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Cost: well over $200m. Disregarding the ethics of such expenditure on a film, this unprecedented extravagance has not resulted in sophisticated or even very satisfying storytelling.

February 9, 2006 Full Review Source: Time Out | Comments (33)
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Shaun Shaun

cant imagine what's your ideal story for this movie

Mar 16 - 10:22 AM

Alexia Douglas

Alexia Douglas

me too (agree with gocoming)

Aug 4 - 09:41 PM

Grace Handy

Grace Handy

The ideal story would have focused on the lives of real people aboard the Titanic. There were certainly enough of them - including some very colorful characters in First Class.

Feb 27 - 07:30 AM


Dan Staub

i agree with gocoming,

Apr 23 - 05:40 AM

Ransom Stoddard

Ransom Stoddard

Geoff Andrew is widley regarded to be a ostentatious ***. It's best to ignore his reviws.

Aug 16 - 11:23 AM


Jonathan Schwarzbach

I actually agree. it had a nice level of escapism missing from movies nowadays, but it just wasn't that satisfying.

and i know all films have some ideas from previous movies or books, but this was literally just "romeo and juliet" on a ship. I would really like to think that if it hadn't made so much money, it wouldn't have won all its awards.

Oct 13 - 07:36 AM

Nicole G.

Nicole Giglione

you would like to think that but unfortunately for you thats not the case because if movies won awards based on how much money it made, the twilight saga would be taking over the oscars.

Nov 7 - 10:18 AM

Bob S.

Bob Smith

Nicole: No, they win awards based on how much they spent, usually. When it comes down to it, Titanic was not nearly a good enough movie to win all the awards it received. It was mediocre at best.

May 25 - 09:44 PM

michelle d.

michelle davies

are u insane!!!!!!!!!! this movie is an alltime classic who cares how much it costs

Nov 21 - 06:01 PM

Ben H.

Ben Hunjan

The film came off the cinemas more than a decade ago, and is still making money. It has made a total of $1.8 billion to date. Who cares that it cost $200 million to initially produce? This is the highest grossing film of all time - and it couldn't deserve that title more. It is quite simply breathtaking.

Jan 10 - 09:12 AM

Craig R.

Craig Riddle

i guess the almost 2 billion it made are from people who didnt like this movie. What a turd of a review. you suck!

Mar 24 - 06:53 PM

Luke L.

Luke Lascheit

Couldn't dissagree with you more. My favourite movie of all time. I cry every time I see it- And I'm a seventeen year old male.

Apr 6 - 05:18 PM

Luke L.

Luke Lascheit

Couldn't dissagree with you more. My favourite movie of all time. I cry every time I see it- And I'm a seventeen year old male.

Apr 6 - 05:27 PM


Sam Bishop

It doesn't matter how much it cost, it went on to be the highest grossing film in movie history by grossing $1,842,879,955 Worldwide.

Sep 26 - 04:11 PM

Mohit S.

Mohit Shashank

The movie is simply Awesome !
Worth more than what was spent on making it.

Oct 30 - 09:14 PM

Plumas Fleiban

Lucás Leiva

well, he is right, these critics are telling us that this movie went out of date. If you cant apreccaite other people's opinions of a movie that is frankly overrated, then you shoulnd post comments.

Dec 18 - 11:46 AM

Nicole G.

Nicole Giglione

they obviously post comments because they're stating their opinion. so what? don't comment if you don't agree? maybe you're the one who shouldnt be commenting

Oct 7 - 02:44 PM

John C.

John Coffey

hahaha you're just jealous because jack dawson actually got a girl

Jan 15 - 05:14 AM

Bradley R.

Bradley Reierson

Cost means nothing if you make a profit, that's basic business. While the sappy (and a little too long) love story isn't my bag when it comes to movies, I understand why people like it. That being said, it was still entertaining.

Jan 16 - 06:12 PM


Luke M

A movie that earned 1.8 billion dollars worldwide isn't satisfying or sophisticated in any way?? My ***.

Yet, one more pretentious critics who thinks great filmmaking can't cost a lot of money, no doubt. LOL.

Feb 5 - 02:42 AM

Prodigy W.

Prodigy West

@Lukemitch25, If you think a film needs to be expensive in order to be good, you're an idiot.

Apr 25 - 12:08 PM

Laurence D.

Laurence Donohoe

I think many teenage girls would disagree with you views, Mr Geoff .. But I'm not a teenage girl. And I would agree with you, $200m to make a chick flick is a bit much.

Feb 19 - 11:57 AM

Nicole G.

Nicole Giglione

oh, really? this movie is only for teenage girls? sorry to say but i doubt that any "chick flick" could ever make 1.8 billion and i doubt that only teenage girls played a part to make Titanic gross that much in the first place.

Jul 10 - 10:29 PM

Molly Fontera

Molly Fontera

Naw It's not only for teenage girls, I was a little kid when it came out originally and i loved it. Oh and teenage boys will like it too. Titties!!

Apr 4 - 11:57 PM

Oliver D.

Oliver Dirie

You sir, are an idiot

Nov 15 - 04:29 AM

Cassidy Nemick

Cassidy Nemick

Why are you a critic?

Jul 24 - 10:42 PM

Baurushan Jeyaseelan

Baurushan Jeyaseelan


Oct 17 - 10:47 AM

Grace Handy

Grace Handy

Nice mouth. Your parents must be so proud.

Feb 27 - 07:32 AM

Molly Fontera

Molly Fontera

I mean i liked the movie too, but no reason to have a temper tantrum over it. It's just an opinion. Jesus H Christ take a chill pill.

Apr 4 - 11:59 PM

Hassan Bayat

Hassan Bayat

You are what most would refer to as an arrogant self-claimed intellectual who has no clue what the word "Intellectual" (or for that matter 'intellect") means. :)-

I bet you $100 you are the type of guy who will vote against Obama just for the sake of having done something that is non-mainstream for the heck of it. :)-

Jan 29 - 08:39 PM

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