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January 2, 2008
An interesting movie.
January 30, 2010
Damn I never thought I?d actually see anyone look hot in Golf Clothing. & Sam Worthington is. Oh yeah also in a long wig looks kinda like axl Rose!! LMAO. About a group of friends who LOVE Ac/DC & while at a concert promise each other that whoever dies (first?) is to be buried next to him. So one of them die first (in a kinda ?freak? accident if you call it that) & go on a road trip to make good on that promise. funny, & it made me think of a few movies at once (not in a bad way) just element wise. I don?t recall any movie I?ve seen having a plot like this. Sam Worthginton w/ Long hair kinda looks like Axl Rose!! Lol) was fun. As well as how ?scary? or far some fan devotion can be. B
September 15, 2010
After nearly dying after an AC/DC concert, five fans decide that the first of them to die would be buried next to their idol, Bon Scott. And so, twelve years later four of the gang regroup to take a road trip and bury their pal Ronnie who was -you guessed- thunderstruck.

As always, I start with the positives. The acting in this film wasn't too bad, especially for an independent. The unfortunate fact is that these five friends are never really characterized very well as such, and have only a few brief moments that prove their connection to each other. Ronnie's character was hardly developed at all, and thus it doesn't carry enough weight to warrant the plot of the film. Even though the script has plenty of wit & clever plot twists, it fails to be anything more than a simple road trip flick.
But there's another crucial element to the film that drags it down further than it should have. These four guys are supposed to be hardcore rock fans. And they just don't pull it off. The fact that the plot is based around this fan-dom sinks the ship like loose lips. It's so generalized, a few changes could really make this about any band. I see what the film is trying to accomplish, but it just doesn't do it very well. It doesn't deliver any sense of "hardcore" about it. And the heart that's meant to carry between the comedy is hardly there at all.
Over all the clever script and half-decent acting can't keep this bland, overly-formulaic road trip comedy from living up to American cinema, much less Aussie, as the charm slowly deteriorates from beginning to end. And it paints a pale portrait of its fan-dom that it seems to have so much love for. In a word, I was underwhelmed. "Thunderstruck" gets 3.5 red hats out of 10.
December 8, 2008
Greatest Movie I have ever seen!!! Great Story, Great Music, Great Actors, its Australian and its inspired by the greatest band on earth AC/DC!!!!!!!! BOOYEAH!
February 14, 2006
I used to be a big AC/DC fan so this movie caught my eye. However, it is just a very lame B movie. It is boring, mindless and has a stupid plot. Parts of the story barely made sense. AD/DC was in one scene right at the very beginning so it couldn't even fall back on use them to give it any props. It sort of reminded me of a much less funny version of dude where's my car, which itself was not a very good movie.
½ March 20, 2005
SWSX, first film festival Ive ever been too, and I feel confident saying that it was also the best. It was surprisingly good. I'm not really sure what I thought it was going to be like. I went down there mostly just to check out the University of Texas in Austin but since I knew the Film Festival was at the same time I figured I would get a pass and see as much as I could.

The first few hours I went to lectures and met Wayne Coyne. I went to a lecture about music documentaries and another about using muisc and getting music for movies.

After that I proceeded to the Alamo South Lamar for the Premier of [b]Fearless Freaks[/b], a music documentary about the Flaming Lips. It was really good and really fun. It explored the lips, but also touched on their family and where they grew up, what they did before and are doing now and even showed part of Wayne Coyne, the lead singer, constructing the set for his own movie, Christmas on Mars.

Then I went over to the Dobie. This is a small theater in a crappy mall, but the theater itself had two sets of seats, facing the screen, diagonally if that makes sense. It sounds worse then it looks. Anyways, there I saw [b]Thunderstruck[/b]. This is, for any AC/DC fans, that might have perked their ears up, a film that has a little AC/DC tinge too it. Its about 5 friends who used to be in a band. 12 years after they broke up, one of them dies and they must fulfill a promise to bury their friend near the grave of Bon Scott. Very cool and funny movie. It wasnt anything remarkably deep but it was as good as more than a few American Comedies. I really hope they wide-release it, but they probably wont.

After that I tried to make it over to the Alamo Downtown for a midnight showing of a movie called Reeker, but by the time I got there the theater was full and I didnt make it in, so I went back to the Hotel to get some sleep for the next day of movie watching madness.
February 28, 2005
i love dis movie all da guyz r hot
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