Cameron Claims Digital 3-D Will Save Cinema!

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Superstar moviemaker James Cameron ("Titanic," "Aliens," "The Terminator") believes that the way to combat slumping box office returns is to give the moviegoers something they simply can't pirate and watch on their computer: The answer is digital 3-D wizardy.

From Reuters: ""D-cinema can do it, for a number of reasons, but because d-cinema is an enabling technology for 3-D. Digital 3-D is a revolutionary form of showmanship that is within our grasp. It can get people off their butts and away from their portable devices and get people back in the theaters where they belong."


"We're so scared of piracy right now that we're ready to pimp out our mothers," Cameron said. "This whole day-and-date DVD release nonsense? Here's an answer: (Digital cinema is) one of the strongest reasons I've been pushing 3-D for the past few years because it offers a powerful experience which you can only have in the movie theater."

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