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Directors Cat
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November 6, 2011
Thunderbirds could have been a good movie, all it needed was say something to do with the series or a good script without simplistic dialgoue.
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½ November 3, 2010
When I was a kid, I used to watch the Thunderbirds, I thought the show was excellent, fun and Thrilling. I was a little skeptical about watching this film, as it looked like a kids film, and it also looked like the film makers didn't know what they were doing. Boy was I right. Ths film is Aan insult to the original series, and it's fans. They could've at least made a film that the whole family could love, but instead they made a crap film. With it's child oriented humour, the film is a faillure even by child oriented film standards. This film was amusing, but it wore off, and the fact that they 'reinvented' the look and style of the original series was just wrong. They could have at least try to make a film that the entire family could love, instead they simply made this film for kids, this was honestly a bad move. One of the reasons why is becase the original fans of the series were born in the 60's and grew up watching Thunderbirds, my dad grew up on it, and he made me watch it when I was a kid. Anyhow, the film is terrible because every actor here seems miscast for the part, the story is lame, and the actors are plainly silly. Ben Kingsly was a joke in this film, not even his talent could redeem such a horrid picture. I really was hoping for something terrific on screen. Instead we were given a total joke of a movie. The nostalgic feel of this film is absent. The only good thing that came out of this film is that it will reiinforce the status of the original series more. Watch the series instead instead of this filth. This is a film that should not have been made.
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February 6, 2010
Really? This is like comparing Spy Kids to Battlefield earth!
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June 29, 2009
Not a terrible film (not good either)...what was the point of this? The reason the Thunderbirds TV show was so cool was the puppets. This film? No puppets. The prosecution rests.
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February 27, 2009
This is a good kids movie. It was well directed as well.
I know some out there thought it was crap but the flick was made for kids. Get over it.
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December 21, 2007
Bearing in mind I couldn't stand the original puppet series, this needed to be bloody brilliant for me to even like it a little. It wasn't; I didn't. In fairness, Sophia Myles is good as Lady Penelope, and Ron Cook and Ben Kingsley aren't bad as Parker and The Hood, respectively. As for the Tracys, they're so nauseatingly sweet and goody-goody they're like the superhero equivalent of The Osmonds. Dreadful.
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August 28, 2006
Well I'm not sure what to say about this film, due to the lack of any quality at all. I enjoyed it, mainly because I laughed through it! One performance ,which was near enough to the character, was Anothony Edwards' performance of Brains! It was very good, Almost making me believe he was Brains.

If you want to see it, don't go by yourself. take your children or younger brothers and sisters-they'll enjoy it more!I have to declare that the original Gerry Anderson puppet version is better and shouldn't have been made in such a poor way!

Not bad,could have been much much better
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½ June 4, 2006
The film fails miserably. Mainly because for some reason the makers decided to aim it squarely at kids, and really young kids at that. It doesn't even focus around the main chracters of the show. It is like Spy Kids with lots of rockets. I was never a fan of the TV show but it was much better than this and deserved a good adaptaion. There is some good to be found mainly in the performances of Anthony Edwards as Brains and Ron Cook as Parker.
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June 30, 2007
This movie is not very good. The good stuff is the redesign of the ships, costumes and locations. I thought it would be alot better as the TV series.
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February 19, 2007
OK for a kids flick - would have liked it when I was 12
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½ June 25, 2007
Surprisingly decent family film. Action packed, not great, but worth seeing. I enjoyed watching it.
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June 21, 2006
The ships are fun to look at and Lady P is cool. But the lead boy's character drove me nuts.
½ December 2, 2011
ok i'm gonna be honest. i only watched this movie because vanessa hudgens was in it.however i have come to a conclusion that its not half bad. i would recommend for teens and tweens
½ January 17, 2011
Jeff Tracy, I repeat Jeff Tracy over. A family of bad actors led by Chet from Weird Science have taken over Tracy Island and are impersonating you and your sons. I request that Alan piloting Thunderbird 3 transport Paxton and these annoying brats to Thunderbird 5 where John will be relieved of duty and this painful to watch brood of bad acting will be left in his place with all communications to Thunderbird 5 being disabled. If possible, could you also send Thunderbird 5 on a one way non-returnable trip through a wormhole. FAB.
½ April 6, 2010
As a kid, I enjoyed the t.v. show. I try not to view films with to many expectations, but I may have with this one. I did not expect puppets, nor some cinematic blockbuster, however this films greatest fault is that it is to campy, even for the original puppet show. It was clearly not intended for my age group, as it focused more towards the teens (the main story line revolves around one of the younger Thunderbird members). This is a bargain basement film, which you should spend the littlest amount of your money on.
July 15, 2008
I thought this movie was great. Never heard of the TV series that it was based on, but the story was fun and kept my interest. Yeah it was cheesey, and wouldnt be something adults would want to watch, but I am a 15 year old girl and it was exactly what I wanted in a movie. Brady Corbet is such a cutie, and the charactors worked together well to make it awesome. Very well done.
½ July 1, 2007
it was pretty little kiddish but the animation os the ships and the island was actually pretty believableand the acting was good BradyCorbet and Vanessa Hudens were good
June 15, 2007
You well never guess how many different cameras were there?

Almost there answer quickly!

15 different cameras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
March 22, 2007
This was by no means perfect, but it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I adore the source material in all it's giant puppet madness, so it had some big shoes to fill for me, but it was highly enjoyable.
March 18, 2007
One of the cheesiest movies I have EVER seen! LOL I loved it but then, I have a serious weakness for father/sons movies. I got it for my kiddoes, they got up and left and I finished it. It's not going to alter my life in any way but I still enjoyed it. It's a ridiculously silly premise that works, if only because Bill Paxton is the Dad and Ben Kingsley is the evil villian. This is one of those, "It's SO bad, it's good!" movies.
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