Thunderstruck Reviews

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½ August 19, 2012
Really awful. Just plain bad
½ January 27, 2013
This movie rips of childhood hits such as "Like Mike" and "Space Jam" and makes it as predictable and ordinary as possible. It is harmless for children but the movie failed to engage me. I pretty much knew how it was going to play out from the start and found my self checking off the cliches.
½ July 4, 2014
Similar to many NBA basketball star movies, Thunderstruck is cliche and uncreative on any point, but is still enjoyable for most age groups.
December 16, 2013
Good Movie.
It was funny, cute, and interesting,
This is a GREAT resource of a Kids&Family Movie! 4 stars Rated PG!
½ July 24, 2013
This kind of film has been seen before, and I guess it is en easy way to get a sports star in the movie business and a young talent in to act together with him or her.

I think the movie is relying much on the fact that there is some great athlete in it, but on the other hand it does have some moments that are new and does work as a nice family movie.

It does bring that much new to the genre, but works and is nice and easy watching.
July 21, 2013
Awesome Movie. Love KD!!
July 6, 2013
Slightly different than Ray Allen in 'He Got Game'...just slightly
½ June 10, 2013
Talent-swapping basketball tale is bland but OK for kids. i didnt care for it
March 19, 2013
good but not as good as space game
March 10, 2013
why wasnt this nominated for best picture!?
March 9, 2013
I love a good sports film, and while this might not have quite earned that particular adjective, it was good enough. Jim Belushi is always great, and it was hilarious watching Kevin Durant stumble all over himself and miss 2 foot shots, but the real star of this one was Brandon T. Jackson. Taylor Gray, well, he could use a few...hundred...acting lessons.
½ March 7, 2013
Sometimes when people watch movies that are indefensibly bad, yet they like them anyway, they refer to them as "cute." Because I could never say anything bad about my one and only, Kevin Durant, I have to refer to this movie as "cute," because it's basically a pile of garbage that makes 90 minutes feel like an eternity. Luckily, I was willing and able to revel in the plot's simplistic awfulness, Kevin Durant's acting skills (notice how I didn't put skills in quotation marks!), and the Mama Durant cameo. But only to an extent.
March 3, 2013
Excellent family movie, especially to watch with kids who like basketball.
February 28, 2013
The good old talent swap plot, ending's pretty good though with a heartwarming message on hustle, teamwork and a bit of luck.
February 26, 2013
pretty lousy movie that throws all your sports movie cliches in a blender and is destined to go straight to dvd in places where kevin durant is not treated as a god from the very beginning. however it's pretty harmless and occasionally reaches a level of pretty well-written, genuine hilarity that movies like space jam and like mike never managed to reach. lol
½ February 9, 2013
So bad it is laughable on multiple occasions. Talent swap movies are never really destined for good things but this movie was absolutely TERRIBLE. I hurt my brain to watch.
½ January 19, 2013
What this supposed to be Space Jam 2? lol
January 19, 2013
aside from the unoriginal plot and bad acting, still good to see KD in a movie
January 17, 2013
If you're a KD fan, it MIGHT be worth watching....maybe. Probably not.
January 13, 2013
I love this movie very much
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