can certainly enjoy the interesting relationship that develops. Also I was happy to see Max von Sydow with his unique style of acting.
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