• PG-13, 1 hr. 30 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Phil Joanou
    In Theaters:
    Oct 9, 1987 Wide
    On DVD:
    Sep 2, 2003
  • Universal Pictures


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Three O'Clock High Reviews

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Super Reviewer

July 24, 2014
When you think of classic 80's teen films, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Pretty in Pink and all other John Hughes films quickly come to mind. But like the horror genre, there has been other great films overshadowed by the more popular films. I think that this is the case with Three O'clock High. This is a superb Teen comedy that has had the misfortunate of being a forgotten gem of the genre. This is a well acted film, one that has impressive performances from its lead actors, and the film also some well written characters as well. Three O'clock High is a real treat, and everything about the film is very well done in such a way that it capture the feel of high school, along with its dilemmas. The film features an astounding soundtrack by Tangerine Dream, whose music greatly enhances some key scenes, which is only perfected by Cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld. Sonnefeld's camerawork is terrific here, and the way that he has lensed the film adds something quite unique to the atmosphere of the film. Three O'clock High is a terrific picture, one that deserves to be rediscovered. I think it's a great shame that the film got overshadowed by other genre film, but hopefully you can rediscover this hidden gem. This is a very funny film, one that uses its cast quite well, and if you enjoy this genre, you're definitely going to love this film. With some wonderful performances by Casey Siemaszko and Richard Tyson, you have a highly entertaining comedy that is never boring, and even if it's not perfect, you can forget its flaws, and enjoy this film for what it is, a forgotten teen comedy that is well worth a second look. If you've enjoyed all of the films by John Hughes, but want a film of the same decade, that has effective comedy, teen angst and other issues, Three O'clock High is well worth seeing, and is is one of the best forgotten 80's comedies that I have seen.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
This hilarious teen comedy is a lot of fun, I love it, it should be added to the list of essential 80s teen movies! I highly recommend it.
Alexis N

Super Reviewer

January 18, 2011
Three O'clock High is a funny 80's high school underdog story. So fun!
Ken S

Super Reviewer

May 5, 2007
How have I never seen this before? So so so much fun. Great cinematography by Barry Sonnenfeld and great directon from Phil Joanou. Why did Spielberg take his name off this?
Pierluigi P

Super Reviewer

March 8, 2008
Funny "High Noon" spoof with great camerawork by Barry Sonnenfeld and that lovely and unique 80s style.

Super Reviewer

January 9, 2008
Quite possibly the best of the "teen films" of the 80's including the John Hughes ones.
That's right I said it.
It's also in style and wit the precursor to one of the best 90's TV shows, Parker Lewis Can't Lose.
Michael G

Super Reviewer

December 31, 2006
I loved this movie back in the day. One of the few from that era I can still watch.
Donna D

Super Reviewer

November 23, 2008
Another great teen comedy in the 80's. Jerry Mitchell is the classic HS nerd that works in the local bookstore. His life is no adventure, until he is assigned to write a review on local transfer that is a well known bully, Buddy Revell. Soon, an encounter leaves Jerry left to face Buddy in an afterschool fight at 3:00pm. The school day is long as Jerry tries to get out of this fight! Hilariously done by Casey Siemasko who plays Jerry and Richard Tyson as Buddy. Funny and amusing, and the story was well written. :D

Super Reviewer

January 1, 2008
Great movie! Still a favorite, still watch every now and then. Casey Siemaszko was simply brilliant in this!
September 16, 2006
you and me, we're gonna have a fight. today. after school. three o'clock. In the parking lot. you try and run, i'm gonna track you down. you go to a teacher, it's only gonna get worse. you sneak home, i'm gonna be under your bed

good and very hilarious movie in rest of movie high school with casey siemaszko (a very jude law look like) the student vs. richard tyson the new student bully. so best scene moment is... the student vs. the bully after school at 3 o'clock.
January 12, 2010
Very watchable. Circumstances tumble a nerdy type into a fight showdown with the new school psycho. Three o'clock is when the fight's to occur. A bit like High Noon in the countdown aspect. Unlike Gary Cooper, Casey Siemaszko tries very hard to escape the fate that awaits him. This one doesn't get on tv as much as other teen school films such as Sixteen Candles, but it's every bit as good.
February 16, 2009
One of my favorite 80's teen movies, the whole movie is about the day in the life of a total virgin AV geek who lands himself trouble trying to land an interview with the new kid in school played by that guy who tried to kidnap those kids in kindergarden cop, who turns out to be a crazy steroid freak bully, who hates it when hes touched, sounds like me....lol..
so the conflict begin at 900 am his time and by three hes gonna have to fight this goon who is the biggest high school kid ever. He does whatever it tkes to avoid the fight or better yet get him kicked out of school, but Kharma is king and he lands him self in all kinds of trouble. 3 pm the best High school fight you have seen.. and a total 80s ending.. youll love it.
June 14, 2008
A very unique movie, I don't think I've ever seen anything else quite like it, actually. And remember, don't touch Buddy!
May 2, 2008
Great 80's flick! Fun to quote. This was what I envisioned high school to be. Unfortunately my high school did not have lockers or bullies that looked 30.
October 5, 2007
...not funny. Either it didn't hold up well to time or it was never the epic to begin with but with the exception of a pleasing Jeffrey Tambor appearance, this movie just wasnt a pleaser.
September 2, 2007
One of my fav teen comedy movies of all time!
Love the camera movements and fast jump cuts. Maybe one of the first to do so? Also alot of great character actors are in this. Mr. O'Rourke: Don't fuck this up, Mitchell!
July 2, 2007
This movie is awesome. Richard Tyson is the meanest son of a bitch in the world. He made me want to punch a geek. Its also the first time I heard one guy call another guy a pussy. A wonderful movie.
June 10, 2007
this movie was funny start to finish,have u ever had to deal with a bully at school the anticapation of three o clock is more than the fight itself
May 20, 2007
A very cool and entertaining film about a teen who has to deal with a bully and will go to some extremes to not have to meet him at 3:00. Casey Siemaszko and Richard Tyson star in this 1987 film.
March 31, 2007
. . . I don't know what to say other than, if you haven't seen this, don't walk, run to the video store -
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